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    The year was 2016,A global recession, civil wars, and terrorism pledged the world but, at least, there was some hope, that was until the demons showed up. The world broke into a mass panic and, Nuclear missiles Killed off everyone, everyone but the city of Tokyo thanks to the sacrifice of one man and the guardian deity, Masakado. Together, they became the dome of bedrock the currently covers the city just before the missiles could strike. 25 years later the man who's name was Flynn has returned to Tokyo from a place known as The Eastern Kingdom Mikado with a new body (he was

    reincarnated) to liberate the city from both Lucifer's and Merkabah's oppression...
    But, what about the 25 years Tokyo spent in darkness? What did the people of Tokyo do to adapt to their new lives in darkness, sealed away with demons? With their only way to the "surface", the sky tower protected by angels who have nicknamed them the "unclean ones" how as they supposed to leave?The Hunter association was formed by 2 men Fujiwara and Skins to answer the many of the questions the citizens of Tokyo had.

    The roleplay takes place a few years after Tokyo was sealed (or after the underground districts and demon summoning program were established) and, is centered around the Hunters of the Kinshicho underground district. The missions they go on, the demons they befriend and defeat, and more importantly, how they adapt to this new much harsher environment. (If you haven't played Shin Megami Tensei IV and Apocalypse then everything will be explained below)

    *I'll get a map here soon*
    Though Tokyo may seem like it's that same just sealed off, it's not. There are demons everywhere, large poison pools are scattered around the place. The second you leave the safety of the underground you are dead meat, that is unless you are a hunter.

    Hunters, Hunter Association, and Underground Districts

    The Hunter Association is and origination started by two men named Fujiwara and Skins (as stated above). Their primary goal is to find a way to back through to the surface but, for now, they take and fulfill quest given by the people of Tokyo.

    The people who are part of the Association are known as hunters. Hunters live off of killing demons and taking requests that are on the screen in the bar. The requests they can take are limited based on their skill level. Hunters are responsible for gathering food and relics (used as material), helping the transportation of goods, and much more.

    Newbie hunters (known as cadets) much undergo training with and experienced hunter until they are determined ready to be official hunters by the Association. Once appointed you will receive a smartphone and will be entered into the hunter database under you own name or an alias. This smartphone is key to your success as a hunter, it not only does it have your ID, it also has what you will need if you are to fight the demon, the demon summoning program.

    The underground districts are what the people of Tokyo call home. It's a safe heaven for them since no demons can get in which makes them perfect for the central hubs of the Association. In these districts, you will find A bar(used for healing up and gathering new missions), A shop (health and attack items are sold here), a weapons shop (you will find armor, swords, and guns here), and a residential area.

    here are maps of every underground district (well the ones I remember/ have terminals for in my game)
    Kinshicho (open)

    Ueno (open)

    Ginza (open)

    Shinjuku (open)

    Kasumigaseki (open)

    shibuya (open)

    The Angels

    The Demons
    The Demon Summoning Program


    The Demons pt.2

    How Things Will Work


    a, I know there are the Ashura-Kai and Ring of Gaea but, I want this to focus on the hunters. I know some of my history up there is a little wrong but, I really don't want to change it so if you want the correct thing I'll post a picture of the correct history.​
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