The ISAF Days of Christmas

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  1. Durian is satan.
  2. *Blink!*

    That was amusingly creative. XD
  3. This is what it must feel like when other members read my posts.

    You can tell there's been a lot of effort put into it... but you're not sure what response is expected of you...
  4. That's so cool now I wanna play C&C.

    Oh yeah, Ryker, play World In Conflict, you'll thank me later.

    After you used a mini nuke on some russians, I mean.
  5. The shoe's on the other foot now, Asmoman.
  6. ....

    You WOULD end it with Marines, wouldn't you?
  7. Normally they're the first ones in and last ones out but a MIRV kinda trumps all.