The Iwaku Name Twister

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  1. Ok so basically you play this game by twisting up the user name of the person above you.


    I post the first name: Chii

    someone else will post: Hii C or whatever. Let's say this person's user name is Midnight Kills.

    someone would post: Night Mills of Twine it doesn't matter how you do it, and you don't have to use only the letters of that person's user name. Anything goes, we're just having fun. :)

    Let the games begin!
  2. Hic Hiccup! You're Drunk!
  3. Big Red Roses falling from the skyyyy
  4. LOUD roCk Musicc!
  5. CHI blasts In peoples faces!!! :D
  6. Bridge!

    Have fun with mine!
  7. I muust have coffee for the cake has no caffeine! and I will go insane and become a sadist! ~whatever. XD
  8. The League of IHC, populated by I (IHC = I Hate Coffee)
    ... even though I love Dunkin's cofee. xD Shhh! I'mma spah...
  9. OMG! There is this gihugic red pimple on your face. Oh don't worry I will splatter is with this *draws out a big fly swatter* it won't hurt. Really. :)
  10. Crazy Hair Implants Infected
  11. Ally it's Nun of your Bizz!!
  12. Hi-C!

    Congrats, you're a brand of fruit drink.
  13. Hey boy, didn't I tell you to empty that vault?
  14. Quinn rides a Harley
  15.'re a Cat?

  17. He's not scary, he's itty bitty and a devil that may cry!
  18. NUNs NAY say bowling aLLeys