The Immortal Hunter: R.I.P Reality

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  1. “And don’t lemme see you, back here again freak!”
    “Whoa, whoa, calm down pops, I’m going, I’m going!”
    “Get outta here!!”

    Lex Persinger, jumped (Thrown out was the correct term) of the bar. What was she doing in a bar? Annoying the hell out of drunken “fighters” was one of her hobbies. She was as nimble as a cat, dodging each of their sluggish punches and half-empty bottles of spirits and whiskey.
    Lex was small for her age. What age was that? Hell if she knew. But the point was that many underestimated her. She was goofy and quirky, not a serious fighter. Who wanted to be a serious fighter? Who wanted to be serious?! Life was meant to be enjoyed. That was her look on it.

    Lex was strange. She wasn’t normal… Well that’s what people thought when they met her, but she was a different kind to strange as well... Lex was Physic. That was the blunt description. She could tell when things were going to happen. Other than her agile body, that was the other reason she was virtually impossible to attack in a fight. That and she could sense things. Other strange things. Beings from the Veil. That was the name for the world that existed parallel to their own. This was where paranormal entities were first created, developed and grew stronger before the eventually broke through into the Human World… And they were normally very dangerous. Lex sensed them and always ran towards the Pull. That was what she had named the aura that entices Humans to Supernatural Beings. Some knew they were being lead to something hazardous, but very many of them had no idea. Those were usually the ones who didn’t believe. Lex sighed. Non-believers made her upset. The fact they stayed close-minded, stuck in this box of a world. Never caring to use imagination and wonder what else could be out there other than what they could see and hear. It was really quite sad.

    Lex at her high collar on her waist length black blazer for protection against the wind that was picking up. It had once belonged to her older brother and it was her prized possession. It was a little too big for her and even with the cuffs rolled up; it still hung over her wrist and just touched her knuckles. She walked on, the chunky heels of her knee-high combat boots gunshots on the concrete. Then she stopped, her eyes widening slightly. A Pull?

    Lex span round in the direction in which the Pull was coming from. Her eyes went from a sea-blue colour to a milky white colour. A man… He was being attacked by a Whisperer. These were creatures who whispered to people, never to be seen and then when their victims least expected it, something jumped out behind them… Next time they were seen, no skin was left. All devoured by the disgusting creature. This one was breaking normal behaviour though. He was wobbling in front of the man, light grey skin, lipless with sharp yellow teeth. Its eyes were sunken in, a small red dot it’s pupil. Giggling and cackling, a sick maniacal grin practically stretched over his face. They never attacked a victim upfront unless confronted… Or aggravated to all hell… And that was only when he victim had a strong paranormal connection. She glimpsed another look at him… Could he be…? Before she could finish her though, the Whisperer jumped at him, screaming loudly its claws rose… Lowering… Faster… Faster… All was red. She winced and then gasped, returning to her normal state. She wasted no time. She was going to save this man no matter what. Lex ran towards the Pull at full speed, a burning passion in her eyes.

    I’m no Superhero with these powers… But if I can save a life then I will. Of course I will. No matter what…
  2. Icarus looked up at the hideous thing. The beast clearly wasn't used to being followed. None of these monsters were, making them terribly easy to follow. And that's exactly what Icarus was good at. Ever since he had found the Medium. That's what he called thesmal silver canister that hefound one day in the hands of a dying man. What a poor soul that man was. His body was eviscerated beyond human ability. His spinal cord was cut down the center of every vertibra. Somehow he refused to die. When Icarus approached him, he was given the small bottle. The Medium was inside, he discovered. He used it and learned of this new world beneith the detection of everyone else. These things killed. And when people die for no reason, that's where Icarus came in. He was the avenger of those slain. The Hunter of demons. The Immortal.
    as the Whisperer chattered and bobbed in front of him, he held his hands at his sides. He waited and finally, hisoppertunity presented itself. The creature lunged at hi. He reactively dove backwards as a holster fell down to his hips from under his grey hoodie. As he fell backwards he drew the chrome pistol and lit the creatures guts up with three quick shots, illuminated by blue muzzle flare. He landed and rolled back to his feet, aiming at theWhisperer that had toppled to the ground behind him.
  3. Lex kept running, pantin, breathing heavily. She was close. So close she could taste it. She turned a sharp corner and.then stopped right at the scene of the battle, her eyes widening in shock. The man wasn't dead. But in her vision, his blood had been everywhere. This was one of those people.. They were strange as well.. They seemed to chage their fate. Not even meaning to at times. It was like a hidden power they had... Amazing.

    Lex shook her head. There was no time to be surprised! She jumped, tumbled in mid-air and then landed on her feet, inbetween the Whisperer and the gun man. She could still see some of the bluish flame resedue on the creature's stomach as it struggled getting up. She had no time to wonder what that was! She closed her eyes....And lost herself. The Whispere lunged head first into her, but she fodged with no effory at all. She jumped, flew back, flipped in the air, not even trying.
    Soon she made her move as the creature was tired. She rushed forwards, turning in the air so her legs whacked into the being's face. She swooped, hit and kicked, the creature squeeling in pain. She cartwheeled backwards and landed with her arms out stretched, like a gymnasist. The creature scrambled up, looking at her with pure terror. Out of no where she sent a dagger from her shin holster at it's heart. It screamed and fell to its knees, slowly blowing away in the wind as black dust...

    She was breathing heavily, bent down, hands on knees. What did she do?! Whatever she did, it must have been awesome... And it had worked... But mainly it.was probably.epic. She spun round to face the man a wide grin slapped on her face, "Phew, close one, huh?" She laughed and beamed once more, "I'm really happy you're.alive..When I saw you last, you died... But you didn't so... Great!" She walked closer to him, but she still kept at a moderately safe distance.
  4. Icarus was about to finish off the shrieking beast when suddenly, a wild girl jumped from her position. He watched her as she quickly disposed of the Whisperer. He had never seen anyone else engage the supernatural before. He was surprised by her agility but his admiration faded a bit when she ended it. She didn't even know what she did? How was that possible?
    he put his gun back in the holster at his side and placedhis hand on the hilt of one of the two daggers at his other side, hanging on the same belt as the gun. Now the girl was talking to him. Icarus raised an eyebrow as she mentioned seeing him dead. This girl seemed a bit touched in the head. And she was so happy. Far too happy. It immediately annoyed him. But he couldn't just let her go without finding outward had just harmed. There was no way he could convince her it was imaginary. She had fought the thing. She killed it. What the hell was a girl like her doing with a knife in her boot.
    "Who are you?" He asked. Demanded was a better word. "How did you see that thing?"
  5. Lex blinked a few times and waited until he seemed to have all his questions out of the way. With an over-exaggerated clearing of her throat, she put raised her index finer, "One; I am Lex Persinger!" she raised her next finer, "Two; See I've got these things called eyes... Oh! But I always see those things. Tis my duty to find and protect when I can!" she jabbed her thumb towards her chest, a giant grin on her face.

    She skippd closer to him and got up on her toes, wobbly about slightly, but eye level, "My turn, my turn! Who are you and how can you see the creatures? Do you have powers? Do you have a strong connection to the viel?!" she started to get over excited and began to jump up and down, moving backwards a little to give him some space.

    She had never met anyone else who could see the Beings before... If he could find it, could he track the Pull? She had so many questions for the man, but she waited for responces for the fast paced questions she had thrown at him already.
  6. Icarus winced at how close she was. She was far too excited about this. The more he listened, the more it depressed him. She had no clue how dangerous this work was. The last thing Icarus wanted was someone else in danger. This girl had talent and skill. She could die fighting these things. At lease he had prepared himself for this. It was his job actually. When someone wanted answers to mysterious deaths, Icarus was the one they called. He hundred down the beasts with the use of the Medium and formulated a story to tell his client. No harm in a few white lies.

    He stopped thinking about it for a mmoment. This girl asked so many questions. There was no way he was telling her about tthe Medium. He didnt eeven fully understand it. And if she ever found it and tried to use it, it could overwhelm her. No, hewouldnt let that happen. He turned away from her. "I'm nobody. Call me Icarus. you see them again, call." He dropped a ccard with a number on it.
    "Don't fight them anymore." He said as he began walking.
  7. Lex blinked and took a step back. There was something about him... Just as he spoke she could just feel the bad aura around him. She caught the card the second he dropped it and looked up at him, a little pout on her lips, "What?" She gritted her teeth and leaped towards him grabbing him by the arm, tightly at that. Her eyes went milky white and she couldn't even hear her own voice, "You're Icarus, you are the Immortal Hunter. A Bounty Hunter who people come to you when someone has become a victim of a death that no one can explain or understand. You have always seen the Beings and they have made your life Hell. You don't just destroy for money. You destroy for revenge."
    She let go, gasped and she lurched forward, gasping for breath. The haze around her mind began to clear and she struggled to stand upright, but she managed to look him in the eye, smile slightly and come out with a sentence between shaky breaths, "That... was something, huh?"
  8. Icarus was barely half a step away when she grabbed his arm. Damn, this girl was persistant. He sighed and turned on the girl. "Look, girl- whaaaatt the fuck..."
    His eyes widened as he saw what she was doing. Was she even doing it, or was it mearly happening? He pulled on his arm. "Get off." She was holding tightly. He pulled again, harder this time. "Get off!" Still no success. Finally shshe let go and went back to normal. He backed up all the way toto the wall, breathing deeply and sstaring at her. "What.. was tthat.. ?"