The Iwaku Name Twister

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  1. I laugh at it as well!
  2. This is why we do research, kiddies. Nice job on that research. I really respect that.
  3. I call it "Genocide of the Native Population Day."
  4. Erikson also headed out because he was banished, so there was no real support for his actions on a national scale. Besides, it would have been especially difficult for his nation as it was Iceland during the feudal era, aka the time when Iceland somehow had even fewer people than now days. Feudalism doesn't work well for far-reaching colonial efforts as a local lord placed in charge of the land could easily rise up and maintain and autonomy for years without any bureaucracy to keep him from doing so, plus there wouldn't be much chance for economic growth in a feudal state.
  5. @conman2163 I'm guessing Alkura didn't say anything to Nyx the previous night?
  6. Suddenly, Pineapples.
  7. Depends on which Native Americans you're talking about. The Iroquois Confederacy was created between five tribes in order to unify them in peace and brotherhood and they always attempted peaceful means of settling disputes with outsiders. Aztecs though were a pretty bloody people, and the Incas, while not into blood sacrifices, did absorb other native groups through wars.
  8. I'm allergic to pineapple...I think
  9. Daelah struggled with this. She was a stranger, just because she looked like a delicate female didn't denote wether or not she was a threat. People will ill intentions existed everywhere she went, from lawyers in the court room when handling lawsuits against the company, to gaudy gold digging women clinging to the higher ups.

    She's so sweaty... I hope I don't have to touch her. She could be on drugs. Maybe even—no, I can't do this. I can't judge every person I meet. I'm not at work. Being the right hand woman of her boss, judging people based on appearance and tone was apart of her job. But she preached up and down on the internet what a disgusting habit it was on the world.

    "I suppose it won't hurt. I wasn't headed anywhere important, please come in."

    Daelah opened her door further, allowing the stranger to trespass further into her safe space. "The kitchen is right this way. I hope you don't mind bottled water, it's already cold."

    I can always throw away the bottle, or she can take it with her. Drinking out of my cup... Daelah couldn't stomach the thought. Still, she presented her home and opened the refrigerator. Labeled plastic containers had meals organized by dates. Various vegetables were shown through the glass doors at the bottom, waiting to be devoured.

    "Here you are." Daelah offered her the bottle, "Its... well, I suppose I don't have to sell it to you. Hehe, it's water." Daelah chuckled a little, after all this wasn't a business meeting and bragging about imported waters from the fresh water glaciers to foreign investors wasn't necessary this time.
  10. "She also fell once before. Broke her wings and couldn't fly for two weeks. Everyone gets info accidents Lucy."
  11. Right on the money man.
  12. We took our samurai act to Shibuya. And to a very famous dog('s statue)


  13. Oh! The statue of Hachiko! I remember reading a book about that years ago. I love that story.
  14. We start roleplaying here.Lets begin.
  15. Cole's actually vying for that spot. Gotta campaign going.
  16. "I was there..." He mumbled softly.
  17. She lie her head on the teddy bear fondly.
  18. Dapper invited me after my old forums all up and died.

    I've been here well over a year and I still feel like a newbie honestly.

    I've been in like, 3 MG RPs and I had to drop out of each one. I do that a lot.
  19. @Mason Moretti

    Akibahara was the one who started this group as a spinoff (or ripoff) of another regular roleplay event that happened on a different site. We got kicked off the last site we were on cuz he started doing weird shit, then he got banned from this site cuz he kept doing weird shit. People don't really like him anymore.

    I still think he's okay tho