The kiss that change everything

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  1. This is a story about 2 best friends. They are in love, and final one of them make a move.

    I need a girl

    Name: Saito
    Appearance: th_noob.jpg
  2. Would it be okay if I joined? It sounds really awesome ^_^
  3. Of course, tell me your info, that i listed on my first post.
  4. (thank you very much *bows*^_^)
    Name: Mitsuki Date
    Age: 17
  5. Great, I'm going to go ahead and make the thread, and if you may please start it, I suck at starting.
  6. Okay(though I do have one question, and sorry if this is a stupid one T,T you want it to start on a romantic note or more of their greeting each other?)
  7. I was thinking of starting it on a romantic note but if you want we can start greeting each other.