The Iwaku Yearbook!

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  1. For those wanting to work on something fun with a focus on team and individual work and designed to highlight our wonderful community, we have the Iwaku Yearbook Club! Head on over to the group and check it out if you want to sign up! Even if you are new, you are welcome!

  2. The Iwaku Yearbook Club is a group devoted to creating a yearbook about our favorite RP site. Everything from pics to superlatives to groups and roleplays will be featured. So join up today and help us make a lasting memory.

    Missed out on your chance to be a yearbook photographer? What about being the editor? Well, here is your chance to try again!
    Revi and I are looking for several members who are willing to ravage the site for fresh and exciting material to include in our very own yearbook.

    Do you have an exciting quote in mind? Have you found a line that needed to be shared with the whole site?
    What about an awesome member picture that needed to be in the spotlight?
    Do you love to hear what other members have to say?
    We need you to sign up and help out
    This is all we have so far:

    - Revision
    - Celestialis
    - Layne
    - Iliana
    - Sakura
    Photo Editor:

    Quote managers:
    - luvable-lil-monster

    - Elyd
    - Juku

  3. Can't wait for it! There are MANY Iwakuians XD

  4. Come on guys!
    The yearbook still needs your help!
    Don't be afraid to try ^.^
    As you can see, I am looking for an editor, photo editors, and some more quote managers!
    It will be fffuuunnnn!

  5. Why didn't I know about this sooner? :(