The Knights of Henwan

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  1. The kingdom of Henwan had always been a prosperous one. Its citizens, the elves, strived for greatness as they worked to make their kingdom one of the greatest in the land. They worked hard to capture land and make allies with different races. War was not on the minds of the elves, as it was just silly battles with too many casualties. They didn't worry about such trifles from other races. Though, they should have worried about their own.

    The drow, or the darker elves, rose up against the high-folk after seeing the treatment of the creatures they had made, the golems. They fought against these high-folk, screaming for revolution. They wanted a new way of life. They didn't want this oppression anymore.

    So the war started and the drow were quick to gain allies. This worried the king, Bradley Windson, sought to make allies of his own, as the dwarves were quickly outnumbered by the drow allies. He heard of the nixies and humans thinking of joining the war, and immediately sent out two groups, one to the nixies and one to the humans. He dressed them in drow armor, hoping that troubles wouldn't befall them. It was too much to hope for.

    The group heading toward the humans, including a certain Halen Atclinch and Jacob Karliah, found a village with drow harassing the high-folk, their people. It was quickly decided they would deal with this threat, rather than just leaving the people to fend for themselves. They tried to drive out the drow, their leader Belerion planning out the whole attack. It was supposedly fool-proof. However, it failed. They had planned to sneak in as drow soldiers then surprise them. They were discovered as high-folk nearly instantly, the king's insignia seen on Belerion's weapon. They were struck down, and only Halen and Jacob escaped.

    They managed to find an abandoned hunter's lodge and hid there, trying to plan out what to do next. By some cruel twist of fate, they had lost both their diplomat and their letter from the king. The drow would probably know of their existence soon. However, going through the Krad Woods, though being a direct route to the humans, was as treacherous as going through the drow lands.

    Halen chewed on his bottom lip as he stared at his map, trying to think of which path my possibly be the right way to get to the humans. His mind went through each possible thing they could do, though the most prominent problem was the letter. How would they get that back? Should they just cut their losses and return? Or try to get the letter from the village that the drow were probably watching? His green eyes were focused as he shifted in thick armor. It was not as good quality as the king's armor, but it helped with blending in with the drows.
  2. Jacob felt destitute. All three of his weapons he had lost over the course of that one morning: his bow, to a fire started by the enemy, his axe, to the chest of an exceptionally sticky drow captain, and his knife, to the armored side of someone's chest. And his armor, his specially made cuirass of hardened leather, had been torn to pieces by his combat with a certain sickle-wielding foe. All he had then, aside of course from the clothes on his back, was his pack of food, medicines, arrows, and spare clothing, none of which (aside, perhaps, from the arrows) could have been of any use in combat. He knew that if he and Halen were found then, they would surely be killed.

    That's why, upon getting a bit of rest from their grand sprint, he immediately went to work trying to make the cabin look more inauspicious: Jacob, being an experienced woodsman, used his knowledge of tracking to hide his and Halen's tracks. As Halen thought for a good hour how the two of them would continue on their quest, Jacob ruined their tracks, re-scattering leaves, breaking twigs in off directions, masking their scent, and making the cabin look more decrepit than it was. Then, after this bit of work, he set about planning their evening's dinner.

    First, he looked at their stores. His pack still contained generous amounts of Dwarven bread, a kind of bread made from especially satisfying dwarven mushrooms, smoked meat, and dried fruits: good enough, he thought, for another week's worth of meals. He wouldn't need to forage for himself tonight. However, due to the rather anarchic nature of their party, Halen's reserves he hadn't an idea of the losses. He'll have to interrupt Halen's concentration for the needed information. "Atclinch", he said, "how much food've you got?"
  3. Halen's head shot up when Jacob mentioned his name after hours of quiet. He took out of knapsack and pulled out another bag. The blond threw it to his companion. "That's all I have." He said before going back to pouring over the map. His armor had a few scratches, but hadn't suffered too much damage. Luckily, Halen had managed to keep his sword on him, though Jacob didn't have a weapon. This would hinder any plans he came up with. The smaller knight pulled a dagger out of his boot and held it out. "You lost all your weapons." He stated simply as he held the weapon out for him. It was his only other weapon, but it was better for them both to be armed.

    The green eyed knight bit his lip. Before he started any plans on how to get to the humans, he'd have to figure out how to get the letter. Some reconnaissance would do him good, but he couldn't head back right away. They had only just escaped after all. Though, if he could try and find some way to maybe get some info, guard routines, if they're watching the town at all. The knight sighed as he pulled his thumb to his mouth, nibbling on the skin. He needed more info, something a little more to hold onto that would help him. They needed that letter and now it was lost. It didn't help that the only two routes to their destination were dangerous and even more so.

    The map seemed to mock the smaller knight as he glared, trying to get answers he so desperately wanted. It was suppose to be so damn simple. Sneak through the drows, get to the humans, have the diplomat do the rest. But no! No, they had to fight a few drows to help a few high folk and now four people were dead, one of whom was their only possible diplomat, the letter they had as back up was missing, possibly stolen if the drow soldiers were smart enough, and they were hiding out in a lodge. This had to be one of the worst missions Halen had been on yet.
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