The knife?

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  1. In the Nicole Simpson murder may have been FOUND!


    It has been claimed by a retired cop that the knife was already found however considered not of interest by his department. The knife was found during construction at the old OJ compound and it leaves many wondering, how much pull did he have? Is this a set up because of the tv drama The American Crime: People Vs. OJ Simpson?

    Thoughts? Theories? Anything?
  2. From MSN it's supposedly a hoax, but who knows. The guy couldn't keep an eye on ever single worker 100% of the time. It doesn't really matter if it is the murder weapon or not. He was found innocent in court, and double jeopardy now applies. I think the majority agrees the guy got away with murder though.
  3. I'm thinking it's either a shady publicity stunt done for that TV show about the whole OJ trial shit, or this retired cop dude saw the show being a thing and decided to go for his 15 minutes of fame by fabricating some nonsense.

    Aside from the sheer unlikeliness of it based on the long time and the timing of the knife coming to light, there's just a lot of shit that makes it clear this is nonsense. The guy in charge of the demolition of the house said no knife was found and the knife wounds on Nicole Brown and Ron Golman indicated that the blade used was serrated. The knife in question here has a plain blade, no serrated edge at all. The knife is bullshit, the only real question is whether this is a publicity stunt for the show or just the guy being a twit looking for attention.
  4. I trust anything from TMZ about as much as cultists offering me a nice refreshing cup of Kool Aid.
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  5. I also feel it is a stunt to make the show bigger than what it is. Wouldn't be surprised if Kris Jenner had her hands in the pot.

    And @Dervish TMZ is usually good with posting true stories/theories/rumours that turn out to be true. 8D
  6. You can't see it, but I'm squinting at you so hard I turned into Clint Eastwood.
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  7. I am laughing so hard. Thank you for the visual <3
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  8. TMZ?

    I call bullshit.