The Jewelry Box

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  1. Olivia looked up at the new house. It was beautiful, really. A restored Victorian house, all the wallpaper and such was original.
    Though she didn't want to move, they'd had to. Her father had gotten a new job in town, and their old house was too far for him.
    Her mother had switched jobs as well, and so the two kids had to switch schools.
    Olivia sighed and walked up to the front door.
    All of their stuff had already been brought over and unpacked according to her mothers directions.
    She decorated their old house, but this one was already decorated.

    The front door was unlocked, so Olivia opened it, looking around silently.
    The house smelled old, like dust.
    Itching her nose, Olivia made her way upstairs, looking for the perfect room.

    The last room at the end of the hall was a good room for Olivia.
    It had blue walls and a soft carpet.
    A huge closet sat to the left of it, and a decent sized window to the middle, with a little seat.
    She decided she wanted this room, and really, good thing too.
    Her mother had unpacked her things in here already.

    Her queen sized matress was already made up, and she sat on it, sighing with comfort.
    The day was warm and sunny, although her curtains were up,
    she could see the sun through them.

    The house gave Olivia a bit of a scared feeling, but she figured it was just nerves.