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  1. This has been bugging me for a while! I get how "news" come from the word "new", but wouldn't it make a lot more sense if news were spelled knews? You know, if it came from the verb "to know," because in the process of either reading or watching the news, you're beginning to know something new, it's a new source of knowledge, and so on.

    What do y'all think? Am I just crazy like that?
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  2. It only one letter off, I imagine it was the
    beginning. this just reminds me of twitter...with microblogging one must learn quickly to read between just two lines and the knowledge is spread quickly through twitter, and i'm talking about earthquake alerts and natural disaster updates, not what everyone is eating for lunch today.

    I see what you are getting at though, it makes people look lazy. But we have been calling it the news since...since...~runs off to google~ I know its been a while, I must know for sure now , look what you've done XD
  3. Man, I guess. I mean, I see where you're coming from. Extrapolating from a little research, I understand that news ultimately stems from Latin nova while knew, or know, stems from novi. It's been a while since I took Latin, though.

    EDIT: Also, while the English-y know came around before 900, news didn't show up until the 14th century. I like to think the two ideas did split a long time ago and then came back together. It would seem at least that news had a more direct Romance language route to English while know took a detour through Old German.
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