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  1. Alright, so this can be tweaked in any way, if you want to tweak some things run them by me, and I will see if it could work! I'm so totally open for collaborations! Okay so the main idea/plot:

    There is an island somewhere off the coast of New Zealand, no one knows about it, and you can only get to it by sheer chance that you got lost and wound up there. This island has four different regions, and one small little "state" in the middle. Each region has a season "assigned" to the region. In the North West it is specified to the season Spring. This region is called Blomatari, the temperatures are from 50-71 degrees, and everything is in bloom and alive! There is a lot of rain here, and the region consists of meadows filled with flowers, and rivers and streams, marshes as well. The people here garden quite a bit. To The North East the season Summer is prominent here. This region is called Hetalia, the temperatures can go from 75-100 degrees, everything is green and thriving, but this region has a problem with droughts sometimes. There is grassy plains, lakes, and waterfalls, here. Lots of Outdoor Activities happen here. To The South West, is the region that is made up of the season Autumn. This region is called Levalith, the temperature's range from 38-70 degrees, and leaves never stop falling here. The colors are mainly red, orange, and yellow, and there are some rivers, a lake and many forests here. You can almost taste the winter bite, but it will never come. In the South East is the last season Winter. This region is called Wethiryn. The temperature's range from -20-45 degrees. It snows constantly here, and plant life barely thrives here. There are craggy mountains, one still frozen forest, and a big frozen pond to ice skate on. In the middle of all these seasons is Nerwite, the completely normal "state". It has lukewarm temperatures, not hot, not cold. The plant life is suspended into all four seasons.

    Now, the species here are completely different from the regular "Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, and Elves" They are completely new and only inhabit the islands, not many of them travel from region to region, but a few do. With these species, if you have a species you want to add that's not the generic type, run it by me!
    A few of these species are:

    Deletaine [Dell-a-tane]- These are human like creatures, with two elements infused into their blood. Which means they can control two elements. They also have the essence of an animal demon locked away inside of them. This animal demon can be any type of animal, it can even be any type of creature found on the Island.

    Cysgodol [Kye-s-god-ul]- These creatures are more animal like, although they have human like intelligence. They have a snout of a wolf, ears of a fox, body of a horse, and a tail of a feline. They are predatory animals and mostly live near the forest. They are creatures of Shadows.

    Mellerkine [Mell-er-ki-n]- These are human like creatures that have control of one element. But this element is apart of them, and they can control it, bend it, and even engulf themselves in it as an armor. They are very skilled at making weapons with this element.

    There is many other types of species, plus the ones you want to add! So, if you think this is for you, PM me, or comment on this! Thanks!
  2. HI, I recently joined and am looking for rps to join. I'm interested :)
  3. Alright awesome! We will definitely need more than just us, so if you know any body who would want to do this as an RP bring them here ! :D
  4. I dont unfortunately :( I only signed up yesterday... I've yet to get involved with people. Maybe if you put up the OOC people will sign up?
  5. I'm in. Definitely.

    This looks fuuun~
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