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At the age of seven, Kendall West found her father's body in a ditch in the slums of Millennium City. She spent her life being cast aside by her grievous mother, searching desperately for the reason why her father was murdered as she sunk deeper into unknown worlds. She always had an aptitude for technology, and immersed herself in it, becoming a coder so skilled she could find anyone or anything and she held every single person in the palm of her hand.

Her self destructive downward spiral slowed when a serial killer resurfaced. He went by the name Umbra, and with his incredible metahuman abilities, he wreaked havoc on Millennium City. By this time, Kendall had already been going by a new name: Ditch. She was a cyber vigilante who could stop real crimes with a little 'borrowing' of systems. And by this time, Ditch knew who Umbra was. Her father's killer.

For all her smarts she knew she could not do it alone. Her years wasting away caring for nothing more than bringing justice behind a screen had left her somewhat disconnected from the world. Ditch decided to put together a team of metahumans that would help her to bring down Umbra, for once and for all.

Thus the Kastouts were born. Headed by their determined leader, they fight to keep Millennium City safe.

The Kastouts and Ditch are a part of Arc: Umbra. This is a playable arc that has been run previously and there are plans to run it again. The arc follows the events in which a the serial killer Umbra kidnaps Millennium's most beloved superheroes, and you, the Kastouts, must stop him.
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