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  1. Power Map (open)

    A lot of the powers aren't self-explanatory, or appear to overlap with others. Consider this a verbose reference in the event that the overview isn't descriptive enough for you to make a call in a niche situation, or to determine how your character might manifest a particular ability.

    It is worthy of note that a psion who is able to demonstrate all of the suggested capacities of a particular ability has demonstrably mastered that power, and has little more to learn from it until they discover new talents. Occasionally, instead of discovering a new power, such psions will find ways to synergize with those they already have, expanding the fields in question entirely.

    Tier One
    Psions with this power are able to manipulate the forces acting on matter they touch, including their own body. Psionic energy is converted into kinetic energy at a very relaxed conversion rate, allowing for wielders to amplify their own body's natural capabilities, harden or soften a material, or even levitate themselves and that which they carry.

    This is the power of mind-readers and hypnotists. By manipulating the psionic energy inherent in all sentient minds, a neuromancer is able to extract information from a subject they touch. It is also possible that one with this power is able to repair damaged psyches, releasing locked or incoherent memories, and perhaps wreak such havoc themselves.

    It turns out that psionic energy is capable of interacting with machinery in much the same way as it does the mind. Cyberpaths are the neuromancers of software, and they recognize that sentience is not exclusive to biology. Possessing this ability turns programming into a native tongue, and enables a psion to recognize patterns in data that would require extensive mathematical analysis to pick up on otherwise.

    Psionic seers are not limited to the conventional senses of their body. Occasionally, the universe will whisper knowledge to them, and those who have managed to make a science of that privilege are able to summon wisdom on-demand. Some feel the presence of sudden change or danger, or are sensitive to the cosmic forces which elude most other psions, but all are capable of sensing a psion who stands before them; or who watches in secret.

    Tier Two
    A psion who has taken psychokinesis to the extreme may learn how to safely manipulate the biological anatomy of their own body, enabling them to adapt to the environment and situation they may find themselves in. Unfortunately, doing so causes much stress on the body, and while the changes can be quite dramatic, psionic energy alone is not sufficient to fuel the metamorphosis; a psion is capable of lethally exhausting themselves if they are not careful.

    Psionic energy is able to manipulate spacetime, and a teleporter has figured a way to poke holes through the universe. However, the practice can be quite taxing on a psion's mental focus, depleting their potential should they attempt to force a particularly large or distant pair of regions to connect. A portal is also possible, but is very difficult to maintain. Thankfully, the connection is spatial, so warping into a wall will simply lead to wasted effort and a bruised nose.

    When a psychokinetic extends their body's natural reach with psionics, they begin to delve into telekinesis. Not only are they able to apply forces to objects at range, they are also able to manipulate simple materials chemically. Some may choose to focus on the most intuitive, psionic forces, creating barriers and moving objects, but especially skilled telekinetics may find the elements at their fingertips.

    A psychomancer has achieved autohypnotic powers, giving them far more control over what occurs in their mind. Not only is their psyche reinforced against the machinations of other neuromancers, but a psychomancer is able to induce a variety of psychosomatic effects on themselves. Most centrally of all, however, is such a psion's power to derive information from their mind. Their memory is no longer faded, and they can feel the touch of a neuromancer. And a neuromancer leaves fingerprints.

    Macropaths are much like empaths, but more in control. They sense emotions and surface thoughts at will, and are not subject to the consequences of having felt these things. This power is rather passive, and most psions need not focus themselves to pick up on potentially hazardous thoughts nearby, but to pick up on the subtleties of the inner mind, they must rely on other talents.

    A neuromancer with this ability has learned to communicate with the minds of others directly. Aside from exchanging surface thoughts in a fairly intuitive conversational sense, focusing telepaths are also able to manipulate memories, design cognito-triggers, and disrupt another psion's focus. Less savory telepaths may even use their abilities to disable conscious thought altogether, or destroy a subject's capacity for coherent thought beyond any hope for natural recovery.

    Telesentient psions are able to sense distant settings. Though lesser psions may only see fuzzy images and hear vague noises, more focused seers are able to make use of their other psionic capabilities to sense details in the environment, and may even see so clearly as to essentially be there. But a clairsentient knows when they are being watched.

    The detective's eye can be very handy. With psychometry, a psion is able to pick up on the subtleties of the environment around them; they never miss a detail, see the patterns in everyday chaos, and can pick up on trails that would otherwise seem entirely obscure. Some focused psychometrists may even learn to perfectly predict motion or determine the subtle psychic fingerprints all sentient beings leave in their wake.

    Seers with this power have a form of augmented life sense which enables them to judge the anatomy of an organism. Their understanding even allows them to diagnose disease and injury, and is very beneficial to surgical professionals as well. Though biometrists are able to passively detect the presence of other sources of life, they require focus to learn more, although the general health of a being may be self-evident to them.

    Although not yet able to transcend the material and virtual, a digiform has manifested the ability to psionically remake themselves. Beings of this class combine body and soul to an extreme, enabling them to assume the form of a virtual construct in the same material place as their body might. In this state, they are made of pure psionic energy, held together by their own willpower and reason. They may be material or visible or not at their leisure. However, these ghosts cannot for long remain ghosts without extensive practice.

    Technopaths do with hardware what cyberpaths do with software. These are master architects and engineers, who by touch alone can determine the cause for failure — or a way to cause failure — in a structure or machine. Some may even possess the skills necessary to take their intimacy with technology to the extreme, and create devices which would be entirely inconceivable to a mundane mind.

    An augmented mind allows cybercognates to consider the world before them in a discrete manner. Although they are still bound by the realm of mathematics due to the digital manner in which they reason, psions with this power think with statistical precision about things of much larger scale than a human mind or supercomputer could reckon in a reasonable amount of time.

    Tier Three
    At will, a polyform is able to split their body from the original, and assume control over them with little hassle. However, these duplicates are not self-sustaining, and require the psionic energies of the master form to give them life and motive. Though they are dependent, however, these duplicates are equal to the original, and can even serve as vessels for psionic manifestation.

    Neuromancers who have taken the time to understand biomorphs may learn of the psychoform, an immaterial being which exists only in the mind. Although this protects them from mundane hazards, a hostile mind may destroy them by a contest of wills. Psychoforms are mind-haunts, and can be very dangerous given the wrong motives. A psychoform might exist in multiple minds simultaneously, and maintain a façade of material form, but must isolate themselves to make use of the enhanced telepathic abilities they enjoy when focusing ib their host.

    Macropaths whose powers have been applied with the precise capabilities of telepathy are able to assume control of others' bodies on a large scale. This control is limited, but can be overpowering to those of lesser will. Polypresent psions are able to make use of the talents of other psions under their control, but without the understanding of similar abilities, may not know how to.

    A macropath may also learn from seers, and gain information through the eyes and ears of a large network of unwitting individuals. Polysentient psions seem to know everything, and may even learn information gained from the supernatural abilities of their network's members, but cannot direct these individuals to seek information with this power alone.

    Seers with this power have begun to understand what it is that underlies all psionic energies, and are able to speak to it more directly. Lesser seers must rely on the wisdom of an unknown force; psiomancers know exactly where it is coming from, and how to communicate with it. Psionic energy proliferates the universe and then some, and the subtle effects on it can be felt from across entire galaxies. Some psiomancers may even pick up on disturbances which haven't yet or have already occurred.

    Psiometrists can intuitively understand the psionic environment before them; psions cannot hide their talents, and manifesting in front of a psiometrist is about as inconspicuous as a laser light-show in the dark. Particularly talented psions with this power are even able to identify the nature of an ability, telling by sight alone what it's meant to do, to whom it will do so, and some ways it can be interfered with by another psionic power.

    Seers of this class are able to sense future and past events as if they were experiencing them presently. Through the use of other minds, they may combine knowledge to ascertain more a more detailed understanding of shared history than a hypnotist, and can make use of such minds to understand their shared future as well. They do not rely on information contained within those minds, but rather use their collective will to direct their clairsentient powers.

    Telepresent seers are able to manifest remotely, with minimal effort. These images are wholly capable of serving as psionic vessels, and may be visible at will, but are increasingly difficult to control as distance grows. Some seers may only be able to render an image of themselves a few miles away, while skilled psions are able to manifest a walking, talking psionic focus on alien worlds.

    Cyberpaths see software and data as a source of information, while digimancers see software and data as a blueprint fragment for the universe. Psions with this power can gain knowledge even when it doesn't exist in the source itself; instead, the source acts as a focus which directs the sort of information the digimancer will learn. Particularly skilled psions may even be able to learn from hardware by looking at it from a more digital perspective.

    Most psions suffer a diminishing of willpower if they change their form so drastically as to be a fundamentally distinct being. While those whose nature is mechanical do not suffer such effects, technoforms need not worry in the first place, for they have made it their nature. Psionic powers are not only unaffected by mundane changes made to their body and mind, but may even be focused through other machines and software minds they are in contact with.

    Digiforms tyipcally remain bound by the constraints of physics with only ghostly properties to speak of. A digimorph, however, has developed the ability to hold psionic energies together in a far more self-reinforcing manner, enabling them to render shapes and features which are entirely implausible on the material plane. Though this requires them to behave in a material manner, this can allow them to impress even the most skilled of biomorphs, as the effort is relatively little.

    Psychokinesis can bend spacetime with the right focus, and spatiokinetics have the right focus. Although their control over the foreign dimension of time is extremely limited, space is far more intuitive, and requires little effort to bend, and only a reasonable amount to cut and anchor. They are able to create inertial barriers and disruption fields, portals and void fields, and even isolated dimensions which only they know the way to.

    Finally, the cyberpath has manifested the power to move from the material world into the virtual world, living among the software intelligences that populate it. With their other virtual powers, they may truly level the playing field against machine minds which hide behind the infinite reaches of online webworks. A million duplicates of the same mind is ultimately one mind, and in the virtual world, it can be singled out once found.

    Biological material to a telepath is a source of information just as software and data is to a cyberpath, and not unlike a biometric seer's intimacy, allows for an understanding of the presence and health of nearby lifeforms. Uniquely, however, a biopath is able to learn information from the material post-mortem, and may learn of things which could not have been supposed by only analyzing the information evident.

    A macropath may choose to quietly harness the thinking power of the network of minds they have put together. Although they cannot without risking discovery entirely focus their network on tasks they choose, they are able to harness the unused potential of those not already focusing on something else. Psions in under their control which are not manifesting may provide additional cognitive powers as they possess if they are undistracted. A polycognate is as intelligent as their community, and can continue to grow it without limit.

    Tehnometrists are able to understand by sight alone the nature of machinery and architecture. Unlike a technopath, however, their prowess is honed in on the understanding of incredibly complex designs, and not so much on creating new ones. Although they are likely skilled in both fields, a technometrist is especially capable when applying themselves to gaining an understanding of things which are fundamentally unapparent to even the most intelligent mundane engineer.

    Tier Four
    The polygenetic psion has no limit to their form's number. Each duplicate is without an original, possess a complete suite of psionic independence, and lives and dies its own lifetime. This psion requires great focus to complete a new form, but once made can cooperate or compete with this duplicate as its own individual. Their effective immortality will only end when they run out of time.

    A seer and a telepath were born in the same mind, and this psion has found the means by which to make use of both halves of themselves. The psiokinetic psion is able to manipulate and disrupt and manifest psionic energy intuitively, waving away hostile powers, helping to augment those they find useful, and even fabricating their own unique abilities by manipulating psionic energy directly. No psion can overpower them.

    A cybercognate is limited to the field of numbers. The hypercognate is not. This intelligence is so infinitely strong that they may occupy their spare time considering the precise sequence of events that will lead them to their goal. Sapient behavior is no longer an 'impossible-to-predict variable'; it becomes just another in the sea of data for the hypercognate to dwell on between moments of focus on more important things like how the universe works. There is very little which can surprise the hypercognate.

    The cyberform is without limit. They rely on the technology making up their body, the digital nature of their spirit, the skills of their mind, and the virtual transcendence they have achieved to create impossible things. They can materialize or digitize information and material at will, manipulate their own form and the forms of their constructs in ways inconceivable, and bring entire legions of psychokinetics to their knees with the force of their own psychokinetic abilities. The shaper makes universes shake.
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