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  1. Here is a list of Aliens that I've made up, if you make up your own, please list a brief summary of it's society. I'm don't care if you roleplay an alien you make up, it's just nice for reference if someone else would like to be it.
    • Anakim- Giants of heights reaching between 12 and 16 feet tall. Clumsy and not particularly attractive or ugly. They are a scientific society, and believe in science above all else. They are extremely intelligent. They have both male and females.
    • Altairian- Reptilian humanoids with tails and spiked tongues, splotched with scales turning into skin on face, belly, under arms, in between legs, palms, and the soles of their feet. They are a highly weaponized race, and have a weapon on the at all times, whether it be legal or not Moderate intelligence, and have male and female.
    • Centurians- Humanoid aliens that skin glows violet, with eyes that glow white, and prominent hair color of white, with rare mutations of other colors. Very graceful and beautiful. This society is very vain and holds beauty as most important. They are Moderate intelligence and they are both male and Female.
    • Atlans- Fish like humanoids, they have both gills and lungs. They have webbed hands and feet, with arms and legs that are covered in scales, with fins sprouting out of the fore arms and upper thighs. They are also weaponized, but much less aggressive, and rarely have weapons on them. They are of moderate intelligence and are all one gender.
    • Lyrans- Are a beautiful tanned race of forest dwellers. They have pointed ears, strong features, and blacked out eyes. They are pacifists and do not go to war, believing they are above it. They instead live off of the fruits of there planet preferring to create, instead of destroy. The only reason they got off their own planet is because they are from the first planets humans visited, after leaving earth. They are Highly intelligent, and are male, female, and a third which is combined.
    Also, if you want to discuss plots before doing them, here would be a good place to do them.
  2. Lifira -- Altairian Mercenary/Weapons Designer

    Alternating between killing people for a living and designing new and better ways to go about killing people, Lifira is a carefree, laid-back soul with very, very little regard for the sanctity of life. Though she hasn't been known to murder others over tiny infractions or for simple pleasure, she has no qualms about jumping into the fray or getting into a scrap with someone who offers first.

    And given her extreme lack of social skills, she gets into a lot of fights.


    256 Years of Research on Bar Napkins

    Lifira goes in for a beer and promptly requests an absurd amount of napkins. The Altairian quickly begins sketching out a number of schematics and notes on the napkins, quickly becoming more and more complex and outrageous as she goes further along. She's just about resorted to using the hot-sauce for the wings as ink when a military force comes along to kill the reptile and take back their weapons plans.

    "Hey, not my fault you didn't secure your files before fleeing!"
  3. Name: Captain
    Age: 40's [But lived for over that]
    Race: Bluians aka Alien Felines [ his species doesn't show age so they looked young forever and the under their tails vaned in different color by stages of how dangerous the poison is]
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: The Captain of his own ship for the past 20 years almost 25 he held a quite reputation in the Niv Solar System, which is located in the opposite of the Orbit --meaning behind the Black Hole-- . Though in Orbit he keeps them unknown of his reputation for his reason only which only the closet know of why and would probably danger his people. Hiding his old self he acts a total idiot, fish addicted lover, and easily scared when he see's someone bigger then him. Now he is traveling with his lovely baby -old- ship to see what is new.
  4. Hey, so we should start thinking up a plot or something!
  5. Hey, there's an image in the IC thread that my anti-virus picked up - it contained some malicious infection. Might want to be careful with that.
  6. Silverwolf- I agree though I have no clue what it would be, I got as far as the coffee shop.

    Serran- Thank you for letting us know!
  7. Could be interested, but I'd like to have a plot, or at least a basic background.
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