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    [​IMG]Inspired by Charbovari:
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    See this introduction text right here?

    You can find it on the upper left corner of the Forum Index :D

    So, Iwakuans, we propose yet another challenge to your writing skills!

    Can you come up with something witty and interesting to replace the intro?

    • Don't forget that this is a ROLEPLAY site in your intro phrase
    • Make sure it's something appropriate T_T
    • Be Creative

    How the Contest Works:
    1. We'll give you 2 weeks from today for submissions.
    2. THE STAFF will judge the submissions and choose the top 5.
    3. We'll set up voting for the TOP FIVE so everyone can pick their favourite!
    4. The submission with the most votes will go on the website!
    5. & the WINNER & the runner-ups will receive special prizes!

  2. I guess we just post them up right here?

    "Iwaku- Let your muse run free."

    <_< *Exits, leaving lame intro here*
  3. Or PM them to Shakura.
  4. Posting them here is fine ;D because they'll be public eventually anyway ;)
  5. I have a couple ^_^ :

    Welcome to - A place for learning, enticing, adventuring, and having fun!

    Welcome to A place to let all your imagination run wild!

    Welcome to - Not just a roleplay site, but a place to get away to.
  6. IwakuRoleplay - Not filled with trolls, unlike other forums

    ...I'll come up with a proper one later.
  7. IWAKU
    As you like it.

    All the world's a stage.

    Be yourself. Creatively.

    Make yourself. Be yourself.
  8. Oh, and thanks Sakura-chan for considering the contest idea! I didn't really expect it to actually happen ^_^
  9. Wait, we can multiples? Oh, in that case....

    Exceed your imagination.

    Let gentle hands guide you.

    *Runs again*

    I dunno, that might give people the wrong impression...
  11. - Entice Your Muse - Writing + Play = Good Times - Exercise your creative muse. - Melding insanity with imagination to create pure inspiration.

    ...Now I expect members to be more creative. XD
  12. IwakuRoleplay- Emergency Center for the Museless, Hospital for the Struggling Muse, Five-star Paradise for the Inspired.

    Iwaku Roleplay- For Those who actually want a GOOD place to roleplay.

    Iwaku Roleplay- Idiots Need Not Apply (for jokes)

    Iwaku Roleplay- Made of Written Awesome. In Disbelief? Go see yourself.

    Iwaku Roelplay- The Eternal Quest for Perfection in Written Form

    I'll think of more when I'm feeling less grumpy.
  13. Iwaku Roleplay - Walking the line between reality and fantasy
    Iwaku Roleplay - Putting the spirit into written prose
    Iwaku Roleplay - Where every line is worth a picture

    Thought I'd take a stab at it, though somehow posting multiples feels like cheating XD
  14. Iwaku: dozens of roleplays, some of which are good.

    Iwaku: catgirls and lycans, living together! Mass roleplaying!

    Iwaku: watch out for the British.

    I'd think of some more, but I thought I'd stop there for everyone else's sake.
  15. Danana took my muse stuff. T_T
  16. Iwaku - Collective cooperative storytelling.

    Iwaku - multiplayer prose
  17. Iwaku - Where those that use excessive amounts of Exclamation points are given Two Handed Weapon Mastery at first level

    Iwaku - All your plot are belong to us.

    Iwaku - Harvest your Infinite Possiblilties.
  18. Iwaku Roleplay: Yes, you CAN be in two places at once on the Internet. So JOIN today!
  20. Iwaku Roleplay Community - Put ya guns on! Go crazy!
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