The Kitty Bunker Cafe

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    ~The Kitty Bunker Cafe~
    Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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    Yumemi Vanity Hollister looked at the kittens, meowing across the tables. Yumemi looked scared as she flipped back her long braid, and picked up the kittens. "All of these kittens... I wonder who's going to take care of them?" She didn't hear any other customers coming in at this moment, so she began to clan up the tables and polish the wooden tables. Yumemi also made sure to take her allergy pills for today. Ever since she opened the bar years ago, she didn't bother to open up any more than she wanted to. She looked at one of the cats, "Puma... Please get back in your room; there will be other guests coming in!" She hissed as she gently picked the fun-exhausted kitten to take it in the Kitty Bunker.

    The reason why she didn't have too many guests would be "Those kittens! Why the fuck should we have so much kittens!?" The cafe stood tall, and some of the waitresses and waiters were already starting to come in.

    Yumemi smiled at her employees. "Glad you came! We're just getting started!" Yumemi began cleaning the glasses and began to prepare some breakfast for the kittens--Kibbles. She knew that fish would be bad for a kitten, so she gave salmon squares to the adult cats.
  2. Sion walked in wearing his uniform. "Morning Yumemi-san. Need some help?" He smiles.
  3. Today is Tuesday, January 6, 2100
    Time~06:45 AM
    Weather~Snow and Fog; 27* F / -3* C
    Location~The Kitty Bunker Animal Shoppe (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)


    Yumemi smiled, "Why, of course~! These kittens are quite feisty today!" she smiled as she gave Sion a Munchkin named Pixie. Pixie meowed as Yumemi elevated him off from the tiled floor. She began petting him softly. "Here; this is Pixie. He's two years old, and he's in need of a bath. However, he seems to act like he's Jesus or something... He would jump in the water and meow like he's loving it... what a strange kitty..."

    Yumemi went to get Pixie a ball of yarn for him to play. Pixie went along on his own business. It was now snowing, but the fog was making the snow far more dangerous. Yumemi worried about a couple of people coming in. "Sion, please look after Pixie for me; I've got early customers..."

    As Yumemi walked to the cafe area, she saw a woman with blonde hair and grey eyes. She had a wonderful bob cut, with the longest fringes braided on each side. She rubbed her tummy to tell that she was hungry. Yumemi swiftly got the cafe key and unlocked it. A lovely sounding *DING-A -LING* flourished across the vast cafe as the woman entered through the restaurant. Yumemi suddenly realized it was another one of her workers. "Ingrid! Welcome back from Stockholm! How was your trip?"

    Before Ingrid could smile, she sneezed into her right gloved hand. "Hi-shoo! *sniff* Do forgive me; the climate change has made my nose itch like crazy!"

    Yumemi patted the employee's back. "It's okay... if you can, you may be able to work with Sion with feeding the kitchens or you can help me set up the tables." She saw Ingrid take off her mink coat. Ingrid's eyes appeared to be like glass. From the looks of it, Ingrid might have been sneezing for awhile.
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    A young woman, a seventeen year old soon to be eighteen, walked into the back area of the Kitty Bunker Cafe through the employee entrance. She pulled off her coat and hung it up before pulling off her apron and putting it on. She smoothed it out a bit before looking into a mirror, adjusting the side ponytail she had. She worked there because it combined her passions. Cooking and animals. She could take care of animals with the food she was allowed to cook and she even got to serve customers on occasion. Her dream job. The girl, Saryu, walked out of the employee area and smiled when she saw her boss. "Hey, Yumemi. Reporting in for work."

    She waved a hello and a goodbye before quickly grabbing a rag and beginning to clean off what was left on the tables. She was a hard worker, a smile always on her face even when she was insulted. Of course, she would usually insult someone like that back. She trotted from table to table, humming quietly and sometimes glancing back at where the kittens were.
  5. Today is Tuesday, January 6, 2100
    Time~06:47 AM
    Weather~Snow and Fog; 27* F / -3* C
    Location~The Kitty Bunker Animal Shoppe (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
    Yumemi greeted her employee, "Okay, well you may work with Ingrid or with Sion..." She saw her employee getting the rag from the tables. "Oh, I see what's gong on. It's snowing really hard now. I hope you had a safe trip from home." She lifted up another kitten named Tokiko. She was a Ragdoll cat trying to wake up being asleep cradled in her master's arms. She then clapped her hands together to get everyone's attention. "All right, everyone! Try to hurry on your jobs! Today's a busy day, and we can't have others waiting at the door!" Yumemi looked around to see a couple of customers knocking on the doors. She knew that the animals would set off allergies.

    Ingrid swiftly grabbed the Windex and a blue towel while she intermittently sniffled and sneezed. Ingrid was aware of her table etiquette. Ingrid gave a very congested, "Morning to you." She hopped right to work and said very little. Ingrid loved her job---in spite of the cats. Ingrid kept her cat allergy secret. She was allergic to many other things such as dust, pollen and mold. According to her doctor, she would get anaphylaxis if she consumed blackberries and peanuts. There were so many cats, Ingrid had to arm herself with several allergy pills and medications.

    Yumemi watched the intelligent Ingrid squeeze her eyes shut, and resumed to her job. Ingrid now had to face trying not to sneeze and it was a cold day on the job. Yumemi called out to her, "Ingrid , are you sure you are all right?" Yumemi noticed the sneezy expression on Ingrid's face.

    Ingrid's face contorted when she was trying to answer the question. To Ingrid's dismay, she couldn't take it anymore. Ingrid elevated her left arm and sneezed four times. "I... Hhh! Hi-SHH! Ha-SHH! ISSH! Ha...Ha-SHHHH! I will be fine, malady..." She cleared her throat and continued working.
  6. Kyy smiles and pets Pixie. "Hey there cutie." He picks her up and brings her to the wash room to give her a quick bath.
  7. As Saryu walked around the cafe, finishing off the tables, she spotted the kitten she had brought it. A cute little mixed tabby with large hazel eyes and the cutest 'mew' she'd ever heard. Saryu smiled and quickly walked over to the kitten, picking her up and setting the small creature on her shoulder. "You gonna be my parrot again today, Thana?" The small kitten mewed and Saryu quietly laughed. "It's decided, then." Saryu then walked back to the back, putting the rag where it belonged and then walking out into the main area. She was on waitress duty today, as far as she knew, and so she was ready to get whatever customers that came in to tables and with menus.
  8. Today is Tuesday, January 6, 2100
    Time~06:47 AM
    Weather~Snow and Fog; 27* F / -3* C
    Location~The Kitty Bunker Animal Shoppe (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

    It was truly evident that Yumemi heard the girl sneezing in there. Yumemi looked at Ingrid trying to pop a few pills. "Ingrid! Try not to take them too much! You have work to do!"

    Ingrid blew her nose with a tissue. "I know, malady..." Ingrid went over to the tables and finished with a little help on her side. Ingrid wiped her runny nose and eyes with her forearm. She sniffled wetly as she smiled. "It was quite a pleasure working with you..." Ingrid went to unlock the door for the customers.

    Yumemi had a paw pose to the customers. "NYAN~! Welcome to the Kitty Bunker Cafe~! Please have a seat anywhere you'd like~!" Out came a girl named Ayaka Himekaidou. Like Ingrid, she, too was allergic to cats. However, Ayaka's wasn't as severe as Ingrid's.

    Ayaka smiled at Yumemi and the staff. "I would like a solo table... and take me to where there's no cats. I'm allergic!" Ayaka smiled as she flipped her red dyed hair.
  9. Today is Tuesday, January 6, 2100
    Time~06:52 AM
    Weather~Snow and Fog; 27* F / -3* C
    Location~The Kitty Bunker Animal Shoppe (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

    Yumemi showed Ayaka the furthest seat to the back. "Ingrid, may you serve this wonderful girl?"

    Ingrid smiled through her allergic misery. "Yeh... yes, I will, thank you. Ayaka... this way, please." Ingrid smiled as she calmly lent Ayaka her hand to sit down at the cat-shaped booth. "My name is Ingrid. I shall be your server today. What would you like to have, miss?"

    Ayaka smiled, "I'd like to have a French Vanilla coffee, thank you~!" Then, Yumemi heard Ayaka sniffling as she popped open a bottle of Zyrtec. Ayaka looked at the employees, and noticed that there was a head. Ingrid looked like the Head Maid of the Kitty Bunker Cafe. Ayaka knew that there would still be cats around, but she decided to do her best to keep her sniffling to a minimum. Ingrid, on the other hand, sniffled intensely and stifling sneezes. That woman looks strong... Ayaka idly thought as she politely waited for her coffee.

    Yumemi smiled at the workers, "How is everything going?" She replied as she smiled with warmth in her face. "Saryu, Sion, can you two come here for a minute."

    By the time Ingrid was finished, she added a paper towel on the top of the cup of coffee. Ingrid stumbled just in time to let out a high-pitched sneeze. "Hhh... Hi-KISSHOOOO!!"

    Yumemi happily chimed, "Bless you!"

    Ingrid returned with a polite ring. "Thank you, malady."

    She waited quietly for the two servants to come for a fair warning. Yumemi also heard more customers coming in. "Saryu, Sion... Ingrid is your Head Maid. If I'm not here, do what she says. Now, Saryu... keep Thana with you. She''ll get proper care. And Sion, you go and tame Pixie.... Pixie's a strong man, by the way. If you feel his legs, he's quite the muscle-builder~! Now, you two, when you get done taming the cats, I will have..." She saw another maid, Sanae Nodoka Konjou. "Why, just in time, Sanae~! Ready to work, nya?

    Sanae smiled, "Oh course~! I'll take care of the kittens... All... 105 of them..." Sanae's smile faded. She wasn't used to so many cats, but she had an affinity to animals. Sanae thought that Ingrid could (and really should) have took care of the cats. Even though Ingrid was a foreigner and chose this job for the money, Sanae got sick of her. Yumemi wasn't stupid to know that Ingrid was allergic. Ingrid could order people, but anywhere near a cat, she would fly into an uncontrollable fit of sneezing.

    Yumemi smiled and nodded, "Go right ahead, Sanae~! Do as you wish with your heart's content~!"

    Sanae then asked Yumemi, "Why does Ingrid stay around the cafe area, making food and giving orders?"

    Yumemi replied, "Well, Ingrid is highly allergic to cats..." She overheard Ingrid sneezing thrice into a tissue. "She even brought a doctor's note before taking the job. Ingrid has a nimble mind."
  10. Ivory burst into the cafe, with her uniform. "Yo what's up homies!" She shouted in delight, forgetting about the bunch of kittens that was there.
  11. Today is Tuesday, January 6, 2100
    Time~06:59 AM
    Weather~Snow and Fog; 27* F / -3* C
    Location~The Kitty Bunker Animal Shoppe (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

    By the time Ivory went through the door, Yumemi smiled, "Good morning, Ivory~! you can tame the kitties or help Ingrid with the food."

    Sanae greeted Ivory in the same passion. "Good morning~! You must be... Ivory~!" She smiled as Yumemi gave a discerning glare. "Oh, dear, we have a lot of customers now~!"

    Two students, Makoto Ryuugata and Shinji Shoto arrived to be seated. Yumemi smiled, 'ivory, would you like to take over this job for these two gentlemen?"

    Ingrid sneezed again, "Kk'TISHOO! ISH!! Ha... Ha-SHHHHH!!! Excuse my allergies." Ingrid then returned back to work.
  12. Kyy finishes giving Pixie a bath and helps wait on customers. "Hi Ivory."
  13. "Sure thing Yumemi-chan~!" She smiled widely. Ivory turned to Sanae. "Sup girl?" She laughed and patted her shoulder, and waved at Kyy with enthusiasm, before going on to do her job.