The Kingdom Of Silencya

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  1. The Kingdom of Silencya

    Tap, tap, tap.

    The king drums his fingers on his throne, slowly with narrowed eyes. He looks around in thought, in a gloomy acceptance. 'I hate my job.' he thinks sullenly to himself. By his side sits his toy, head lowered and totally silent.

    Sepiroth could have being a statue or a doll, the only inkling that he is alive is the slight rise and fall of his chest. The young man's eyes are cold like glass and reflect nothing he feels, he looks distent. The young man has played this role all his life, he knows no different.. and yet some small part of him wants to feel happiness just once, and wants to live just once.

    King Gladarniel runs his hand through the young man's hair, causing him to flinch. The king laughs deeply and leans back up on his throne and bellows. “LET THE VISITORS IN, I WILL SEE THEM NOW!” two large demons- though not as well built as the king himself- open the big double doors to the throne room, allowing anyone to go inside and see the king.

    The king sits up intently and raises his head, strong and proud. His jaw tightens slightly as a cruel smile tugs his lips, his steely eyes snap into perfect focus. His free hand rests itself on the sword that leans against the throne, and he moves his other hand and untangles it from Sepiroth's hair.

    'Kressida.. I wonder if you will visit?'he thinks to himself, laughing darkly and getting some strange glances from his guards.

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  2. A black carriage thunders down the blood stained street, pulled by two pure black horses. It does not slow for those in the street, instead barreling past them as they jump back, barely escaping with the tips of their noses. Unlike most noble carriages, this one wore no crest, its doors blank of any form of identification. The windows were covered with a rich black cloth, and even the driver wore a black cloak. Children watch in fascination as the driver shouts at the horses in front of him and the carriage slowly rolls to a stop. For a moment nothing happens, then the door slowly opens, and a woman steps out. Her face and hair was hidden, a crimson red cloak, the same color as the blood that ran through the streets, casting a dark shadow over her face. As she makes her way through the courtyard she seems to glide, the only sign of her feet actually moving being the muffled sound of footsteps from under her cloak. As the cloaked woman passes the fountain she sticks her hand out, gingerly dipping a polished finger into the blood laden water and bringing it to her mouth.

    She continues through the courtyard and across the drawbridge before entering the castle. Her pace slows as she travels down the grand hallway leading to the throne room, looking straight ahead, a sly smile on her painted lips. As she passes through the grand entrance to the throne room she removes her hood and unties the cloak, letting it drop behind her. With a smirk she grabs her skirts and curtsies, her head bowed.

    “Your majesty.”
  3. Gladius raises an eyebrow and snorts. “why must the younger demons always make such dramatic entrances?” he pats Sepiroth on the head thoughtfully. “I have some very important work for you..” he gestures with his hand lazily. “you may also rise now.” he clears his throat. “my toy is nearly broken, I would take him to a healer myself, but as you know I have to much to do and can't really be bothered.” he says as he pulls one of Sepiroth's wings absent-mindedly, before adding as an after thought. “you will be rewarded of course.. provided he comes back in one piece and not tainted by being played with by you.” Sepiroth listens quietly, still not looking up and cringing when his wing's played with.
  4. Kressida rises, smiling slightly at his words. While it did please her to act the way she did, she didn’t put on such shows just for her ego. The cloak and pure black carriage outside were all to assure that no one but the king and his guards knew she had visited. It was also why she didn’t wear her family crest, whether in the form of the ring all of her siblings donned, or the pendant only she and her brother owned. Although highly unlikely, if anyone were to search her at this very moment they would find nothing identifying her as an Arenea, other than her name and face. She had done everything in her power short of leaving the family to dissociate her actions with the name of her father. She looked to Sepiroth as Gladius pulled his wing, a look of distaste on her face. She hated how weak he seemed by the king's side. She had a long way to go, it seemed. Making him strong enough to take over the throne was not going to be an easy task. And bending him to her will might prove to be a challenge as well, considering how loyal he was to Gladius. Still, she was determined to get to the throne one way or another, and even if she succeeded in marrying the king or one of the princes, Sepiroth could prove to be a useful pawn. She looks back to Gladius, her steely eyes glinting. “And if I may ask, how will I be rewarded?”
  5. Gladius narrows his eyes slightly. “you may not ask, since that is up to me.” he says slowly as he cracks his neck left to right. “..but since I am in such a good mood, it will be something.. enjoyable.” he smiles slowly. “ something very enjoyable indeed.” he tugs Sepiroth's wing sharply this time and makes a strange clicking sound with his tongue and teeth, Sepiroth pales and quickly stands up. Gladius also rises to his feet and unties the chain leash that he has attached to the throne, and holds the now free end in his hand. He offers it to Kressida and grunts. “don't take to long, while my toy is absent I will be very bored indeed.. and when I get bored, I play a bit rough with whatever I get my hands on.. regardless of their rank.” he gazes intently at her. “are we clear?” Sepiroth sighs quietly and keeps his eyes to the floor, he doesn't like leaving his master. He's that used to the man's presence that even his slightest absence makes him fearful.
  6. Kressida’s gaze doesn’t falter, though it is clear she hadn’t said the right thing. Still, the intensity in her eyes is gone, though the pride on her face still lingers. She knew Gladius’s threat was not to be taken lightly, but she enjoyed playing with fire. Besides, she had no intention of taking any longer than needed. The travel to a healer would give her more than enough time to work. “Crystal.” She replies, taking the leash from him. “Now, may I be dismissed?"
  7. Gladius ignores the pleading look that Sepiroth gives him when she takes his leash, the king wonders if maybe keeping Luna in Sepiroth's life until her date of death was a good thing. By the boy's reaction to women, no. Gladius nods and walks back to his throne, slowly sitting back down and hearing the throne almost groan in protest. “you may leave.” he says slowly, waving his hand in dismissal.
  8. Kressida frowns slightly at the look Sepiroth gives Gladius. It was very clear he didn’t want to go with her, though she didn’t know if it was more because he was scared of her or because he would rather stay with his master. Either way, his discomfort with her presence would only make her job harder. She watches as Gladius settles back into his throne and waves her off, tugging slightly on the chain before walking out of the throne room, stepping over the discarded cloak as she does. She walks quickly, not wanting to waste any time. It appeared she’d need every second she had with the broken man if she was to start to gain his trust.
  9. The halfling flinches as the chain's tugged slightly and takes a deep, shuddering breath to compose himself. Sepiroth blinks and tries to match her quick pace, with every step he takes his damaged wings flutter slightly and moult feathers. He casts a glance behind him helplessly hoping that his master will change his mind, not that the man ever does. He gazes at the women quickly before looking away and then back again briefly. “why are you going so fast?” he asks quietly as he tries to keep up with her the best he can. “could you slow down a little?” he asks in his flat monotone voice, as he struggles to keep up.
  10. Kressida scowls, slightly annoyed. She didn’t think she was going that fast... She considers just pulling sharply enough on the chain to make him fall, and dragging him the rest of the way, but resists the urge. Part of gaining his trust was being kind, and although it was certainly more satisfying, treating him harshly was hardly the kind thing to do. With a small sigh she slows her pace, looking back at him with a soft smile. “I won’t go as quickly, but we still have to hurry. The healer I am taking you to is a bit far away, and I don’t want to keep the king waiting any longer than I have to.”
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