The Inquisitive Adventures of Bart Strode and Alysha Cheshire

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  1. Once upon a time there was a lad from America by the name of Bart Strode who lived an average life with his working mother, an up and coming business woman.

    Then one day his whole world changed. His mother fell in love with a Billionaire Englishman, and the two were wed. Then the boy was taken off to Europe to live the rest of his young life in leisure, with the finest choices possible for education.

    Of course, it really just isn't all that simple. He wasn't exactly open to moving away, and off with some man who quote, 'wipes his rear with 500 euro notes.' He finds himself uninterested in going to parties, or using the vast riches now at his disposal to have all sorts of over the top activities, leaving him incredibly bored, and lonely as of lately, having only been in town for almost a week.

    Then of course, came Friday night. It was the one little social gathering he had been forced along to, suit and all. While being forced to mingle amongst the snobs and the gossiping lot he meets one of the most important people in his life.

    Enter Alysha Cheshire. Unlike many of the others she's cool, collected and rarely ever over-excited. If she doesn't like someone, she offers them insolence and finds herself also bored. Though unlike Bart, she actively wants to find something to quench that thirst for 'fun.'

    Immediately, Alysha takes to the boy from the class below and another country, thinking him to be that action movie hero she always wanted to hook up with. Little does she realize that his interest in police business and journalism will get her more than they bargain...

    EPISODE 1- Knights on the Streets

    Bart Strode has just moved into London. It's been one night since he met Alysha Cheshire, the mysterious and relaxed girl at the other night's party, and the two begin hanging out together.

    Meanwhile, Superintendent Alistair and his trusted advisor Sergeant Ian of the local police are baffled by a series of robberies in which the suspects escape after deploying a mechanical man in a suit of bulletproof armor to draw attention and cause terror.

    But what's Bart Strode got to be scared of? He found one wandering around in the middle of the night. And now he's on the case!


    The Main Characters

    Bartholomew Strode (My Character!): An American boy used to living in an apartment and actually knowing everyone who he lives near, bored to death and very displeased about going to social gatherings of any kind or flaunting money, having been used to spending carefully and being limited in how 'big' his ideas could be, whether it be a school project or some personal achievement he goes after.

    Bart however, cannot help but find Alysha less annoying than the rest of the people his family sees on a daily basis, developing a strange friendship of sorts. As of lately he's been getting into journalism and detective stories, inspired by some local news regarding crime and other sorts of bizarre occurrences.

    Alysha Cheshire (Your character?): Heir to the Cheshire Family, and daughter of Roy Cheshire owner of Cheshire Enterprises. She always has an air of mystery about her and happens to be extremely classy. She always keeps a cool head and seems to have grown fond of Bart, hanging out with him often and managing not to piss him off. Almost like Jordan Baker from 'The Great Gatsby.'


    OTHERS/NPC's (Characters on the sidelines who take active roles in the main characters' lives.)

    Catherine Strode: Bart's mother. Once a hardworking businesswoman following the untimely death of Bart's father, Peter Strode when he was nine, She fell in love with a major client of the company she worked at, a rich entrepreneur by the name of Christopher Fleming.

    Chris Fleming: The rich CEO/Entrepreneur/ETC who owns Fleming Industries, dealing mostly in technology. He fell in love with Catherine Strode, and the two had wed, much to the displeasure of Bart. Despite being very kind, and Bart appreciating that, he cannot help but feel compelled to try and get on good terms with Bart while watching his steps, as not to take the place of his real father.

    Roy Cheshire: Alysha's father. Former boxer and owner of Cheshire Enterprises. A jolly fellow who dearly loves his daughter, and preaches on the 'Good Ole' Days' and 'Fighting the Good Fight' and all sorts of other 'manly' ideals he grew up with.

    Lilian Cheshire: Alysha's mother. She's surprisingly easy to talk to, and the perfect person to go to when you need to get something off your chest. Like Bart, her own father was married into a wealthy family after a rather plain childhood.

    Hayes: A cab driver who's had his share of adventure. Bart often rides with him as opposed to the limousine driver to get from point a to b, and to hear his amazing stories.

    Devry Charbonneau: A young frenchman with a superiority complex. He doesn't quite like Bart, and happens to be very interested in Alysha.

    Superintendent Alistair: A man of the police. He does not enjoy Bart poking into his business, thinking the young man's interest in law enforcement and investigation a simple means of passing the time for a wealthy foreigner. But do not be fooled: He's one of the most honest, dedicated men on the force. With experience in multiple sports and much history as an efficient constable years ago,

    Sergeant Ian: One of the men under Alistair's command, and friends with Hayes and Bart. While as honest as Alistair he happens to be twice as friendly. Through intense physical training with Alistair, he's nearly at the peak of physical health, and against massive groups of thugs Ian is a wildcat of a fist fighter.

    Aleks Sokolov: A rival of Roy and Chris. Dishonest, and pulling dirty business deals. Often suspected by Bart to be some sort of master criminal good at hiding their tracks.

    Jarne Aerts: A friend of Aleks from Belgium. A headcase who actually wants to become some kind of villainous mastermind. Enjoys boating and blimps.
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