The Kingdom of Alfeion

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  1. long ago in a peace filled land there lived a king who ruled his kingdom of Alfeion, bringing peace and prosperity for many years. but one day a mist flowed over the land, bringing darkness of many kinds of it along with it. the people of the kingdom started becoming angry and violent, while monsters of the over world and the underworld came to the land and brought destruction to the land. for many decades the land was poor and weak, their crops trampled, buildings light up in flames, boats sucked into the ocean.

    the kingdom was thought to become a desolate waste land but in midst of despair a small light could be seen in the darkness steadily growing stronger, and that light was 4 people destined to be the heroes of the land. now their lives are in your hands join the forces of light and concur the darkness, or join the ranks of the darkness to turn out the light.

    the heroes:

    Sam Armstrong

    Clarice Armstrong

    Kelvin palfoot
    human (cat guy)

    all three are smart, strong, and nice to each other but they tend to get into small fights, Sam and Clarice being siblings they tend to bug each other a lot. while i have created their basics i have left personality and sutch up for you to create so please put in what you think is good.

    please come and join me in this epic quest to save the kingdom Alfeion. the characters will be given to the person with the best details for the characters, my character won't be one of these three so your free to go for any of these three. i will announce my character later on and unless someone else would like to play for the evil creatures and such i will.

    1. no 18+ content
    2. leave plenty of spots for interaction
    3. make sure everyone is having fun
    4. enjoy the awesome role play and the fun it has instore for us all

    thank you for considering my role play and if this isn't the role play for you i hope you find the right one :).
  2. You say that it's four people but there is only three to chose from? Is this because you've got the fourth one and just didn't post him/her?

    Questions aside I am interested in the role of Clarice if this RP gets off the ground.
  3. Correct. And ok we'll see what happens. Ps im new to pre-created characters.
  4. Well the female roles gone ... I was to late.
  5. Well there are others and i did say the characters will be given to the best character created, but be nice about the characters.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.