The Kingdom of Astaeron

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    ”Hey you. Yes, you there.”

    You turn around to face source of the voice behind you, a pair of fierce purple eyes meeting your gaze as a tall, black haired man in his mid-twenties comes into view. Raven black hair frames his face, and a friendly smile plays on his lips, somewhat masking the almost penetrating, inquisitive look he is giving you. All the while, his left hand is resting on the hilt of his sword.

    “You look a bit lost… and I haven’t seen you around before, so I would assume you are new around here, no? There is no need to be shy about it. In fact, if that is the case you have arrived at precisely the right place. Currently you are at the castle located in the center of Astaeron. At this time of day, you should be able to find the queen in the throne room. She is able to help you find a job, buy a house or provide your assistance in certain other matters.

    Where we are, you ask? This is the Kingdom of Astaeron, a place of your wildest dreams and imagination, where only the sky’s the limit. Truly, here anything is possible- ranging from your deepest desires,” his expression darkens for a split second, “to your darkest nightmares,” as quickly as it vanished, his gentle smile returns.

    “Oh, forgive me, I have been rude. I should at least have introduced myself,” an apologetic smile crosses his features as he sweeps a slight but elegant bow, “I am Sir Christopher Ward, head of the royal guard. Whatever your reasons may be for coming, who you are or what lingers in your past, dear stranger, matters not. Everyone is welcome in the kingdom of Astaeron- and as such, on my queen’s behalf and my own, I welcome even you, dearest stranger.

    May a new chapter of your life, filled with experiences and adventure of all kinds begin here.”

    Basically, it would be a sanbox type RPG set in a medieval fantasy world, where pretty much everything is possible. It's simply there for RPers to let their imagination lose. Would anyone be interested in this? ^^
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  2. Does seem interesting! Any specific boundaries?
  3. I'm interested.
  4. Interested, though I would love to know more about what you have in mind. :)
  5. It's pretty much a sandbox role play with a certain setting and locations, but the rest is up to the players themselves. The world is open for exploration, and one builds relationships as thy go along. ^^

    Well, since it is a high fantasy style RP most limitations would be regarding modern day objects, since they aren't allowed to exist. Other than that, however, it would just be the typical 'no Godmoddimg' and 'no Mary Sues' rules. Most of it, as mentioned able, is up to the player ^^
  6. Key question: magic or no magic? because its presence could cause severe alterations in the questlines I am currently imagining.
  7. Magic. ^^
  8. YAAAAAAY count me interested then.
  9. Interested!
    I'm a sucker for anything fantasy related.
  10. Great!I will have the OOC up later today, and the IC and signup sometime after this weekend. ^^ Hmm
  11. I am interested.
  12. I'm interested as well! It seems like it would be an absolutely breathtaking world to explore. :D
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  13. This is also pretty interesting for me. I'll check this out.
  14. I'll be signing up when I get on a computer later! (:
  15. Interesting...I'm in!
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