The Izumi Tournament - Half D&D, Half Normal RP

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  1. The Izumi Tournament
    Rise of the Tattooed Immortal

    In a continent where weapons are rare, but monsters are common, the people turn to martial arts to defend themselves. Many styles are created and practiced throughout the land - both mundane and magical. Students travel from towns to join these legendary dojo in hopes of defending those they care for. Many others come for the strength to dominate others, or for revenge. A few more come because they have no other options. A handful come because they have nothing better to do, so why not?

    This system has thus far been great. Students fight with monsters, monsters are defeated, and students who are good at fighting monsters go on to teach other students. Some immeadiately turn this knowledge on other students, becoming bandits that prey on others. Others leave the continent to become great leaders, advisors, and warriors. A great many others spend their time messing with people who can't leap onto buildings in a single bound.

    The most legendary and secretive of these dojo is the Izumi monastery. This dojo is made up of grand masters of martial arts, weaving together magic and might into a single style, which is tattooed onto their very flesh. The tattoos themselves have become magical: giving the tattoo's owner marvelous power. Recently, the Izumi have found a single tattoo of ultimate power: a tattoo that would cease aging entirely, as well as grant the wearer a rules-free wish!

    Wanting to be responsible, the masters of Izumi decided to hold a tournament to find the strongest martial artist on the continent to give this power to (yeah, they're not the brighest bunch, but they're damn good martial artists). Their only rule in entering is that each participant must take the signpost from three rival dojo: so they must defeat several dojo's champions to enter the tournament!

    You decide to gather up your friends - even the ones from different dojos - and decide to work together. It's dangerous to go alone, after all! You'll healp each other get into the tournament, and THEN beat the snot out of each other for the tattoo! No hard feelings, right? I hope you're ready, because the fists will be flying soon!

    Game Explanation: This will likely not be a serious game. I wanted to run a game that had both D&D playing martial artists, and normal freeform players. The twist? The normal freeform guys will have a special ability that they give to their D&D/martial artist friends. This is incredibly silly for most, though the premise of working together through the adventuring period and then ending with a tournament where they fight against old enemies and even thier friends for a big ol' prize! This will likely be a sort of short game: Three dojos to visit for each character, likely with some side adventures sprinkled in for FLAVOR, followed by the tournament. I'm hoping we all have fun!

    Martial Artist Character Sheet (D&D 3.5):

    Level: 4
    Dojo/Fighting Style: (Make up some creative names!)


    Str: (Point Buy for Stats! 36 points.)





    Class Abilities:


    (6,500 gp in starting equipment... but no matter how much you actually have left over, you only start with 9 copper!)
    Note: Metal weapons, armor, and items are extremely rare on this continent, owing to a lack of materials. They cost x5 as much.

    Friend Character Sheet (Normal RP!):

    Friendship Power: (These are listed below! Pick one!)

    Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance:

    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:

    Friendship Powers:

    - Best Friend/Gang Up: You're not going to stand in the back and let your buddy do all the work! You don't have all the fancy martial arts, but you can punch, kick, and throw things just fine!
    Game Benefit: You can attack an enemy once per round, hitting automatically and dealing your best friend's level in damage. You can't act if your best friend is unconscious or dead.

    - Dity Fighter/Cheating Bastard: You're a sneaky jerk, but this is very helpful - if very dishonorable. You can sabotage an opponent in combat, giving your friends unfair advantage.
    Game Benefit: Blinds, trips, or stuns an enemy in combat for a single round. Blind requires the opponent see, trip requires the opponent to have legs. Stun requires your target have sensitive areas, or you to have a clever weapon.

    - Tea Master/Infinate Supply of Booze: You're commited to a drink. Your friends enjoy your company, and you likely met them over drinks. You can toss a bottle to one of your buddies, allowing them to ignore their wounds for a bit.
    Game Benefit: Heals a character's level in HP once per round. Usable outside battle, but too much booze might actually do more harm than good...

    - Combat Thief/Compulsive Gambler: Doesn't matter if lives are in danger, you absolutely have to make a wager on the battle. If there's no one around to bet with, you call out to the spirits in the area, betting with them! Alternatively, you could know that the best way to steal from someone is in the heat of combat...
    Game Benefit: Make a prediction at the start of every round, betting an amount of (one of your friend's) money (you needn't ask for permission). If you predicted correctly, you earn that amount of money. If you were wrong, you lose that bet. The bet must have a certain degree of failure - I.E., you can't bet "someone will get hurt this round" and have anyone take that bet!

    - Keen Eyes/Backrow Sensei: You know everything there is to know about martial arts! You just... don't have the ability (or will) to put forth the effort to actually perform them. Alternatively, you could easily see flaws in folk's combat styles. You can shout tips at your friends, helping them out.
    Game Benefit: Freely identify martial arts styles. You give an ally a +2 bonus to their Dodge Bonus, from your knowledge on how to combat that style.

    - Clumsy/Accident Prone: It is seriously out of character if you're uninjured. The world just has it out for you. Luckily, it's made you really hard to kill!
    Game Benefit: You can be attacked in combat, though you can never die (even if you really want to).

    - Lover/Dumbass in Distress: You refuse to let your beloved go out and have these so-called "adventures" on his own. The only disadvantage is that you have absolutely no use in combat at all other than to look pretty. You're a prime target for opponents looking for an edge, too.
    Game Benefit: Pick one Martial Artist character as your lover in the start of the game. When they're protecting (or saving) you, they gain +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, and +2 to Will saves.

    - Zen Master/Motormouth: You are a very peaceful person, vowing against harming another person. Your serenity inspires others to do the same. On the other hand, you might be so horribly bombastic that your long rants at an enemy cause them to stop what they're doing and stare blankly at you.
    Game Benefit: Pick an enemy. That enemy may not make an offensive action this turn. Doesn't work on Rival or Master Martial Artist characters.

    - Feng Shui Specialist/Obsessive Compulsive: You are very good at orienting buildings - and battlefiends - in an auspicious manner. Though you could just have everything a certain way...
    Game Benefit: Force a combatant - ally or enemy - to move one square in the direction of your choice.

    - Elementalist/Special Effects Artist: You are in tune with the elements, and can coax the spirits to give your friends a special boon. Or maybe it just looks that way.
    Game Benefit: An ally gains either resistance to fire, cold, or electricty equal to his level, or his entire attack this round does fire, cold, or electricty damage.
  2. Cast!

    Martial Artists:
    - (Reserved for Me!)

    - (Reserved for Basil - Cheating Bastard)
    - (Reserved for Sarah - Infinate Supply of Booze)
  3. Please reserve a spot on the friends list for me... My internet is horrible and I dont want to lose my chance because of it D:
  4. I want to be a friend! Infinite Supply of Booze, is too appealing.
    Can't pass it up. Give me a bit to come up with a suitable character, please.
  5. I'm already playing a bunch of IRL games with you why not add to the fun with an online one.
  6. I'M COMING.


    WU KONG.
  7. Name: Rissar
    Race: Pure Elf
    Class: Bard
    Level: 4 (3 levels in pure elf)(1 level in bard)
    Dojo/Fighting Style:

    Appearance: 7"0" tall, 175 pounds, pure white eyes, jet black hair
    Personality: Often brash and quick to jump into a conversation unprovoked Rissar is a kind if not loud spirit of the wood.
    Backstory: When saved by a wandering martial arts master from a tribe of bandits at a young age Rissar took it upon himself to show the world his song and one day repay the favor done upon him.

    Str:10 + 0
    Dex:10 + 0
    Con:12 + 1
    Int:16 + 3
    Wis:12 + 1
    Chr:24 + 7

    HP: 28

    Feats: Bardic music, Bardic knowledge, Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1,

    Flaws:Misanthrope (Rissar believes his people are too distant from society and far to fond of wood.), Honest (Rissar's honesty is what got him shunned by the rest of his family after commenting on how his father cast out his brother for marrying into a human family.)

    Racial: Low-light Vision, Darkvision, Immune to Magic Sleep Effects,

    Class Abilities:

    Skills: Alchemy 3, Appraise 3, Balance 1, Bluff 14, Climb 1, Concentration 8, Craft 3, Decipher Script (Int, exclusive skill) 3, Diplomacy 14, Disguise 7, Escape Artist 1, Gather Information 14, Hide 1, Intuit Direction 1, Jump 1, Knowledge 7, Listen 5 + 4 (racial), Move Silently 1, Perform 13, Pick Pocket 1, Profession 1, Scry (Int, exclusive skill) 3, Search (racial) 4, Sense Motive 5, Speak Language 3, Spellcraft 7, Spot (racial) 4, Swim 1, Tumble 1, and Use Magic Device (Cha, exclusive skill) 7.
    These are all already including their modifiers from my stats.


    This is unfinished but I didn't want to lose it and I wanted to show that I still hold interest in this game
  8. Never mind your going to have to count me out on this one.. sorry D:
  9. I'm taking Cheating Bastard.
    Name: Todd
    Race: ??? (Enjamber - embodiment of an idea.)
    Gender: Male Seeming, though genderless.
    Age: Ageless, though appears twenty five in his current seeming.
    Occupation: Enjamber
    Friendship Power: Cheating Bastard

    Height: Tall
    Hair: Short, Blonde
    Eyes: Hidden by sunglasses, most of the time, but really a watery blue.
    Distinguishing Marks: A winning smile.
    General Appearance. His eyes are hidden by sunglasses most of the time, and he really only takes them off when he feels the need to look somebody in the eye. His eyes are blue, watery, and tend to look slightly sickly. He has very white teeth, and usually, a large smile on his face. Handsome, with a narrow face and some stubble along his jawline. His nose is very straight and his teeth are very straight. Thick, short blonde hair. He always wears sunglasses so that his eyes are hidden. He smokes black cigarettes that give off of a slightly bluish smoke. He wears a rabbit suit sometimes, but that's just for his job. Currently wearing a white button-down shirt and acid-washed jeans.
    Strengths: He's very good at talking to people. His charisma is very powerful, and even though he may not be anything exciting in terms of appearance - he has an aura about him that makes people want to speak with him, or do as he wishes. (This aura doesn't affect all people - particularly people of a good alignment, who have never felt certain urges.)
    Weaknesses: Completely useless in combat, for the most part. He's never needed to fight anybody of the same strength and capability as himself, and has no head for either tactics, or for confronting somebody head on.

    Wine, talking, sex, money, men and women, the finer things in life.
    Fighting, breaking things, being alone, and pastel colours.
    Talking to people and convincing them to do things for him. Getting information.
    General Personality:
    Clever, scheming, and sadistic to some extent, Todd tends to come across as a clever-er than average fraternity guy, He's quite used to getting what he wants, and usually does -- quite the hedonist and quite unashamed of it. He tends to sound oily, and is quite good at talking people into helping him when they might not normally do. Some would say that Todd is evil. He would say that he's just pragmatic.
    Inner Personality:
  10. Alright... so if we get two D&D players and two Normal RPer's sheets up, we can start.
  11. Interest=piqued.

    EDIT: Alright Frosty, how can I best contact you to hammer this sort of thing out?
  12. I can have the rest of my stuff up by 12:30 tomorrow but I have some forms I have to fill out so I cant finish tonight.
  13. I'm thinking I'll go for the lover spot, if anyone wants that.
  14. Alrighty, to speed this up a bit (and stop my worrying about missing a role), I'm now imposing a no repeat roles rule. We need:

    One Warrior (Fighter, Barbarian, Samurai, etc). Runs up and hits enemies, takes damage.
    One Expert (Rogue, Ninja, Monk, etc). Fixes problems with skills.
    One Arcane (Wizard, Sorcerer, Wu Jen, etc). Fixes problems with magic.
    One Divine (Cleric, Druid, Shugenja, etc). Buffs, heals, and general doombringing.

    This is for the D&D players, really. If you are multiclass, please tell me which role you are intending to be.