The Jack of All. Mission requests.

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  1. Alright, so this idea has been going through my head.

    There is a realm, it looks much like our Earth.
    However, its denizens have a much wider variety and there is, as expected in a fantasy role play, magic!
    Now, let's say there is a guild. And this is called 'The Jack of All'. A play on the term Jack of All Trades.
    You need a blacksmith to forge you a fancy dagger? We can do that.
    Now you want a thief to steal a fancy gem to decorate your dagger? We can do that too!
    How about a mage enchants that gem stone to summon a demon to kill your foes so you don't have to?
    Well that escalated quickly. But I think we got that covered too.

    I'm guessing you want a priest to get rid of that nasty possession now, eh?
    Too bad the people of holy path don't like us too much.
    Not with all some mages studing necromancy in the halls and the Mercenaries not giving a damn for what they're hired to do.

    The Jack of All, takes in everyone. Most people start there and then branch off to other guild once they have mastered their art.
    Say that thieves, once they feel they are good enough, go to the Thieves guild. Same for assassins and most of the time mages.
    Most start in the Jack of All to get a taste of adventure, perhaps learn a thing or too in other trades before pursuing another field.

    Most people in the guild are younger, starters in their field, fresh out of training or looking to get some actual practice out in the real world instead of theory from books.

    The guild has a base in most major cities in this realm, which we'll call Deorum. Deorum will have three continents and is roughly has a 50/50 ratio of land to water. Each continent has between 4-6 kingdoms and thus there is probably 2 or 3 major cities in each kingdom.
    So 'The Jack of All' gets quite a bit of business! Each guild governs itself, but members of one branch are more than welcome at others.

    Now let's get into the important bits!
    Where do we, the players fit it?
    We belong to the branch that sits in the city of Altus, which is placed in a valley in the mountain regions of the Kingdom of Arceo. In fact, most of this kingdom is mountainous and is a pain the ass to travel.
    Which is why the city has both airships, ships with special magic binding Air elemental to their hulls to keep them afloat while the sails catch air currents to move them, and giant birds called Rocs for faster travel and single or double passenger travel. Mages that can control wind often help on the ships.
    The Guildmaster has had some requests come in and needs a group of willing adventures to go and do them. This requests are all in the same region so he think it would be easier to get them all done at once and also feels that a group would be best suited to the missions.

    The Guildmaster at the Altus branch wants three to five willing adventures to do three tasks.
    These tasks include:
    1. Ridding one of the forts to the North of the bandit tribe that took control of it and returning power back to the governing power of Arceo.
    2. Investigate the mines near the town of Cado and figure out why the miners keep disappearing.
    3. Retrieve the Sword of Kings for the High King of Arceo that was stolen away by the dragon named Calamatis. ((no details as to how that happened. but if I were king, I don't think I would want anyone to know how that happened either.))

    So, who's willing to band together and get these tasks finished!

    NPCS can be played by me or one of you. Though Guildmaster and the High King of Arceo are mine for the plot.
    I have no requirements for post length. Just avoid too many one-liners. I would prefer posts have a balance of both character thought and character reaction to things as well as interactions with other characters or surroundings.
    If you're going to be a mage, or other spellcaster type, I ask that you pick one field or school of magic. Example: Necromancy, summoning, fire, water, illusions, healing, etc. Only one though, or two if they compliment each other. Say Water and healing. or Illusion and alchemy.

    Most of the characters should be relatively friendly toward each other. Some may even know one another because they work in the guild together. However there are plenty of members so its alright not to know a newbie. Or one that's been away working at another branch of the Guild.

    I will accept any fantasy race in this rp. From humans to elves, demons to angels, vampires to werewolves, fey to...other kinds of fey.
    However, I would prefer to keep kinds like goblins and orcs as enemies, though if you can come up with a convincing story as to why they are part of the guild, go for and convince me!!
    Demons and Angels will definitely have some limitations. Minor demons and angels of lower tiers ((for those that pay attention to the actual ranks of angels)), so no giant balors or seraphims. I don't want my guild burning because your races is constantly on fire.

    Alright, with that being said, let me introduce a senior member of "The Jack of All"

    Name: Zephyair Vesper.
    Race: She is a vampire, of elven descent.
    Age: She is still just a child compared to other of her long lived race, roughly 30 years of age.
    Apperance:Zephyair is roughly 5'5", average height for someone of elven descent that isn't actually a pure elf. She has black hair that would reach her knees if parts of it weren't in small braids and the rest in a large braid that she ofted twisted up and pinned to the back of her head. Her eyes are a deep red, and her skin is pale.
    Trained as/ Skilled in: She is well trained in swordplay, though takes pride in her bowmanship.
    She takes on mostly assassination missions, but works just as often with the mercencaries.
    Personality:She has a rather series demenor and sometimes doesn't understand sarcasm, but she can tell most of the time when people are joking. Zephyair thinks that her rank in the guild entitles her to bully and pick on the newer members, when she can remember who is new and who isn't. More than once however she has pretended to fail a mission though to keep the object she was sent to retrieve, though that sometimes goes wrong if another person of the guild goes after it only to find it gone and after a confrontation with Zephayir.
    Misc. Important notes:Zephyair, or Zephy to those who know her well, came to the guild several years ago in the hopes of improving her skills with the sword. Her skills with the bow were well enough, but she lacked the knowladge of swordsmanship. Since she had learned much and even had a fine blade fashioned by the guild's blacksmith master from a mix of Orchiclum and Mythril. Her bow is fashioned from the best wood that gold can get in the cities of Arceo. Though better could be bought in the more southern kingdoms that are more like juggles than kingdoms.
    She is not able to out in sunlight, though she does were a thick cloak over her light leather armour. She often has a scarf to cover the lower portion of her face while the rest is hidden in the cowl of her hood. She wears leather gloves to protect her hands and tight knit tunic that covers her arms and tucks into the gloves, bound tightly at wrists with ribbons. The same goes for her pants, though her boots come halfway up her calves. Her leather armour is dyed black with her tunic and leggings are dyed the same red as her eyes.
    As a vampire, she is required to drink blood and she has a, rather morbid, system for it.

    I don't care how you write out your character bio so long as we know.
    A Name, Age, Race, gender/sex, what they look like, how they act and what they do in the guild.
    Any quesitons? Ask away!
  2. Name: Leo Blue
    Race: He is human.
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Leo is around 5' 6". He has short blond hair and his eyes are black. He has lightly tanned skin and unusually large hands.
    Abilities: A skilled thief, Leo has stolen a strange occult animal mask in the shape of a seahorse's face. He can use this mask to breathe underwater and can transport himself between bodies of water.
    Misc: Leo wears kight and flexible leather armour and carries an array of knives, bombs and flotation devices. He has been in the guild's employ since a young age and is used as a spy due to his abilities in covert operations.
    ((my first character, hope i did that right))
  3. Hmm, the only thing I might have to disagree on is the age of the character.
    When you put in perspective, could 13 year old, could be skilled in thieving. However, as it stands, I do not think a child could be skilled as an assassin though. Sure its similar skill set, but I don't think a child would've had the time to hone those skills enough to be sent on an assassination mission unless very minor.
    You have to think about how much an actual person could learn between the time they can speak full and proper sentences to their supposed age.

    Other than be a little too skilled for a 13 year old, its creative. I especially like the idea of the mask!!
  4. Ok then, I'll change the assassination to reconnaisance, cuz that's probably more plausible. I was just too cautious with my new character and didn't make up enough stuff.
  5. Ah, that would work much, much better! It works together nicely as well.
    Now we just gotta wait until some other people jump on board.
    My plot idea won't be as much fun with only the two of us.
  6. Okay then, I'm gonna resist checking every five seconds.