The Jury: A Courtroom/Murder Mystery RP

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Is the Accused innocent, or guilty?

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  1. One man is dead. The life of another rests in your hands.

    The superheroine known as Truth is dead. Internationally beloved, she was famous for saving thousands of lives, as well as making numerous charity donations in her civilian identity as major Corporate CEO, Donna Garnet (Her Secret Identity had been made public of her own volition 3 months earlier). Found in an alleyway with 3 of her own arrows in her back.

    Here's the other evidence:
    A local homeless man claimed that he saw a young man leave the alleyway after the Murder.

    A hotel owner claimed that he heard a scream from an alleyway, and 2 youths carrying Truth's Bow and Quiver.

    A woman living in the adjacent apartment claims that she saw her neighbour, Lewis Naismith, leave the house with a Kitchen knife, yet returned late at night without it.

    Truth's body was untouched from the time of death, with 3 arrows in her back, and 2 non fatal stab wounds in each one of her legs. The clean arrow shots suggested that the killer knew what they were doing.

    Lewis Naismith is currently on trial, but other suspects include Truth's recently divorced ex- husband, Jamie, and her sister, the more lethal vigilante called Dare.

    More evidence will be revealed by The Foreman throughout the RP.

    You have been selected to serve on the Jury at the trial. You have heard the evidence against the young man, and you must vote on whether he is innocent or guilty. Your vote must be unanimous. Bear in mind, that if found guilty, the accused will likely receive the death penalty. All pleas for mercy will be dismissed. Let the Jury examination begin.
    Basically, this RP was inspired by the 1994 movie, 12 Angry Men.
    Here are the rules:
    1. No God-Modding.
    2. You can play as either an OC (preferably), or Fandom character (if you wish). You can play as virtually anyone, but nobody either too comedic, ridiculous, or overpowered.
    3. Be gentle with me-I've never started a Jump-In game before.
    4. Have Fun! (Yes, that's a. rule).

    Now, feel free to jump in, but just provide this information in your opening post:

    Character Name:
    Country of Origin:
    Jury Number: (Between 1 and 12)

    Other information about your character can be revealed via IC dialogue.

    Hope you enjoy the game!
    Name: Kevin Kaneida
    Age: 22
    Country of Origin: England
    Occupation: Works at a CD store
    Jury Number: Foreman
    Appearance: Young Asian man, half Chinese and half English. He was spiked up black hair, and wears skinny jeans with a black T-Shirt with a band logo on it.

    The Jury room is a plain, wooden affair-the only notable feature is a table with 13 chairs around it. There are two doors-one leads to a bathroom, while the other is locked behind you by a burly security guard. A button on the door can be used to summon the guard to provide physical evidence, or in the event of emergency.

    You take your seat. 12 strangers surround you, to help you decide a man's fate.
    let the discussion begin.
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  2. Character name: Aldis verditcd
    Age: 58
    Country of origin: Netherlands (North Holland)
    Occupation: Is an artist that draws models
    Jury number: 7
    Appearance: Even though Aldis is 58 he looks very young, he wears an all black suit with a red scarf. His eyes are brown and his hair black. He wears brown shoes, and wears fingerless leather gloves.
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  3. OOC: (Awesome. :D Feel free to start posting at any time-oh, and your characters will typically. be referred to by other characters via their Jury number).

    Kevin shuffled his papers, nervously. He looked at his fellow Jurors. As Foreman, he was clearly in the spotlight. It was vastly different from his day job, which at times involved being practically invisible. He decided to let someone else start:
    'So, does anyone have any questions about this? About what we have to do?'
    He paused for a moment.
    'Who'd like to start?'

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  4. Name: Zelth Blackthorn
    Age: 64
    Country of Origin: Rural Japan
    Occupation: Former prosecutor attorney, now retired.
    Jury number: 4
    Appearance: image.jpg
    The sword is kept sheathed under the flaps of his coat. He has assured the authorities he will not hurt anyone but not the other members of the Jury. Pale skin and his shirt is light red.

    The oldest gentleman in the jury eyed the foreman coldly through his shades. He knew a coward when he saw one, looking for any way to hide himself. There was steel in his voice as he spoke. "Forman Perhaps you should begin with telling us Mr. Naismith's excuse for leaving his home with a kitchen knife."
  5. Kevin shuffled through the papers. 'Nobody knows for certain. He had a history of violence....schoolyard fights, expulsions, vandalism, that kind of thing. But nothing murderous per se. Seems awfully suspicious though, doesn't it? He was put into Community Service once or twice, but no outright criminal convictions.'

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