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An old man stopped to rest on a hill overlooking a vast city. It was a mass of stone and brik; a castle in the center towered above all the shorter buildings. "Rimanth, finally," he said, surveying the sight before him. He had good reason to be impatient with his own walking--his left leg was missing, and little better than a plank of wood replaced it. He couldn't afford the more functional replacement, and didn't want one anyway. He didn't trust the machines that came up out of the ground, and he didn't trust the people who dug them up either. After a pause for breath he added, "What a scumhole."

There were scars visible everywhere on his body, and his clothes, though whole, were well-worn. Angar Lockspeer had seen many wars, fought long and hard for his country; and now he was a poor old man looking for a fresh start. It wasn't all bad; he had some friends in the town from the old days, and he knew the way to make more. He had a plan, and it would only be a few months before he could properly put it into action.

The city-state of Rimanth had to focus its loyal, dedicated soldiers to its own defense, so its law enforcement was lacking. The nobles who ruled the town had found a solution, however: They placed bounties on criminals, paid people to bring them in. Other towns did something similar, but this was a far more dedicated--and far more rewarding--system. Hunters were seen as respectable workers in this town; those who could fight yet had little loyalty to anything but money could easily fit in and attain honor. Hunters were responsible for making the capture or kill they were assigned, and seeing it through to imprisonment or body delivery. Even some of the richer citizens were willing to entrust more private matters to the hunters.

Angar's plan was simple. After securing a humble job as barkeep in a friend's tavern, he spent the time making friends. He got to know the town, and its people, rather well. Finally, after half a year, he was ready. Posters went up around town, at least as far as he could get from the inn with his one-and-a-half legs. He sought people with a passion for capturing, killing, fighting or sneaking, interested in making money. They were to meet in the tavern's basement, before a table. That was where it got a little hazy, not that it dampened the old veteran's confidence any. Somehow, he was going to gather some out-of-work, desperate people, and make a team out of them.

This is an RP about a team of bounty hunters, the one which Angar forms. He is the organizer/information gatherer, and he's the one who first brings the characters together. The setting is general fantasy, but with the small twist of some schizo tech that was recently discovered (maybe about a generation ago). The so-called "Diggers" are the people who find this technology, and generally try to learn as much about its workings as they can. There has so far been some success with repairing old technology, but nobody understands how to make new things yet. I'm leaving this part, as well as the specific workings of magic in this world, completely vague to open up LOTS of possibilities for characters and powers. The story will take place in and around the city of Rimanth, as should probably be obvious.

This is a very action-oriented RP. It'll be organized a little more rigidly than most. The RPing will be in three phases that run in a cycle. The first phase is setup, in which Angar will tell everything he's been able to find out about the bounty in question. The second phase, and the focus/longest one, is the action phase, where the characters do the job. They fight the bounty (who will also be played by a player), as well as anything in their way to the one the bounty's on, and either capture or kill based on the requirements of the bounty. It is my intent that the battles be as fair and balanced as possible (by which I mean, free of godmodding), and that the possibility of character death be extremely real. The third phase is the aftermath, which should consist of exactly one post outlining what each character did with the money, and any other important things that happened between one bounty and the next.

As usual for my RPs, characters will be accepted at any time. However, hunter characters will only be able to join in the IC in the setup phase, for fairly obvious reasons. Bounties should be submitted via PM because I want there to be surprises for the characters and players alike to deal with. If you are going to submit a bounty character, you will have to play that character and any necessary NPCs, and please keep in mind that the game can't properly continue until the bounty character dies or is captured. That doesn't mean you shouldn't put up a fight, but it does mean that godmodding and stretching out a given bounty in plot-hole-making ways are not acceptable.
Character Sheets/Listing

Hunter Character Sheet:
Appearance: (link to image, and/or description)
Morality: (what kind of morals your character has. an extension of personality that may become important.)
Advantages: (please remember to keep things balanced. Your character wouldn't be out of luck and in need of money if they were some kind of amazing demigod)
Background: (any history/bio/motivation info you want to include)[/noparse]

Bounty Profile (send via PM, do not post in thread):
Appearance: (link to image, and/or description)
Goal: (Kill or Capture)
Location: (Where Angar sends the hunters to in order to begin the hunt; not necessarily the actual location of the mark)
Source: (Who hired for the bounty; could be individuals, an organization, or the government. Make sure to be as clear as you can about this.)
Price: (just in general, not exact values. That is, will this be a lot of money? A little? a moderate amount? Difficulty of a bounty need not be reflected by the price, especially if it's a private group who wants it.)
Information: (All the reasons behind the bounty; where the hunters need to go; the situation the hunters will find when they arrive; other things they will have to fight besides the bounty him/her-self.)[/noparse]

Only fragments of this information will be revealed by Angar, but I need to know this stuff to rank the bounties available by difficulty and avoid sending the party against someone too powerful early on.

Character Listing:

Hunter Character Sheet:
Name: Jemmy Nickerson
Gender: female
Age: 20
Shes loves to wear birght, unusual clothes, not giving a shit if they don't match her bright hair. :D
Personality: always happy, even if she is hurting inside. Talkative, VERY. Outgoing, slightly headstrong at times.
Morality: if she see someone that is hurt, even if it is a cat which she fears, she will save it/them.
Equipment: a spear
Advantages: quick on her feet, sneaky,
Disadvantages: horrible with animals, chats too much with the bounty.
Background: as a child her mother had breast cancer and later died, her father was awfully distant and didn't take of her properly so she had to pratically raise herself over the years. After her father became distant, she began to chat with herself, she thought of herself as two beings almost. Now, she has outgrown that but she still is very chatty, she will sometimes mutter to herself. She lost her job because of how chatty she was and lived alone until she was evicted. She loves making friends though she will only show her inner self to extremely close friends that she truly trusts:
I'm not sure whether you were done or not, there are some commas and colons in your profile that don't seem to lead anywhere...but I want to address a few concerns anyway:
Your bold tags are broken for some reason, maybe I messed up on the character sheet...just close them with a [noparse][/b][/noparse] after the colons for each field. I'm not sure but that looks like a very modern-styled character; this RP is in a more traditional fantasy world, so they probably wouldn't know what "breast cancer" is, and the clothes in the appearance don't fit that mold much either. I don't really know much about what she can and can't do, consider elaborating in the advantages/disadvantages section so they're, maybe, at least a couple sentences each. The history is really kind of generic...
And, in case it wasn't clear, the team Angar is putting together is supposed to be made of people who either weren't bounty hunters before, or weren't doing very well on their own for one reason or another. If they were decent bounty hunters at the first, they would not need to join a team, eh?
Okay, well, here are my characters. Maybe someone will notice and decide to actually join the RP...

First, Angar:

Name: Angar Lockspeer
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: In his 60's
Appearance: An old man with a wooden replacement for his left leg. Almost always sitting down; has curly hair, some black, some gray and some white. He's a big guy, and it's not hard to tell he was a warrior back in his day.
Personality: Angar is the kind of guy who can make friends with nearly anybody, at least temporarily. He knows how to show people the kind of respect the expect, but he doesn't generally use flattery unless he's really desperate. He has a bit of an accent and when he speaks to the hunters he takes on a kind of old general's tone. He is a little bitter, but at the same time unwilling to give up hope for his dreams, even at his older age.
Morality: Angar is a man of the world. He knows better than to break the laws, but working directly for the government has already failed to work out for him, so he's willing to bend the rules a bit when necessary. You won't catch him murdering people at random, but you won't catch him giving his money away either.
Equipment: Pretty much nothing.
Advantages: Angar knows just how to talk to people; he knows where and how to get the information he needs. He's already made a network of friends that he can tap as informants in the city. He's been in many wars, and knows how to effectively use all kinds of different skills together; he's decent at drawing up battle plans provided the information he's got is good (and it usually is).
Disadvantages: Angar can't personally fight. He might be able to defend himself or the tavern for a couple of minutes, but hunting a bounty is out of the question for him.
Background: Angar is an old war veteran of a far-off country. He lost his leg for them, and at the time it was a sacrifice he was happy to make. His country soon forgot his service, however, and he quickly became disillusioned with his old nationalism. He then set off on the road, wooden leg and all, looking for a new beginning. That was at least ten years ago. Rimanth is his latest opportunity; all he really wants is an opportunity to retire well, and maybe have something worth giving to the next generation.

Now, the one I'll have on the hunts themselves:

Name: Iradel Rashal
Gender: Female
Race: Werewolf (half-elf)
Age: 27
Appearance: In her most humanoid form, which is the one she uses most of the time, Iradel is about average height (5 feet or so), and she still has the ears and tail of a wolf, covered in fur, and amber eyes. Her hair is about shoulder-length, pitch black, and her fur is just as black but has a few white spots here and there. She wears simple traveler's clothes, and generally seems fairly plain, if athletic. The most noticable aspect of her usual appearance is a broadsword nearly as long as she is tall that she wears on her back when standing up, and places next to her, as close as possible, when sitting or lying down. When she shifts to full werewolf form, the fur is of similar coloration--black with some white spots--and she is about half a foot taller and certainly much more intimidating to look at.
Personality: Iradel talks like a noble most of the time, and acts like one whenever possible. She can come off as blunt or cold, but this is mostly a result of how utterly focused she is on whatever task has been set before her, whether it be something someone else will further her ends in exchange for or something she's doing for herself. She is intelligent and well-educated, making it clear that her noble talk is not quite fake, and possibly surprising anyone who watches her style of fighting.
Morality: She isn't terribly generous and won't go out of her way to help people, but she does have the sort of sense of justice one might expect out of a decent born-and-bred noble. If something is clearly very wrong to her, she will usually see fit to step in and try to stop it; she won't usually do something if it seems terribly immoral.
Equipment: The sword she carries is her weapon of choice; it's long, wide, and has an edge on both sides. It has a holder which is attached to her shoulders, under her shirt, but no sheath. She hardly worries about something so big and heavy being stolen.
Advantages: Iradel is strong. She can draw and strike with her sword more quickly than one would expect, though obviously not quite up to the speed of another person with daggers or the like. She is very good at overpowering opponents in melee combat, simply slamming her weapon into the enemy over and over until either they or their weapon breaks. Her physical endurance matches her strength. As mentioned before, she isn't stupid and is not easily outwitted. Should she be without her sword, she is also decent at hand-to-hand combat, especially in her werewolf form, which gives her the natural weapons of claws and teeth. She can shift partially or wholly to werewolf form generally at will, but remaining in it for too long will tire her out. She has good senses of hearing and smell, and is therefore useful for tracking down or discovering people that intend to remain hidden.
Disadvantages: Iradel is not the strongest, and certainly not the fastest. Were a person with equal strength, a similarly-sized weapon, and greater skill or speed than her to face her, she would be outmatched. Plus, someone who is fast enough or skilled enough may be able to disarm her, put her off balance, or cut her before she could draw her sword. She knows about magic but not how to cast spells, and she would be utterly useless in purely ranged combat. As a werewolf, silver burns Iradel's skin a little bit; her obvious heritage brings the risk of others using this weakness a bit higher, as well as possibly drawing some prejudice.
Background: The country which Iradel is from is one ruled by werewolves; the king and nobility are made up of a large family of the race. It was a just, well-run country, and Iradel was the daughter of nobles, on the track to become one herself. This is where her education, manner of speaking, and skill with the sword came from. However, when she was in her late teenage years, Iradel's brother was involved in a poorly planned, unjust assassination attempt on the royal family. The people directly involved were executed, him included; their immediate families, including Iradel, were exiled to different edges of the country. Iradel was old enough to be considered an adult, and thus separated from her parents and the rest of the exiles. She has been trying to live as a wanderer since then, hunting animals for food and taking whatever help she could get, but it didn't take long for that to get really old. At present she wants to build up a fortune of her own, and use it to buy back, from somewhere other than her homeland, the nobility that was taken from her.
Hunter Character Sheet:
Name: Ashe
Gender: female
Race: half demon, half human
Age: appears 18 she's actually 28
Appearance: Ashe stands 5'4 in height but exceeds in her knee high platform heeled boots. Skin tone is originally Asian pale but turned slightly tan due to constantly roaming from one place to another under the scorching sun. Her eyes appear oddly in a middle tone of peach but usually when she is angered and basically known for triggering her demon side her eyes turn a crimson red however her left eye stays slightly red pink while the other completely crimson red. She has blonde white hair which strangely vary shades of plum, red, peach and pink under certain light. She wears combat boots her right leg has armor till her knees the other just a red bandana on her thigh. She wears real short red shorts with an off white skirt with side slits, a brown leather belt. Her shirt piece is stylized only fitting till her breasts and then opening in a v from both front and back with pointed ends to the side and is in off white shade. Just like her legs she wears fingerless gloves till above her elbow though the right one has an armor and the left one is armor less and instead has two belts tied at the top. She also wears a belt like choker and a huge red scarf the covers her mouth like a muffler and trails from the back.
Personality: Ashe is stern and serious her humor is the sarcastic sort, usually by insulting someone. She is rough and hard ore and is not easy to open up to he soft side but its not like she can't, she has a soft side which is strangely only seen by kids or smaller critters.
Morality: Morality is of great importance to her in fact she doesn't even like to go easy on people she knows to well, she is a woman of just decisions and in her will she tries to bring justice in matters she's involved.
Equipment: A sword with ancient inscriptions carved on it which speak of courage hope and bravery and are just encouragement and are carved for decoration and a wing shaped handle. She has a whip with two ends each one having a hooked blade. She carries daggers in her boots and tiny blades places in her belt.
Advantages: Ashe has fast reflexes in terms of combat and is quick in her work no matter what the work is. She is good in keeping a low profile and manages herself to skim out of situation well enough. Although well in stealth mode she tires out quickly and during battles, if they turn out longer and harder her energy lowers reducing her speed and agility
Disadvantages: Her demon trigger is nothing more than her reflexes increasing by .5 percent and hers eyes changing shade, its usually when she is angered. She is not a God and not a pure demon, she has great healing ability that is if she survives a deadly situation unless she's killed through her heart or head sliced she'll die, she's not an immortal demon. She has no other ability of any sort and her demon power doesn't last long, it doesn't usually occur during a battle unless the opponent is giving her a hard time but her trigger finishes as soon as her opponent is defeated but in some situation when it seems hopeless to defeat she will weaken faster and will no longer be able to fight well in these cases she will flee to recover.
Background: Ashe grew up with her older brother, in a small village. They were orphans but her brother Dante was almost like a father to her and he trained her well for he knew she would be alone one day. He was ill and he hid it from Ashe. His condition kept growing worse and one day Ashe returned from the market in the village and found Dante breathing his last moments of life. Ashe had always been a quite type of person she was only friendly with her brother. She stayed up that night for hours and on his death bed he told her how their parents had actually died, they were murdered during the migration period along with many other travelers, these two siblings and a few others were the only one who made it to the town. Dante asked her to promise him that she would fulfill his desire to avenge their parents and with that he died. Ashe made an oath to do so, and she succeeded as well. After that she realized that those criminals had bounties on them, this actually got her interested in this job and since then she lived a nomadic life traveling from town to town and state to state just to do he job right.

-To be sure, am I to understand that this is a character who will stubbornly defend her sense of right and wrong and enforce her sense of justice, regardless of who she's dealing with?

Yes and hope the above given info is better now =) Also I couldn't find the IC thread not sure if you put it up but if you did could you put up a link.
Dude, you need a dude dude.

Can I stamp RESERVED on this spot?
@harmangel: Please at least give a gist of the background, it doesn't have to be several paragraphs or anything, but I'd like to have an idea of where this character is coming from. The idea of the "Background" section is to have a general sense of one's history, which can then be expanded on with details in-story.
I should probably point out that high heels actually make it much harder to move quickly on one's feet. Other than that, very nicely descriptive appearance; you seem slightly prone to run-ons and they get a little hard to follow sometimes, might want to watch that. A few clarifying things I need, too...
-To be sure, am I to understand that this is a character who will stubbornly defend her sense of right and wrong and enforce her sense of justice, regardless of who she's dealing with?
-If the inscriptions on the sword do anything other than be decoration, please mention that.
-I'm not really sure what you mean by the last sentence in the Disadvantages section.
-If this is a stealth/speed oriented character (as I gather from the advantages), you might want to indicate in disadvantages a lack of magic other than the demon trigger thing, and the possibility of being overpowered by strength or outlasted if those are things that can happen. I'm also curious whether demon-power usage burns out her energy faster or anything like that.

@Lunatic AI: Go ahead, if you want. I'll try to check back on that post periodically, but if you finish making a character there and I don't notice it feel free to get my attention via post or pm.
This way you can see I've replied :) Let me know if there's anything needs tweakage.

Name: Bae Yun

Gender: Male

Race: Human- But there's a touch of something magic in his blood.

Age: 19

Appearance: 6 ft even, thin but strong, with blue eyes and blonde hair just long enough he needs to drag it into a ponytail to keep it out of his eyes. Bae Yun has been sunburnt since he was old enough to toddle outside on his own two feet and despite living in the mountains can only ever remember wearing a shirt twice.

Typically he wears sturdy trousers and almost thigh high leather wading boots, a wide, copper reinforced belt (it comes up to just under his ribs to protect his stomach) and various tokens and jewelry from various friends and lovers, along with a talisman earring one of his sisters gave him when he left the village.

Personality: Highly empathetic and outgoing, Bae Yun is an all around people person, just as at ease swapping bawdy jokes with his fellow hunters as gossip with his grandmother's circle.

Morality:Brought up believing that you don't need a reason to help people. If it is within your power to give, you do so without hesitation. He's not naive, but he is an optimist.

Equipment: An ironwood longbow and quiver. Sixty steel tipped arrows, forty with status effect etchings and ten poisoned. A gauntlet and bracer (he's left handed) a brass capped hunting horn, and a skinning knife. Also a camping pack including a reed bedroll, 100 feet of rope, a small iron pot and tin pan and wooden bowl, and a hide tarpaulin and two blankets.

Advantages: As a hunter and trapper Bae Yun knows a great deal about survival (and comfort) out of doors. He has a natural instinct about land even in unfamiliar territory and is an excellent tracker. He is fast, and archers have to be strong, but he's a range fighter, not the best in close quarters.

Disadvantages: Bae Yun is not an in fighter, he has neither the training nor the brute strength physical combat needs. And as mentioned previously he is a great believer in the good in life. He's not stupid- but a good liar with a good story will get him every time... for a few hours at least.

Background: Bae Yun was raised in a small mountain village where there was very little farm land, most of the healthy young- men and women alike- become hunters at a very young age. Unlike most of his kin though, Bae Yun was taken in by the community healer and taught to supplement his skills with various potions and poisons. His wanders also tend to take him farther than the others of his village; Rimath has been a favorite stop for him for years.
harmangel: Okay, your character's good now. I'm hoping for just maybe one or two more applicants before I put the IC up, to make it more than 3 characters that actually go out hunting. Hopefully a mage of some sort...

Lunatic AI: I think he's good; I haven't totally gathered why he'd want to join the group but it's okay if we don't really know yet. It might be helpful to detail in advantages (and/or weapons) what sort of potions/poisons he tends to take along, or would be able to make fairly quickly if it became necessary.
Yeah I hit post then started asking myself the same question. But he likes people and he likes doing stuff and he likes doing stuff with people so if for no other reason he'd want to come along for the adventure of it.

I was about to go back and edit to include some camping gear, but I think i may have him lose it in a bet as a more valid reason for him to sign up. He'll need the money maybe. But I'll do some thinking on what kind of poisons/potions he can come up with fast, it would depend on what kind of resources are available, but he should carry some basics with him you're right- I'll get on it.
Came across this one while talent scouting for my own thread (which I was actually about to invite ALL of you to XD think I already sent sis-jan a PM about it) and liked the look.

I've got a bounty hunter Pre-made that I've not used in years, is it too late to join yet?

Name: Hubert Kable
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 43
Appearance: a very large man. broad shoulders, thick arms, constant scowl and short hair. he's about 6'2" and is a cliche 'hitter' by appearence, right down to the tree trunk legs.
Personality: Friendly but angry, all there really is to him. oh, he hates undead
Morality: He doesn't like killing unless he has to and cannot stand breaking up families, but see's no problem in most crimes.
Equipment: an extremely long leather whip
Advantages: Astounding sense of smell and he's strong all over
Disadvantages: Slow and useless at talking or negotiation
Background: He has 2 kids living with his ex wife (a dancer) and used to be an executioner.

If you're already closed, sorry. if there's any problems let me know and I'll try to sort them
Wagh! I forgot about this for a little bit there.
Anyway, this is totally still open. Hubert is fine, and will certainly help approach the variety of motivations I was hoping for with this.
Brilliant ^_^

He normally goes by Kable (although people from his old life still call him 'hugh')
Name: Vilanomius Surefire
Gender: Unknown (don't ask, its irrelevant in a working environment)
Race: Elven
Age: 84 (not that its relevant)

Tall and slender under a thick robe with long dark hair partially hiding the elongated ears of elven kind. Soft green eyes contrast with the serious expression usually present on the features surrounding them. The robes themselves are unremarkable. Blue with red trim, full length. No jewelry or adornment of any kind. This is one elf mage that means business.


Rational and intelligent with the stern belief that no problem can be solved with the correct and forceful application of magic. Although powerful magic is to be used sparingly less powerful spells can be used to settle scores on team mates, to the laundry give that buffoon across the street a massive rude gesture. Really, how does anyone live without it?"

Morality: Death is such a sad affair not to be invoked without provocation. Yes I would kill, yes I would destroy. But not needlessly. As for helping others. How would that help deepen my understanding of the fabric surrounding us? It is through that understanding the magic comes. What I do I do for necessity and in the pursuit of knowledge.

Equipment: Just a spare set of clothes and a bag of books.

Advantages: Command an understanding of magic. True mostly theoretical but effective nonetheless.

Disadvantages: Not physically tough, or strong, or imposing, dexterous, nimble, or anything really. (see Squishy Wizard.)

Background: Once apprenticed to a powerful mage he.. she? was eventually kicked out for hir single minded study of the secret nature of the universe instead of simply how to manipulate it. As a small revenge a few books went missing from the library, not that they'd be missed. But still, a place to stay, something to eat and somewhere quiet to read are desperately needed. This is do or slowly starve, what a way to learn the practical applications of what ones learned.
Okay, Vila is fine.

The IC is up!
I'm gonna ask for a bit more rigid organizing than I usually have in my RPs. For the setup phase we are going to need exactly two rounds of everyone posting. I'll have a separate post after someone else's for Iradel. The first round is introductions, describe when your character came in (early, late, right on time), where they tended to sit (at the table across from Angar, on a barrel or something, stood in a corner). Have them introduce themselves in a characterizing manner.
Second round will be after Angar tells them what the bounty is. It's mostly a discussion of strategy, but may also be conversation about what's going on.

After the two rounds, the hunt begins and we're on our way.
Vay, are you by any chance an OotS reader? Cus your ch reminds me of V. XD
Indeed I am... and my character is very much inspired by V.
This'll be fun then, mine's like a sane (and full sized) Belkar. I'm also currently drinking from my belkar mug.
Been looking for a bitterleaf to use exploding runes on....