The Kingdoms of Light and Dark

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“It is gone your majesty.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Gone?! How can it be just… gone?! Have you not been watching the shards day in and day out, for centuries now? Oh and suddenly one is misplaced?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Not misplaced, sir. Stolen, surely.”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“So, a Gelap citizen has infiltrated your sacred temple and claimed a prize? And how, does this happen? Who could have done this when no others have been able to?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“We… we are unsure… The shard stolen allows the user stealth but at the cost of his intent to kill. We can only imagine the person who stole it is more noble than the average citizen of Gelap in order to not murder on the daily, but a thief nonetheless.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“So, a noble thief? That makes about as much sense as a priest stealing it, eh?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“One of ours would never!”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“So you say. I am not so sure. Watch the shards, groups of you. I don’t know how lazy you have become but no more! No more shards will be stolen! Make sure of it, or it will be your life.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Yes… sire,” the Imam said slowly, irritation showing in the twitching of his brow. The king of Cahaya tapped his golden scepter on the stone floor, the echo of the metal reverberating off the tall buttresses of the ceiling and confirming his word was firm, iron, law. The man, Nicolai, in his white Imam robes turned from his majesty and headed from the throne room, the guards at the door opening it for his exit, and then closing them behind. Next to the king, his queen Isa, looked even more troubled than her husband.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“A ball… we must… we must have a ball…”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“A party? At a time like this?!” king Raja scoffed, looking at his wife with a gaze that suggested she had finally gone mad after their many years on the throne. Isa narrowed her eyes at her husband though, and his lips fell silent, anticipating her explanation.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“We throw a ball, for the royalty of Gelap, let them invite whomever they wish, but while they are here, so will their security be. We send our own forces to their borders to retrieve this shard and bring it home,” she explained calmly, a few grey hair twinging her soft yet aging face. The king, his head of blackened hair with its own grey streaks, looked thoughtful, taking into consideration every detail before speaking.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Yes, we shall throw a ball. But we cannot send our own troops away. If those from Gelap will be within our borders, we need them here… I have heard of a warrior though, one who might know others. Peasants but if we offer a reward, surely they will not fail their king. And they will be less conspicuous than our guards,” he said, his wife nodding in agreement.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]And with this, the king issued a decree. Tomorrow, a ball would be held, and the decree was sent over the borders to Gelap with haste. For the longer the shard was missing, the harder finding it would be. The Cahayan messenger arrived on a black horse to the Gelap castle, threats of rape and whistles following him into the halls from the guards, though his noble face never faltered. He walked head held high into the throne room, where king Palsu and queen Zina sat on their thrones, with their daughter Adi by the queen and the royal advisor and general to the Gelap army standing beside the king.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Cahayan messenger presented his announcement of a ball, to which Korek, the adviser, protested his annoyance at such short notice. But when the king offered his daughter as a match to go with him he could hardly refuse. The Cayahan noticed the visible disgust displayed by the princess but simply thought of her as corrupt as the rest, just not fond of a man much older than her, which he could understand.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I will tell my lords you accept,” the messenger bowed, turning and galloping away with a horse lightened of the jewels on its saddle thanks to those who watched it while he spoke to the royals.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Within both kingdoms, news spread quickly and vastly of the ball, for it was a bit of an unusual thing for the kingdoms to even acknowledge the other’s existence, much less intermingle. Despite this high alert of all things royal going on in the peasants’ gossip, a messenger of the king managed to covertly recruit Tellius Atton, a well-known warrior of Cahaya to come to the castle to discuss plans of retrieving the shard during the night of the ball when the security of Gelap would be thinned. Though, he and two other warriors brought in to assist were warned- it was not likely someone as obvious as a Gelap military man who stole the shard. More than likely it was a secretive mercenary who got in and out and was trained in very secretive arts of deception. And if they became lost, to not expect to be rescued.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Do we have an accord?” the king asked the brute of a man before him, after offering significant riches and glory for the shard’s safe return.[/BCOLOR]
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  2. Nicolai, one of the head Imams, headed back to the temple after speaking with the king. His thoughts were filled with annoyance and irritation that the king thought he could speak to him in such a way. If Nicolai wanted, he could turn the entirety of Cahaya against his majesty. All he would have to say is the Lord called for a new king, bless the head of a random puppet of Cahaya, and that would be that. In fact, that was sounding like a better idea all the time. Of course, it would take more and more complaining to his fellow Imams about the king’s ignorance before they would ever agree to be a part of such a plan. Being so powerful and influential had its perks either way.

    Nicolai made his way to the front of the temple, but instead of finding Imams forgiving people of their sins, he found a group of Cahayans gathered on the first tier of the temple steps, surrounding an awfully familiar dark form. Wanita. Nicolai fumed, his teeth gritted together and his nails pressed into his palms so hard he could feel the pain rushing through his body. How was it he could bring down the king if he wanted, but not the common wench?

    As far as Nicolai knew she was blameless against the laws, so he could not accuse her of much and have it be believable. But beyond that, the people loved her. They loved her much more than he was loved. He was feared. Respect was something no matter how it was gained, but the fact that she was respected through love… it made her hard to bring down. If he tried to have her arrested, he knew the people would hate him, and possible all the other Imams.

    The robed man stepped closer, curious what blasphemy she was proclaiming this time. He leaned in, ears alert and face tense but interested.

    Wanita had woken up that morning bright and early, praying to her God by the window, and then starting breakfast for her parents and siblings. Being 29 years old and unmarried, she was pretty much labeled as unmarryable unless a man was widowed and found an older woman interesting. Even an older man who lost his wife, he was usually even richer than a young man and got his pick of the younger women. When she was younger, men had approached her for her hand, but she’d always refused. She felt marriage was a burden she did not want to take on. For how much more could she do alone? How much further could she travel? How much fewer were her worries apart from a man and children? Perhaps it was a bit selfish, but it was so she could do more for others, and perhaps that negated the selfishness of the decision.

    The woman prepared bread and butter, bought thanks to her father’s carpentry business. They were one of the wealthier peasant families, but not the wealthiest either. They got by just fine which Wanita considered a blessing beyond measure.

    After making sure her family was fed, she ate, and then quietly grabbed her papers. She often carried with her a stack of parchment, where she had written down the old prophesies and would study them when sneaking away. As she snuck out of the house and began to wander the streets of Cahaya, Wanita saw a man with an illness that resulted in sores. She had seen him before and bought him medicine, but apparently it had only done so good. She walked over to him and smiled warmly, kneeling down until he noticed her. His toothless grin only made hers more genuine as he recognized the woman dressed in a simple cream colored linen dress with no jewels to adorn herself, her long black hair falling over her shoulders.

    “And how are you today dear?” he asked in a raspy voice. Wanita gave a little shrug with her smile.

    “Oh I am fine. But a bit lonely. Would you accompany me to the temple? Perhaps we can pray together for you to be healed,” she suggested, as others passed them on the opposite side of the street to avoid the diseased man, covering their mouths even from the distance they walked.

    “Oh ma’am, I don’t have gold for the Imams to forgive my law breaking that has caused my illness. I’m sure I would not be welcome,” he said with a faintly sad smile. Wanita looked somber but hopeful.

    “But I will be with you. We need not consult the Imams today,”
    she prodded. The man stared at her, so unused to anyone speaking to him at all, before he finally nodded silently. He rose with a bit of trouble, used to sitting and begging for spare change instead of getting up and moving. But the temple was not far. And the odd pair made their way to the steps. Wanita had sat on the very bottom one so he would not be far away, and began reading aloud to him different sayings and proverbs from her notes, and a sense of calm soon overcame the man who rested and seemed happy. But just like whenever she dared come to the temple, more gathered. And by the time the second half of the day drew near, there was a crowd.

    “There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day. At his gate was laid a beggar, covered in sores and longing to eat what fell from the rich man’s table. The time came when the beggar died and angels carried him to heaven. The rich man also died and was buried. In hell, where he was in torment, he looked up and saw the beggar in heaven far away. So he called to him, “Have pity on me and dip the tip of your finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.” But the Lord replied “Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while he received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony. And besides, between us is a great chasm no one can cross.” He answered “Than I beg you, send him to my father’s house, for I have five brothers. Let him warn them, so they will not also come to this place of torment.” He replied “They have the prophesies, let them listen to them. “No,” he said “If the dead goes to them, they will repent.” But he said to him “If they don’t listen to the prophesies, they won’t be convinced even if someone rises from the dead,”” Wanita quoted, of course leaving the poor in awe, that a God would favor a sore covered beggar over a rich man. The smiling woman saw the hope in their eyes, until her eyes came to rest on a rather vindictive set that was glaring at her from the back. Nicolai. She raised an eyebrow at him, as if to ask if he could argue with the very teaching he was supposed to uphold, before he stormed off to where a group of Imams were whispering, surely about how to get rid of her. Wanita cleared her throat and tucked some hair behind her ear, smiling down at her beggar friend.

    “Shall we get back towards home?” she asked, to which the man nodded, the two rising and heading back.
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  3. [BCOLOR=transparent]Alyce of Gelap[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alyce [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]peered silently[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] at a nearby merchant, watching the man as he sold fresh produce to people of all kinds. Alyce had her eye on a few apples for a while now, and her stomach panged in reminder of the hunger that she was so often used to feeling. She thought carefully about how to get the apples, knowing she didn’t have any money today, and probably wouldn’t again for a while. The last bit of gold she had, she used over 7 days ago for a hooded cloak to keep her warm. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The minutes passed by slowly while she waited for the most opportune moment to go steal the food from his stand. The market was always busy but sometimes it was busier than other times, and Alyce knew she would get away easier if it was crowded. It would give her a chance to take things without being caught or noticed. She was tiny, and so she often was disregarded. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Finally, she saw her chance and took it, walking forward after adjusting her dress, she [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]pushed forward into a crowd[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent], her left arm just able to reach the table between a few bodies. Alyce kept her head turned behind her, one arm raised as she managed to slip two smaller granny smith apples into her hand before pulling away and turning, slipping back through the crowd unnoticed. She grinned to herself once she was far enough away to feel as though she wouldn’t be caught, and made her way to the [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]slums[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] where she often found places to sleep. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once arriving at the place she usually called ‘home’, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]she sat down[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent], the old hooded cloak folded and tucked away into a few bricks which pulled out of the abandoned building. When she wasn’t bringing something with her, Alyce always made sure to hide the item(s) to ensure they didn’t get stolen by another street person. Pulling the cloak out, she sat on it, using it as a cushion against the cold stone beneath her. She grinned a cheeky smile, biting into the first apple messily, the juice dripping down along her chin, which in turn caused her to laugh. Any passer by would think her crazy, since she wasn’t really laughing at anything other than the fact she had food for the day, which she succeeded in stealing. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As Alyce finished her first apple, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]a young boy[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] came up to her, his blonde unruly hair falling around his face which was plastered with an ear to ear smile. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Alyce!” he said, excited. She hadn’t seen the boy, who she learned a while ago was named Gavroche, for quite a few days. She knew he went adventuring around Gelap often, getting into trouble and other things, but somehow never got caught. He was easy going and ambitious as well as caring. He was almost like a younger brother she never had. She held her hand out which held her last apple, offering it to him. He looked at her with wide eyes, biting his lip a little.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Are you sure? Have you eaten today?” he asked her, and she nodded in response, showing him the leftover apple core from the first apple. After another few moments, Gavroche took the apple and bit into it the biggest bite he could manage, causing Alyce to laugh again. He was good at keeping her entertained, and together they were happy, always looking out for one another.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hours passed and Gavroche had fallen asleep against the wall. It wasn’t dark yet, but it would be soon. Alyce took her cloak and laid it over Gavroche’s body, keeping him warm before moving to stand and step over his small body. She wanted to go for a short walk before going to sleep. The ground was uncomfortable, but she always managed to get a decent sleep by going for a walk to stretch her legs and muscles. Eventually she came to the road which would lead back into town, or likewise, out of it towards Cahaya. There were street people wandering around along the road, and before Alyce could get much farther, she heard hooves. Quickly a strong horse rode towards her which held a rider from Cahaya. Her eyes widened, wondering why someone from the other Kingdom would be in hers. Her brow furrowed, and she decided that was enough to keep her brain awake, and headed back to her spot, Gavroche still sound asleep. She stepped over him again, and pondered about the Cahayan, sitting down on the outside of the small area between buildings. [/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Thanos Terang[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Thanos had been gone from the early hours of the morning visiting the less fortunate in the more slum areas of Cahaya. Tt saddened her that so many people went without so much in comparison to the life she was living. She knew a lot of it had to do with the laws that had been placed, as it was nearly impossible for everyone to follow them without sinning or breaking them. It wouldn’t be long before chaos erupted in their Kingdom because of it, and Thanos sighed. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Silently, she walked along the cobblestone streets, holding a basket in hand which held various foods such as bread, cheese, and fruit, which she would hand out to those in need. She would nod and hold out the item to each person, waiting for them to take it and give thanks, though some were less polite than she might like, but she never let that dampen her spirits. Besides, her favorite part of the walk was coming up, and she knew all of the little people loved her, not just because she was of Royalty, but because she showed she cared in more ways than just her words.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Turning a corner, with a guard following a little ways behind her, she saw a [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]group of young children[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] of all races and ages. She smiled at them, and they gathered around her as she approached. Once child with mousey brown hair laid an empty potato sack out on the ledge of the building for Thanos, and she sat carefully. After handing out the rest of the food in the basket among the children, she told them a story of a young man, who would go on adventures and save people from danger in the night. She called the man ‘The Night Angel’, as that’s what she knew him be called as, though never had encountered him personally. The children were engaged in her story for a while, before her guard told her it was time to leave. Just like every morning, she would meet her parents in the Throne room. Standing, she said goodbye to the children, and hooked her arm through the basket handle, holding it with her elbow.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Thanos finally made her way to the end of the slum area and toward their Castle. On her way she noticed a girl with long black hair sitting on the steps of the Temple where the Imam usually were. Wanita. She was reading to a man who looked sick, and Thanos was curious, but she didn’t have time to stop and listen. So instead of stopping, she waved and then made it to the castle and went inside, dropping the basket off near the arched doorway of the Throne room, which she could hear voices coming from.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“It is gone your majesty.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Gone?! How can it be just… gone?! Have you not been watching the shards day in and day out, for centuries now? Oh and suddenly one is misplaced?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Not misplaced, sir. Stolen, surely.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“So, a Gelap citizen has infiltrated your sacred temple and claimed a prize? And how, does this happen? Who could have done this when no others have been able to?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“We… we are unsure… The shard stolen allows the user stealth but at the cost of his intent to kill. We can only imagine the person who stole it is more noble than the average citizen of Gelap in order to not murder on the daily, but a thief nonetheless.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“So, a noble thief? That makes about as much sense as a priest stealing it, eh?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“One of ours would never!”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“So you say. I am not so sure. Watch the shards, groups of you. I don’t know how lazy you have become but no more! No more shards will be stolen! Make sure of it, or it will be your life.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Yes… sire.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Thanos listened carefully as the Imam spoke to her father after [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]sitting down[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] in the Throne she was given. She was unsure what to think about the RAYAPAN Shard being stolen at first, but quickly grew frustrated as she knew it would be used in the wrong ways. She wished the shards would just be locked away somewhere forever in her possession so no one would ever come across them and try to use them for anything bad. She let out a soft sigh as the Imam took his leave, and then addressed her parents, “Good morning Mother, Father.” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The king and Queen nodded to her and Thanos relaxed into her seat, waiting to see what the rest of the afternoon would have to offer, though nothing interesting had happened after what she had learned in the morning. Once she was dismissed, Thanos made her way to her chambers. She plopped down onto her bed and relaxed, taking a book from the small stand next to it and began reading. She was lucky she had someone to teach her to read when she was young, as it gave her an extremely in depth imagination. Slowly though, as she made her way through a few pages, her eyes began to get heavy, and she fell asleep with the book in her hands.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Amatis Herondale[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Amatis stood silently, leaning up just slightly against a large oak tree in a forest just on the outskirts of Gelap. She had knocked her arrow into place and held her [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]bow steadily[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent], her eyes focused on the task at hand. She had been hunting most of the night before, and for some reason was unable to come across anything substantial until now. Through the trees and into a small clearing, stood a [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]tall moose[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]. It was perfect, and would probably feed people for at least a few days. The moose was oblivious to her standing just beyond the tree line, and without a moment’s hesitation, Amatis let the string go from her fingers, watching as the arrow hit and sunk into the moose’s skull, killing it instantly. It fell down into the clearing and Amatis grinned to herself, moving out from her hiding place to claim her kill.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As she approached the animal, it was bigger than she expected. She was glad her parents were hunting with her this time, probably one of few trips that they were still able to accompany her on as it was close to the city. Their camp was set up only a couple of minutes away on foot, and so Amatis went back to ask her dad for help with the moose. They had a horse and a flat topped carriage to carry the moose back as long as they could get it to the carriage and lift it up onto the flat. They always came prepared with ropes and hooks and other odds and ends they might need for a big kill like this. Again Amatis grinned as she approached her father.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I got one. A big one. Get Mum to pack everything and we can finally head back, but you have to help me with this monster first,” she said to him, smiling proudly while walking back to the clearing with her dad. As they pushed through the clearing toward the moose, Artemis got some rope ready to help Amatis lift the animal from the ground back towards home.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After a while of struggling with the heavy animal, they finally got it up onto the carriage and set out on their way home. Upon arriving, they took the moose to a local butcher, who dealt with it for them quickly for a small price as they had been going to him for years now. Once the butchering was finished and everything was portioned, they made their rounds with the meats, handing it out to people in the kingdom before finishing at the Castle, where almost everything that was left over would be taken. They rarely saw the Royal family inside of the castle though, as they usually had someone take whatever the Herondale family brought, unless it was important. The servant paid them, and they went on their way. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hunting always took up most of the day because of all the details involved. People thought it was an easy job: Kill an animal. But it wasn’t. There was always the cleaning and butchering of the animal and portioning it and then delivering it. It almost always took the entire day, and if they were lucky they would be home for supper. [/BCOLOR]​
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  4. Tellius Atton

    The monarch's palace was of glorious stature, a true development created by King's gold. Of course, it was his money that purchased labor from the kingdom's peasants, slaves of the coin. They were given no recognition for their architecture abilities, left to rot in the slums for their money would not last them a month. Tellius, the "well-known warrior" many spoke of was still not very accepting of their King and Queen. His memories continued to haunt him during his travels, trying to forget as his name soared through the nation. But he had not yet obtained the glorification that would satisfy his avarice.

    And now, as he stood before royalty, Gods in the form of men as many would say, his desire was offered to him. All he had to do was retrieve a mere shard of high profit and return it to said kingdom. When he was called upon by a messenger of the King, he sought this opportunity to finally enter the castle and destroy it from the inside. He initially planned to kill both King and Queen in attempt to do right by his parents. He blamed them, in addition to the Gods and the entire kingdom of Cahaya for their departure to the afterlife. Everything that occurred then was because Royalty like King Raya and his wife did not turn to the needs of their people. Not all of Cahayan's citizens lived in luxury like most.

    But Tellius allowed his own greed to become such a well known and glorified warrior, that he became blind during such proposal. He knew - that despite their lies and foolery - they would keep their word and deliver to him what they promised. Because if they did not, he would keep the shard for himself and kill them all for their betrayal. Tellius had his eyes on the prize, already close enough to be one step closer to the the title of God. He would surpass Royalty and be known not only in Cahaya, but throughout all kingdoms.

    The warrior puffed his chest and raised his chin to the Royals. "I agree to your terms. I shall retrieve the shard and be rewarded with what was promised. We shall do the impossible. But first I ask for one more thing, for my stragglers of course. Feed them with whores and wine!" he called out loud, laughing at his joke, though it was what he wanted. A couple more hours of rest before taking their leave, but for them, not for Tellius himself. "Where do you keep the weapons?" he asked, wanting to pick out his own tools as the others would enjoy the company of rum and free women. He was already showing disrespect for his leaders, but he cared less. He was an undefeated warrior who was called upon, he did not come out of free will, and like stated before, he initially had different plans.
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  5. ..The Night Angel..

    ….Previous night....
    Rain pelted down from the dark cloudy skies, occasionally a strike of thunder would echo with lightning following a bit after. For a temple so prized or possessing such artifacts, it was poorly guarded Night Angel scoffed mentally. Rain helped the mission at hand phenomanally, although same couldn't be said of the lightning. Spying on the Temple which held the fabeled Magical Shards, Night Angel studies the tempo of the light flashes created by lightning.
    Upon the time desired Night Angel used the darkness to cloak him and make his move. Lightning not striking until he was out of view of the guards which he seeked to avoid. Scaling the Temple, Night Angel eventually reaches the sun roof. Before readying his next move, he shook his head in annoyance. Despite it proving for my own favore, it kills me how Master is right every damn time. Were the only thoughts tracing through his mind as a rope was secured.
    When opportunity presented itself in an almost perfect mannor, Night Angel lowered himself. Before the guard standing at the Shard-Room door could act, a dagger flew into his throat. Night Angel valued that kill more than ever, for it would be his last.......
    Quickly he made way into the Shard-Room, Night Angel hears words spoken from the Imam watching the room while opening said door.

    “Guards are not allowed in here without permission. You know thi-!”

    Before the Imam finished his sentence, Night Angel held a blade to the neck of the Imam. Foolishly the man went to shout, however received a harsh slam into the stone wall nearby him before he could. Luckily in Night Angel's favor, the man went unconscious once his head slammed into the stone. In all reality, killing anyone was not his favored sport, despite the profession he held.
    Eyeing the display which possessed all the Magical Shards, a sensation flowed through him to steal them all. Not only would that benefit his goals, but would also bring immense attention to himself no matter how hard he attempted to hide it. Walking along the row of Magical Shards, he picks out RAYAPAN. It's purpose or power was much more suited for himself anyways. Grasping the shard he consumes it. A large smile etching into his expression after doing so.....
    As swiftly as The Night Angel appeared, he took his leave. Surely he would never hear the end of this from his Master, who instructed him to take them all. But knew that was a foolish move and in his heart, believed all Shards were destined for his grasp.

    Current Time
    Christopher Terang.
    No matter how many years The Night Angel awoke in a bed fit for a royal, he would never get use to it. Chris wondered if five years was actually how long it was, since the accident. It surely didn't feel that long. Even with the terrible or long nights as Night Angel. Although those days were no more, the thought of death didn't even enter his mind this morning, like he usually would.

    Once morning ritual of cleansing himself for the day was performed, Chris walked about the kingdom which was owned by his uncle. Well, Chris' uncle. Eventually Chris would need to move out of this palace, even though he didn't wish to. In fact, Chris was surprised his uncle allowed him to live this long inside these castle walls. Part of him knew it was because of pity, other part of him knew it was because if he was thrown out, his cousin Thanos would never forgive his Uncle, also known as her father. Once Chris exited his room, a guard greeted him with a good morning. Some royals found guards speaking to them distasteful, Chris preferred the interaction or company as he calls it. Responding to the guard, Chris makes his way to the throne room.

    "Same thing another day, more nightmares of you know what."

    Years ago, the Guard would of apologized for the misfortune, but has grown to understand Chris didn't want his pity, only his friendship. Other royals found it odd, Chris gave no concern of the views of others. Eventually Chris reached the Throne room. Hearing his cousin speaking to her parents. Bowing before his higher-ranking family, he takes his normal seat among the thrones. Listening in, he speaks long after his cousin is done speaking. "Good morning to you all. I hope your rest was better than my own." Sometimes Chris went months without nightmares, other times it occurred every night. Patiently he awaited their response, along with any news on why he passed a messenger while walking about the castle.

    ~Hisoka "The Magician"~
    Walking through the Gelap Slums, onlookers would perceive this man a joke or jester on first glance. Anybody who realized who this man was, would either advert their glance from him or flee entirely. Yes this man did on occasion perform a show for onlookers to watch, however any other time, staring at Hisoka could easily end up in death. Walking past a few street-rats huddled, not sure nor caring if any were asleep, Hisoka turns down an unspecified alleyway.

    Coming to a stop somewhere within the alley, a chuckle echoes from Hisoka before speaking. "If you wish to follow, do so in a fashion that I don't hear or smell you." Before the man even finished his sentence, several men came out of hiding. One of them possessed the nerve to speak. "You wont possess that cocky attitude when we tear you limb from limb. We know who you are!" Another chuckle occurs, this time Hisoka licks his lips with anticipation. "Then hopefully, you fully understand what you are getting into." Hisoka was not eager to kill currently, though pushing him would quickly change that feeling.

    "Six of us, one of you. You dim or just asking for death?"

    "You're not even worth killing, a waste of my precious time."

    "I would say the same thing to avoid being slaughtered."

    Hisoka could no longer refrain, a laugh occurred and echoed rather loudly through the streets. Not once, did he attempt to brandish weapons, despite all six possessing daggers or even swords.

    "Why not quit your foolish babble and strike me, if you even can."

    Anger enters the expression of the man who had been exchanging words with Hisoka, a smile enters his expression shortly after. A few steps are taken forward, by the man directly behind Hisoka. A dagger is thrust forward, though doesn't hit the target as intended. Spinning on his heel, Hisoka chuckles as the dagger misses by quite a bit. Even faster then his spin, a hand darts and grasps the hand which held the dagger. Followed by a knee swinging upward, breaking the arm which held said dagger.

    Two men moved in, three would have, but the third man was knocked over as the man with a broken arm collided and stopped him. The two men who went forward, possessed daggers. The man who was knocked over, was the only possessing a sword.

    Like clockwork, two daggers went forward and attempted to stab into Hisoka. Effortlessly, Hisoka reached one arm behind and one forward. Grasping and guiding the hands of the men with daggers in hand, he orchestrates their attacks into one another. Flipping forward, Hisoka pulls out a sharpened card, throwing one into the neck of the last man standing at the entrance of the alley. Once solid footing was gained, he casted another sharpened card into the neck of the man who was pushing off of him, the man which possessed a broken arm.

    The leader of this group of petty criminals, either was too foolish to run or petrified by fear. Walking up to the man, Hisoka speaks. "That was boring, like I figured it would be." Standing toe to toe with the man who was recently speaking down to Hisoka, Hisoka speaks again. "Now, what will you do? Run to see another light of day? Or accept the fate which was branded to you?" The man shouted in fear, turning and sprinting further down the alley. Only to meet his demise of a throwing knife into the back of his neck. Collecting his cards and knife, Hisoka sees the men who were still living picking themselves up. All to scared to continue attacking, out of fear for their lives.

    "Do tell all your little friends what has occurred here. Maybe they will do me the favor of not annoying me. Along with granting themselves a longer life." A look of utter satisfaction was plastered on Hisoka's expression. A common face he held after killing people. Exiting the alley through the way he arrived, he continues walking down the street, eventually leaning against a building wall.
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  6. “Your majesties, I implore you to consider allowing your armed forces more power. For, the more power in your army, the more powerful you are.”

    “We have been under 200 years of peace…”
    the king started.

    “Yes peace. Sure. We send infiltrators to their lands, they retaliate, but oh since it wasn’t anyone with a stamp of what kingdom they were from it’s all hush hush and ‘Oh no, we didn’t send them’,”
    the queen scoffed, rolling her eyes and draping a leg over the arm rest of her throne. Korek smirked but it was forced, deep down he loathed no two people more. After all, he was much more capable than these buffoons. Why should they be running a whole kingdom?

    “You see, I think…”
    the general was interrupted by a knock.

    “We’ll discuss it later,”
    the king yawned, waving his hand in a bored fashion. Korek gave a stiff necked bow before moving to the king’s side, his heart (if it even existed) and conniving mind racing with all the ways he could murder the fool.

    “Your daughter, sire,” said the guard as Princess Adi entered, bowing low in respect of her parents who simply tilted their heads at her. Korek’s eyes lit up next to them, licking his bottom lip deliciously upon eyeing the girl, though her gaze deliberately avoided him. It was amusing to him, her nature. She always looked about before she acted. If he or her parents were watching, she was cruel, vain, and spoiled, strong and snarling. But there had been times he secretly observed her smiling and chatting away with the servants, giving them clothing of her own, and mourning with a guard over his wife’s death. Not to mention he could make her shiver and twitch with just a glance. Whether she believed it or not, he had power over her. The power of fear, and it was delectable.

    Adi kept her gaze intentionally diverted from the scum her father used for a royal advisor, moving towards her mother. “Mother, a Cahayan horse was spotted heading this way. I overheard..”

    “A Cahayan? You must be mistaken child,”
    her mother scoffed, seemingly annoyed by even the sweetness in the young girl’s voice. But as Adi nodded, a disturbed look on her face, another knock came and the Cahayan was announced. The queen’s face became bright red briefly before the king ushered his guards to let them in, curiosity sparkling in the room.

    Once the messenger had given the declaration of the ball and left, Adi felt her eyes brimming with tears of hate. “How could you?! I don’t want his hands anywhere near me!” she screamed at her parents for having promised Korek she would accompany him to the dance.

    “Daughter, it only looks proper for us to enter, and then my two favorites to enter. You can dance with whomever you wish after arriving, just walk in with him aye?”
    the king smiled at Adi, finding it rather funny when she threw fits.

    “No one takes me seriously! You’ll all regret treating me like this. Like… some cow you can just strap up to this bull and say ‘be grateful’,”
    she babbled, red faced like her mother and light brown hair whipping off her shoulders as the dark tanned girl ran from the throne room. All Korek seemed to be doing was watching how her green velvet dress moved across her retreating form however, the king and queen just chuckling to themselves and reminiscing stories of her youth. For after all she was 18 now. Most girls in the kingdom were married by this age. She was certainly a woman.

    “Perhaps we invite all our relatives and possible suitors for Adi to this ball? Then we don’t have to throw our own and host the mongrels?” the queen suggested.

    “Oh I think it’s best I take Adi’s hand…”
    Korek protested with a frown. For after all, marrying the princess would not only allow him to bed the girl but to rise to power easier.

    “No that is a good idea. She doesn’t like to be forced into anything… Korek if you are truly so charming then worry not- she will pick you!”
    the king chuckled, not seeing the dark flames of hate in his ‘friend’s’ gaze.

    Out in the hall, Adi sniffled while listening to them continue to speak about her after her exit, gritting her teeth. If she was going to get to pick a suitor, they could bet he would be Cahayan so she could escape the invisible chains the kingdom held about her body.
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  7. The Grand Ball

    The setting was glorious. Outside carriages of all kinds arrived, hiding within them various degrees of royalty and landowners alike, perhaps even the peasant or two who had dressed up in order to fool the guards. The time was just dusk, the sun not quite set, but inside the castle candle blazed gloriously and stone wall had been covered with tapestries for a more festive feel. The barrage of colors from the ladies’ gowns made a rainbow around the castle and people explored, though most stayed in the ballroom. When a newcomer arrived they were escorted after giving their name and title to the grand staircase and announced. Most people continued to dance to the musical band in the corner, violins and violas, cellos, and whatnot echoing around laughing, slightly drunk bodies of those with too much money to know what to do with. But some would clap for those as they descended the staircase, especially if their rank was high. The king and queen stood at the opposite end of the ballroom from the staircase entrance in their thrones, laughing and having a good time when guests would come fancy a chat with them. Flower sprays made the room smell like a garden, and the air tasted of sweetness, like the nectar of the décor and the drinks in their hands became airborne and swirled around them. In other parts of the castle, the knights were putting on a duel to entertain the rowdier of the bunch, especially the teenagers whose parents were mingling on the dance floor. In the great dining hall many of the older folks guffawed while playing gin rummy with one hand and gnawing on a turkey leg with the other, not to be bothered with dancing. In the catacombs of the castle even the servants had been allowed to celebrate, baskets of apples and kegs of ale between them as they laughed and played cards, grabbing bottoms of merry maids and stable boys popping grapes in their mouths. Truly, it was the grandest ball and the night was still but young.

    This was in Cahaya though. And not only in Cahaya, but in the castle walls and surrounding roads. Outside of the castle but within the temple where the Imam stayed and prayed, a plot was brewing against a certain young woman who was stirring up trouble for them. Tomorrow, they would surely take her to the king and he would punish her this time. Too many times they had brought her to him and he had let her go, but now, they had to be rid of her. Donations and gold had gone down too much for their liking, with that woman encouraging the decent, tax paying, law abiding good people of Cahaya to give to the poorest among them rather than the Imam. Who was going to pay for the temple if the peasants didn’t feel guilty enough to offer them money for forgiveness?

    Outside yet the Imam’s temple, were the streets of Cahaya, where peasants had their meager feasts of bread and cheap wine, cheese if they were lucky. Their children peered out of dusty windows to the commotion at the head of their kingdom to the lit up castle and whispered “Mommy, what goes on there tonight?” Only for their mother to know for the thousandth time their child would never know unless they saw the castle through a servant’s eyes. “Nothing, Hush now it’s time for bed,” they would whisper back, drawing the shades and ignoring whatever was happening beyond their own front door.

    Further still in Gelap, the royalty of the kingdom was absent, gathered in a new place they would feel welcomed for the first time in forever it seemed, no matter the false ruse the ball was held under. Left in their wake was security, surrounding the castle and scattered amongst the streets. The strong general not taking any chances as his men moved silently in the dusty streets, even the common thieves stepping back for them. Though there was little respect to be had in Gelap, the one with the bigger sword would wield the most.
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  8. Alyce of Gelap

    Alyce was woken suddenly by the sounds of many feet scuffling about on the cobblestone just around the corner from where she sat as well as voices. Instinctively she looked down at Gavroche to see if he was still asleep, which he was. Quietly, Alyce stood up, and made her way into the alley. It was hard to see, but what she could see, was a man leaning against one of the buildings a little ways away. Her eyes scanned the area and she wondered if she should just sit back down. She knew all the bad people came around the slums at night because it was easy pickings. She hadn't seen this person before though, despite living in Gelap her entire life.

    She tried to make little noise, unsure whether this man was a threat to her, though she wanted to assume he was. She trusted no one in this Kingdom and if she did, it took a lot to get to that point. People were vicious and violent, and nothing would ever be done about it. She could tell though, that this person wasn't a peasant. Or at least he didn't look like one. She simply watched him, unmoving though prepared if he decided to attack her.


    Thanos Terang

    The next evening was the ball. Thanos was excited as people from both kingdoms would be there, though she knew the reasoning behind it was much less tasteful. The ball had started already and her parents had been announced as they arrived down the stair case. Thanos was finishing up her dress and hair with her servant, Kia. Once she was ready, she looked at herself in the mirror of her room for a few moments, her white dress falling along her body perfectly.

    Easily, Thanos made her way to the grand staircase, glancing around the room at the hundreds of people dancing and laughing. She was looking for Christopher, whom she hadn't seen for more than a few minutes in the throne room the day before. Balls like this didn't happen often, and she wanted to get his thoughts on it, she knew though that she would probably be propositioned to dance more than a few times on her way through the crowded room, which she continued to observe from the stairs. Finally though once she was announced, she made her way down, the train of her dress flowing behind her with ease.


    Amatis Herondale

    Amatis had gotten wind of the ball in Cahaya as soon as the messenger had delivered the news. She was good at getting information, and as the night grew nearer, she thought of ways she could get inside. Would she be able to tell them she worked for Gelap? If she did, would they let her in knowing that? Probably not. She would have to sneak into the building some other way, most likely. She could easily cross the border between the two kingdoms through the forest if she stole a horse, which also would be easy since almost everyone except for the poor were at the ball, for now. She also would manage to steal an outfit to wear, since she knew she would for sure be kicked out if she wore her regular clothing.


    After scouting out and stealing a horse from a stable close to the forests edge, and a rather beautiful outfit from a drunken couples manor, Amatis continued on and crossed the border unscathed and unseen. Eventually after riding for some time she came to the backside of the castle in Cahaya. She got off the horse easily after looking around carefully. The horse wandered around silently, and Amatis squinted, looking for a doorway which might be unlocked.

    After some time went by, she found a plain wooden door. First before trying the door handle, Amatis leaned in to listen. She could hear laughter and people moving and talking, but a lot of the speech sounded impaired, and Amatis would be able, she hoped, to take advantage. Slowly she reached down, trying the door, which opened easily. She pushed the door slowly and peered around the edge of it, seeing many servants all laughing or dancing, and other drunken things. Amatis rolled her eyes slightly, and slipped inside, closing the door quietly behind her.

    The dress she wore was big and slightly obnoxious compared to her normal hunting outfit, but no one seemed to notice she was there in their drunken stupors. Amatis walked quickly passed the servants and towards a set of stairs, where she could hear wonderful music coming from. The sound filled her ears as she grew closer to the main floor, and this made it easy to find her way into the ballroom.

    As she drew closer, she noticed someone who probably worked in the castle standing near the open doorway. She approached and curtsied as she entered, the guard looking at her with a neutral expression as he let her by. Amatis had been holding her breath, and exhaled slowly once inside the busy room. People had been drinking and eating and Amatis hoped no one would notice her right away.

  9. Night Angel
    Christopher Terang
    Rarely did Christopher ever get an announced entrance, nor did he ever care for one. Night-Angel wondered if it was his lack of royal-blood which caused him to not care when other royals didn't include him in rituals or such ordeals. Currently Chris was walking outside, freeing himself from the what he considered 'nonsense' that was the Ball. Of course, there were plenty of people of interest inside of that Ball which he should be learning about to keep tabs on, however he was feeling the need for some fresh air right about now.

    During his walk around the castle, he notices something in particular. A woman dismounting a horse and approaching the castle. She was adorned in a dress, which Christopher found quiet odd. Normally people wearing such things, would be pulled by a carriage. That same woman seeked and approached a door, furthermore entering it. A chuckle exerted from Christopher's lips rather softly. Encountering that woman would be most interesting, once he returned inside.

    Heading back towards one of the entrances of the Castle, which wouldn't take long before it lead him into the room where all the festivities were occurring. Currently Christopher stood in his usual spot, at one of the stairway balconies which overlooked all the royals which partook in the Ball. ​


    Only on special occasion was Hisoka not aware of his surroundings to utmost precision. Current time was not one of those occasions. Therefore Hisoka knew of Alyce staring at him, no longer possessing any blood-lust whatsoever, Hisoka had no intention or desire of killing this girl. A faint part of himself, wanted to scare the girl, however he was to busy contemplating on something. An invitation was extended to Hisoka to participate in the Ball at Cahaya. Hisoka was easily disgusted by the royals of both kingdoms. Especially of those royals who only foolishly thought of himself a magician or jester.

    Faint footsteps could be heard, while Hisoka began walking again. Now his direction was towards Alyce. Hisoka did not speak, until he walked passed Alyce and he spoke quietly as well. Not sure or caring if she heard him. "Do yourself a favor and attempt to refrain from staring at the wrong person with the wrong look. It could be your end someday." That same wicked laugh exerted from Hisoka at the ending of his sentence. For Hisoka gave zero care of the stare which Alyce was giving him, it wasn't an uncommon look he got from onlookers. However other people of this kingdom, or any kingdom, may not be so kind.

    Never stopping his stride, Hisoka continued on his path. The only reasoning behind him turning down this street and the ally which he fought, was to get those fools which died by his hand off of his back. Hisoka had been carelessly waltzing the city-streets of Gelap, enjoying the night while contemplating if he would attend as a jester for the Ball of who he considered 'fools'.​
  10. Wanita lingered out in the streets. While some of the poorer families saw this as a night to retreat into their houses and bemoan their status in life, the dark skinned girl found the celebration refreshing. Especially considering she could see carriages and people clearly not from Cahaya making their way through the kingdom to the castle. Any sort of comradery between Gelap and Cahaya was good news to her. And apparently she wasn’t the only one with an optimistic attitude. There were parties going on for the poorer folks, thinking ‘well if the rich can do it, why the hell can’t we?’ and pulling out what they had and sharing with neighbors who reciprocated what they could. It all put Wanita in a cheerful mood.

    She was continuing to head home either way, however, because it was late and she knew her family worried about any one of their own if they weren’t home by a certain time. Surely the others would be in bed except for her father, who would be working on some sort of wood project surely. But as she was smiling to herself, a rather funny looking gentleman seemed to be coming from the outskirts of the kingdom towards the inner sector. He looked like a jester of some kind, but that’s when she remembered- she had seen him before, performing in Cahaya. She hadn’t seen him in some time though. He probably tended to stay in Gelap.

    She got an eerie sort of feeling from him, like he wasn’t quite right or something about him wasn’t. And yet that only made her more curious. Most people in Cahaya were well, good people. There were degenerates of course, but nothing outstandingly bad. She couldn’t say this odd man was bad either, but it was just a gut feeling. “How are you?” she decided to speak up, smiling warmly to him while passing.

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  11. Drenched in the confines of a loose hood, the warrior destined for fame had finally stepped foot in enemy territory. It all seemed different, the smell, the taste of Gelap's moistened air, even the surface in which Tellius walked upon. His feet were being swallowed by the blubbery mud beneath him, footprints left trailing wet as he moved towards the colossal castle in the distance. The man's eyes desired the blood of Cahaya's thief, wanting nothing more but his promised prize of glory. He could see it now, a statue built in his name at the center of Cahaya, labeled as the undefeated brute - or something like that. He had been so clouded by the desire for fame, that after his departure from Cahaya, Tellius purposely seperate do himself from his stragglers.

    Tellius sought solitary success, not wanting the others to steal any of his spotlight. In addition, as a warrior, being aided in battle by others was rather cowardly in the eyes of Tellius. A man must fight his own battles, even if that brought forth their own demise. There was no bigger honor than to die in battle, sands full of the blood of your enemy and your own. That's when the gods reach down and remove one from this realm and into their own - that is what Tellius desired, an honorable and glory-filled death.

    Anyhow, as he continued his travel through the now crowed congested street, his ears caught the sound of loud stomping heading his way. It was definetly steel plates boots, possible armor clanking at the thighs. Then he saw it, a group of armored and blade-wielding guards surrounding their masters. Tellius lowered his head and moved to the side against a wall as he was passed by Gelapian royalty. It was all going according to plan.

  12. Korek left his men but retained his armored appearance. He had brushed his long hair and trimmed up his beard, but no matter his priming he would always appear serious. Despite this he charmed nearly everyone woman he passed- servant, village maiden, the queen herself. Thus the princess’s repulsion with him made her all that more intriguing.

    King Palsu and Queen Zina had already left for Cahaya in their golden carriage, arriving and awed at by Gelapians and Cahayans alike. The king and queen of Cahaya sat in their thrones while others awkwardly bowed when the Gelap royalty entered the ballroom. Many expected them to head straight to thank their hosts, but instead stopped mid dance floor and began dancing with each other. Slowly, the dance floor filled up with moving bodies again. The Cahayan king grumbled a bit, but lit up when he saw his daughter announced and move down the staircase. “She’s every bit you, dear,” he said, patting his glowing wife’s hand.

    Princess Adi had thrown a fit about her dress but it didn’t seem to deter the servants. In fact they seemed all the more gleeful to get to pull and tug her into the gold thing until she could hardly breathe. She hated the shade. The way it made her boobs look huge and her waist invisible and her back hurt. She sighed in defeat though when the jewelry came next and her hair in a thick braid with pearls braided into it. By the time she was shoved into a carriage with Korek she figured this pretty much was going to be the worst evening ever unless she could finally, successfully escape.

    To her parents’ good sense, they had placed a servant in the carriage with her and Korek. It didn’t deter his comments and sly hands completely, but enough that he didn’t try too much. When they did reach the ball, they were announced together and sent out onto the dance floor after Adi’s parents. After the tenth time she had to jerk away from Korek grabbing her backside however, the princess broke free and ran smack dab into the princess of Cahaya, her face turning beet red and suddenly becoming tongue tied.