The Infinty Protocol

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  1. Welcome. You are one of the first people to discover the exciting Virtual World of Infinity. The invention allows you to do anything you wish, and be anyone you want. Be aware, that whatever happens to your avatar also happens to you in the real world, so if you get shot and die, then it's a total game over.
    There are some rules to help you:
    1. Do not curse, or your account might get banned.
    2.Do not overuse the freedom given to you.
    3. Do not attack the INF guards.
    4.Do not cheat.

    The Registration form:

    Thank you and enjoy your play...

    --------------------------------THE NOT- ACTED PART---------------------------------
    Alright, so hi guys, and welcome to the signup/ooc thread for the Infinity Protocol.
    This what you just read (I hope) was basically the introduction and the CS (yup.)
    But the actual rules are quite different:
    1.Don't curse (or at least keep it at the minimum)
    2. Don't be too violent (plox)
    3.For f**ks sake no sex.
    4.If you have to curse, censor it just like me in the rule 3
    5. OBEY THE EMPIRE Be nice to others.

    Hope to see you all joining pretty soon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.