The King's Misfortune

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  1. King Andrew was excited. His queen and he, both of the age of twenty-nine, had not visited one another's bed chambers for quiet some time. He had had to make due with other... distractions in the hope that his queen would offer some interest in their sharing a bed soon or risk going insane with the wait. At last he had found a feat that might be even harder to gain, but by far a more interesting catch. The woman he had summoned was one of his queen's own lady in waiting. That would show her that he was not the kind of man that would wait around for a woman that was angry with him. If he could not have his Queen's body under his, then he would take one that was just as supple and delicious looking.

    He saat within his own private chambers awaiting the arrival of said girl. Next to him was a table and yet another large back chair that he would offer her. On the table was a decanter of his finest wine and two goblets that were going to be used that evening, he was sure. He had seen her at a party the night before that he and his queen had attended, making nice in public while softly throwing sarcastic remarks to one another about one another in hopes to fuel some kind of bickering that would eventually lead to their interest in a bedding that might produce him a male heir at long last. He had three girls by his wife the Queen but none of them could be considered for the crown unless they were married and by the gods King Andrew was not going to let some wayward lord onto his thrown unless he had been either killed or could no longer produce a male heir. His queen however was of the opinion that three times was enough for child birth and would not bed him unless he--He! the King!--protected them both from the likelihood of another pregnancy! The gal of the woman!

    He stood from his chair and started to pace. When would the girl get here? had his note note been specific?

    My lady, come to the room in the Eastern Tower at dusk. I wish to speak to you. -Andrew

    As far as he knew there was only one Andrew in this palace and it was him.
  2. Serenity has been the Queen's lady in waiting for just a few months now. She was only about 21 years of age and involved with almost every aspect of the Queen's life which even included knowing when the King and Queen had intimate relations with one another. Strangely enough, their intimacy has been on the decline and the young woman wasn't quite sure why this was happening, and it wasn't like she could just question the Queen about her actions. So, instead, Serenity would just wait, listen, and maybe make comments every so often in hopes that in little bit of information would be dropped.

    "Serenity, get me my tea," the Queen demanded and pointed to door, sending her servant away.

    "Yes my Queen," Serenity said as she slipped quietly from the room. This was the last thing she wanted to do since in a few moments she would have to go see the king. The young woman was so nervous. Why would the king want to see her? Had she done something wrong? Did the Queen report something to him? Maybe he was going to question her about the Queen's attitude at the party the other night. In the Queen's defense, the King did seem to be rather harsh in the way he spoke to her.

    Once the tea was deliver, Serenity excused herself and went to the Eastern Tower, the note that she had received being crumbled in her sweaty palms. Silently, she prayed she wasn't going to lose her job, or worse... be killed. After knocking softly she opened the door, shut it softly behind her then watched the King as he paced.

    "My King." Serenity dropped her gaze to the floor and curtsied low. "I received your note, and I hope I have not done something to make you angry with me." She stood up straight but still refused to look at him directly and instead looked around the room. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly when she noticed the wine and goblets.... goblets? Did the King have company? Had she received his note in error?
  3. Andrew turned from his pacing, instantly brightening from the moody man he had appeared to e earlier. Raising an eyebrow as she inspected the room after her curtsy, he stepped over to the chair that would be for her and motioned for it. "May I put your worry to the side by offering you this chair, Lady Serenity? Please, sit. You are in no trouble with me, nor my Queen if that is what you are afraid of," he said, voice silken, a courtier's drawl of long practice. Oh and had he practiced. Every woman that had shared his bed be it his Queen or the other women that had kept him occupied while his Queen refused him during their spats, had heard it from him and he had practiced on each of them new approaches. This however was the prodigy of all his work. Well rehearsed gentle and at the same time strong. He wanted this woman and by the gods he would have her.

    "The Queen has told me that you are a good ear and an even better lady-in-waiting. One of the best that she has had," he said as he went to the table and poured the wine into both goblets as he waited for her response. Picking up his, he went to stand with his back to her so that she might relax a bit. He had found that when he talked to a wall instead of at the subject of his interest, they relaxed better until he could turn to them and persuade him. He was an actor and this was his stage, and oh did he love the spotlight.
  4. Even though part of her wanted to deny his offer for a seat, who was she to deny the king? With a polite smile Serenity calmly walked over to the chair and took a seat, crossing her legs at the ankles and sitting up straight with her hands clasped in her lap. She continued to listen to him talk and watched as he poured wine in the goblets then began staring staring at his back, finding it rather odd that he wasn't facing her. Wasn't that the well mannered thing to do? Look at the person you're trying to have a conversation with?

    "Sir, will you not look at me? Am I not worth having your full attention so must examine the wall?" Serenity raised an eyebrow, not even thinking about the fact that she may have spoken out of turn. Even if she had realized it she probably wasn't going to apologize to him. "I am pleased to know how the Queen feels about me. I take great pride in pleasing your wife and making her life easy." The woman nodded a bit before running her hands over her dress, straightening out the material.

    I hope the Queen will not be upset with me. I wouldn't want my absence to be a burden
    . Serenity began to fiddle, wishing that the King would just get to the point of why he wanted her here. Would it be too rude to ask? She opened her mouth to speak then quickly shook her head, deciding it was better to wait patiently.
  5. Andrew jerked around, surprised by her request. "I meant no offense Lady Serenity," he said quickly, going to take one of her hands in his and brought it to his lips in a soft but swift kiss. "Most people cannot stand for me to look at them when we are alone. Most I have met have wanted to become smaller and smaller under my gaze. You are one of very few who has asked me to look at them straight on in a one on one discussion." He looked in her face, smiling before he went to his seat.

    "Perhaps you can answer a question for me that I have yet to be able to understand myself," he offered as he took a sip of his wine. "Why would a woman not wish for a male child?"
  6. When he took her hands in his Serenity was truly shocked. By the time she came to her senses and was ready to pull her hands away, he kissed them. Her heart did flips in her chest and she quickly tucked her hands back in her lap. What was the king doing? Serenity gave him a wary look once he sat down. Yes, he was full of sweet words and pleasing smiles, but what were his motives? She pursed her lips into a thin line then finally reached out for her goblet of wine. Once the question had been asked, Serenity choked on her wine slightly in shock then set it softly back down on the table. Now she knew what this was about! The King wanted to know intimate details of his Queen and who better to ask than the lady-in-waiting.

    "Well, your majesty, childbirth is terribly painful. Some women do not mind it as much while others find it a completely tedious task." She nodded then stopped talking for a moment, trying to figure out if she had answered his question appropriately and finally she decided that she had. With another slight nod of her head she reached back out for her goblet, taking more sips. "Is that all you wanted from me, my King?" Serenity scooted to the edge of her chair, prepared to stand.
  7. Andrew considered this answer for a few moments, peering at her over the edge of his goblet before he replaced the object on the table and shook his head. "No, my dear Lady Serenity, it is not. Please, relax. I had sent word to another lady-in-waiting to cover you should my wife require your services while I spoke with you. You will be in no trouble for being here. Honestly, dear, relax for a few and take a breath. There is little to worry about," he purred as he rose to poor himself some more wine. "I should wish to speak with you more often Lady Serentity. Perhaps you will be able to answer more questions for me about my wife? You have been the only one to give me a straight forward answer to the matter. Mayhap with your help I might bridge gaps with my wife after all."
  8. Relax? The young woman was about to until she gave a real unladylike snort in reply to answering more questions about the Queen. "You shall need to put more wine in my before I divulge any secrets." Serenity smirked and shook her head. He may be the King, but she could lose her life if the Queen found out she was sharing intimate details of her life. Plus, at this moment in time, Serenity didn't trust the King enough to not go and say something.

    Maybe I am not allowing the King a fair enough chance.
    Serenity purses her lips and looks the King over while relaxing back in the chair. To be completely honest, this chair was quite nice, the wine was exquisite, and even if she wasn't going to admit, she thoroughly enjoyed the private company of the King. How many women were allowed this opportunity? With that in mind, she picked up her goblet of wine again, closing her eyes as the warmth of the alcohol slid down her throat. Soon enough, here goblet was finished off, leaving her wanted more.

    "Do you mind if I have more?" Serenity set her goblet down the wrapped her hands around the neck of the bottle, looking over at the King for her answer.
  9. The king waved his hand. "No, no, no. I do not intend on asking specific question about her Majesty. Long ago I gave up on that long ago. You lot, her personal girls are always a tight lipped bunch and I admire you for that. I know my own men-servants would not be half as tongue tied," he said before he rose and pushed her hand gently away from the bottle, taking it himself to refill her cup. "You may have as much as you like. But you have been serving my wife all day so take this time to have me serve you in exchange for any answeres you feel you can give me without overstepping my wife's limits."
  10. "I know about your servants." The girl giggled, a blush rising on her cheeks as she reached out for her cup. Slowly, Serenity put the cup to her lips, thinking of something she could tell the king. For a moment, she looked at him then leaned over the table closer to him, putting her elbow down on the table and her chin in her hand. "Your Queen," she starts saying. "Is rather peculiar. It surprises me that you have chosen her to be married to, and faithfully at that! That is something I really about you." Serenity nods and tips her glass at the King before taking another sip. "All the women you could choose!" Then her eyes widens and she puts her hand over her mouth. "I think I've had enough wine" With a nod, she puts the cup back on the table and sets her hands in her lap.
  11. Andrew laughed at her slip, putting the goblet he had to his lips and taking a heafty swallow. "Nonsense. This is a place you may speak your mind about anything. Nothing said here will be taken outside these walls, I promise. I also swear not to take nothing you say as an offense. I know too well how wine can make a person sliptongued. Please, explain what you mean by that statement about the Queen. I know she is a tad peculiar, but what do you mean?"