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The Invisible Wings of an Angel (Private)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PecanScotch, Nov 16, 2014.

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  1. Human form



    His more Defensive form


    Pure Form (children can see his wings, to look at his pure form a human could catch flame and burn. Luckly no one can see his true form only his wings and only angels can see his real form)


    Gabriel was his name an angel of the lord, the angel from god to help those children who where less forunate then him . The Archnagel was dressed as a shaggy male with dirty hair, homeless and could (not that archangels ever got cold) and smiles as he had his trusty Guitar and hummed as he started to sing, will the circle be unbroken . His voice was that of a angel or even more as his vocal cords where more ranged then that of human beings.

    The Archnagel sat there and sang his heart out to the god he loved so much, praying to him silently to let children be safe, disability or not all children had the right to live a life of happiness and love. His voice was able to even reach deaf children as it was not a human voice or from earth , his voice was very warm, grace filled and bright. His eyes closed as he sang and many people gave him extra money for his talent but he never kept any of it, he had enough in his life to keep him happy with just god the almighty father.

    He opened his eyes and saw a lone boy sitting right before him. the child was different from others and Gabriel loved it. he smiles as he kept strumming his guitar happily and then sang , 10000 reasons and the world seemed to stop and just listen to the archangel sing his song and he grinned gently. the child would be able to see his wings they where lovely golden color. His wings where massive compared to many angels and his feeling was that of pure love and kindness.
  2. [​IMG]

    'Jasmine, sit down properly,' Angelica signed to her eight year old daughter. The little girl crossed her arms grumpily and sat back down on her seat. They were on their way to a new city, again. For almost one and a half years, Angelica and her daughter had been taking trains all over the country to get away from that man. Thinking back, she never knew why she fell in love with him. When they first met in the office he seemed like the most selfless, caring, perfect man. But when they had Jasmine, everything went wrong. He tried to kill their child. And when Angeica tried to stop him he tried to kill her too. Everytime they ran away he would follow. At first she decided to move out of their dream house, he waited outside her front door for nights on end. When she moved to another suburb he followed her. When she moved cities he would relentlessly try to find her. Angelica had family who regularly sent her money to support the family - although they didn't know about her current situation - she used the money to get from city to city, as well as booking hotel rooms and feeding her child and herself.

    Jasmine was deaf. The duo communicated with sign language, whom Angelica had taught her. She was the most adorable and precious thing in Angelica's life. Jasmine meant everything to her, even though Jasmine was prone to throwing fits and didn't get along with most people.

    Angelica reached for the girl's favourite book from her bag and placed it in Jasmine's lap. The girl giggled with glee as she opened it, her eyes following the words on the page. Angelica sighed and leaned back on her chair. The train was almost arriving at its destination. Today she was wearing a simple white blouse and grey pants, her child was wearing a dress that reached her knees and a large coat on top. Hopefully this time they would stay in the city for a month at least. Angelica disliked moving but there was nothing she could do about it.

    The train zoomed into a tunnel before starting to slow down. With a jolt, the train stopped and a lady's voice echoed around the train; "We have arrived. Please make sure you leave no belongings behind. Thank you for travelling with us." Angelica hauled their luggage off the rack above them and signed Jasmine to hold onto her hand tightly. Stepping off the train, she headed straight for the entrance, looking around for a taxi.
  3. The Archangel was always around flying or singing or something. He today sat in the world of the city ona curb and was singing gently, his eyes closed and fingers strumming his giatur. His voice was strong, kind and heaven like better then a human voice by alot but he kept singing in praise and joy to his heavly father who he loved the most. He kept singing happily his wings out beside him course no onbe saw them because many humans sense where too dull to see angelic wings from on high. He sat and sang happily several homeless kids sat around him happily to listen to his music and songs and clapped gently and Gabriel chuckled gently and opened his deep blue eyes. As blue as the sky and if not bluer, his hair a deep golden brown color and he watched the world pass by. Not many humans around him said anything but for a homeless angel he was a very wealthy one with all the money he got. Around 300 dollars a day and he never kept it, no it was wrong and he gave it away to charties or orphanges that needed that money and not him.
  4. Angelica and Jasmine stepped into a taxi, she gave the address to the hotel she had decided to stay in to the driver who nodded. As they drove into the city, Jasmine craned her neck up to see the bright lights of the city. It was still afternoon, so Jasmine studied the men and women walking around doing work and the children running around in parks and on the streets. Driving into the city, Angelica dozed off. Jasmine, on the other hand, was mesmerised. Heading into one of the crowded streets, Jasmine's eyes honed in on something majestic. A man with wings. Big, white wings. Jasmine's eyes widened as her mind tried to comprehend what she was seeing. Just as the young girl was going to wake her mother and tell her, the car turned the corner and the city swallowed up the strange man.

    The duo arrived at their hotel, paying the driver Angelica and Jasmine retrieve their luggage before signing into their room. 'Mum! Today I saw a man with big wings!' Jasmine signed.

    Angelica laughed, 'You're so imaginative!' she signed back. Taking her daughter's hand, she lead her into the bathroom. "Today was a tiring day," Angelica said to herself. "A bath could help me relax."
  5. Gabriel sat in the church and smiles and danced and sung happily with several with the kids on the street. When night fell he got them food and water and nice clothing and a place to stay in the church with blankets. He smiles as he also read ot them a good night story and watched them all drift off to sleep and smiles and made a blessing aroudn to keep them safe from nightmares. he then flew off invisble to the human eye and stood in the girls living room watching her and her daughter unoticed and smiles gently. He made sure no evil could touch them nothing bad was to happen to them while they where in that house. He then vanished back into the wild world where he stayed and lived to help others for.

    He appeared in the park and sat watching the night sky and smiles peacefully. His eyes closed and peaceful thankful for all the joy the world had and he would keep the two of them safe. he had to it was his job from the begining as his large wings flapped slightly and the animals of the night gathered around him and he told them a story about god, the archangels and the humans and how they all lived in harmony. How god had a plan for everything that the world wished for it to have.
  6. That night, Angelica and Jasmine slept peacefully in each other's arm. Thankfully, Angelica hadn't had nightmares of that man, which was becoming a habit of hers. She got out of bed and tucked the blankets closer to her sleeping child, who turned around and muttered inaudible words when the weight of the bed shifted. She picked out clothes for the two of them and went into the bathroom to make herself look presentable.

    She took her daughter to a rather famous cafe in the busy city so she could have a taste of the renowned coffee. 'Don't leave me, okay?' she signed to Jasmine. Jasmine wasn't paying attention to her mother, instead her eyes were fixated on the beautiful variety of cakes. Angelica smiled and paid for her coffee as well as a slice of fruit cake to share between to the. But as she turned around to lead her daughter to a table, she realised Jasmine wasn't next to her anymore. Her blood went ice cold and the colour left her face. "J-jasmine?" she whispered to no one in particular. A few people looked at her strangely but dismissed her. "Has anyone seen my baby girl? Jasmine? Jasmine?!" Angelica started to panic, where was she? Where could she have gone? The front door was open, she could have left on her own! Her poor Jasmine, alone in the big city? She grabbed her coffee from the counter and asked for the lady to put her slice of cake in a box for her, grabbing the box she dashed outside the cafe, looking left and right to see if Jasmine was in plain sight.

    Jasmine was at a nearby park, playing amongst the flowers and butterflies and the other children. She couldn't hear what they were saying, and when she tried to talk to them using sign language they merely laughed at her. Jasmine was having the time of her life, crawling through tunnels and running up small steps to go down the slide. She had no idea her mother was panicking just around the corner. She looked up and saw the man from before, the man with wings. Normally she wouldn't care about strangers but there was something different from this man. She went down the slide and chased after him, grabbing onto his coat and panting because of her running. 'Hello!' she signed with her tiny hands.
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