The Hunt For the Fallen Light

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What Court are you?

  1. Unseelie

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  2. Seelie

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  3. No court

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  4. Human

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    Summer had fallen upon the land of Onardokath, many inhabitants in the different kingdom's, would be having the time of there lives. It was the time of the Seelie court, the Fae from that court were getting ready for the summer solstice. While the Unseelie Fae were waiting for fall to come around. they would be taking over. The two court's however have lost the one thing that kept the kingdom's in balance. They were missing there treasure that They called the Fallen light, she had been stolen by the humans. Now before we get into the story I will give you a slight background of the courts.

    History (open)
    Once upon a time, there was just Faerie with a Faery Queen (and King I believe.. maybe), and all of its inhabitants lived in this "City of Everlasting Change." One could say they were the original Seelie Court. Until one day there was an uprising and groups of Fae no longer wanted to be part of the entirety of Faerie, but wanted to hold a hierarchy of their own thus branching off from Faerie. These Fae could be seen as the beginning of the Unseelie Court. I think monarchs are able to reign for 1000 years to however long the people of their court agree to their reign

    Seelie Court (open)
    The Seelie Court is seen as more beneficent toward humans. Seelie means "Blessed" or "Holy" and is akin to German selig and Old English sælig. The modern word, "silly" which can be understood as happy, harmless, or beneficial. In Irish it is spelled seleighe. The fae of this court are known to seek out humans to warn those who had accidentally offended them in one manner or another, and to return human kindness with favors of their own. Fae don't like to be in debt. Even so, a faery belonging to this court will most definitely avenge insults and are prone to much mischief. The most common time of day to see them is twilight and sometimes dawn.

    Seelie Court Con't (open)

    The Spring Court is typically seen as the much "calmer" ones to the benevolence of the Fae compared to Summer. The fae of this court are generally polite and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. These fae are more apt to lure humans in with sweet dew. They also have blossoming curiosity. The Spring Court is strongest during the ends of winter and throughout the spring season, despite the Summer Court having reigned. These fae are peppy, quiet, seductive, emotional, and vernal obviously. The epitome of spring.

    The Summer Court typically represents what people see as the benevolent side of the Fae. The fae of this court are generally considered more polite or mannered, albeit they are still very capable of cruelty (but will be more hush-hush, or subtle about it). The Summer Court has free reign over summer solstice and spring equinox months, and are strongest during that time. Needless to say, the fae of this court are frivolous, venereal, hot-headed and what have you. They are the epitome of summer.

 This court is more tolerable of Humans and does not make them slaves.

    Unseelie Court (open)
    The Unseelie, the "Unholy" or "Unblessed" Court consists of the malicious and more evilly-inclined fairies. Unlike the Seelie Court, offense is not necessary to bring down their foes or anyone they choose to bother for that matter. As a group, or the 'host' as we Fae call it, they appear at night and assault travelers either 'physically', emotionally, and/or mentally– especially spiritually ignorant folk. Like the faeries of the Seelie Court, neither are the faeries of the Unseelie court always evil. However, when one of them is forced to choose, they will naturally prefer to harm than help.
    Unseelie Court Con't (open)

    The Autumn Court is typically seen as the equally malevolent side of Fae in comparison to Winter, but much more middling. The fae of this court are generally the ones doing the "dirty work" and "trooping". However, these fae can have much nicer sides than any of the Fae and return great favors. The Autumn Court is strongest during the ends of summer and throughout the autumn season. These fae are strong, mystique, eerie, ravishing all the same, and devious. The epitome of autumn. 

    The Winter Court typically represents what people see as the malevolent side of the Fae. The fae of this court seemingly frown upon humans. They're more inclined to talk about their ope cruelty. This makes them look none other than evil, however one chooses to define evil. The Winter Court has free reign over winter solstice and autumn equinox months, and are strongest during that time. By and by, the fae of this court are sensible, chilled, dark, baleful, and what have you. They are the epitome of winter. This court does not like human's and like's to enslave them.

    Politics (open)
    In a nutshell, the Faerie Courts are the paramount social structures of Fae society. The Courts are very strong political allegiances that enforce their philosophy on existing members, recruit for new members, build armies, hold say in seasonal power, and blood nobility in a odd communist society– only the nobles truly have.
    Politics (open)
    There are, of course, those who swear no allegiance to any Court, they are known as Solitary Fae. Nowadays, Solitaries are seen as having a neutral/balanced/common ground between the courts and they are also seen as some of the most dangerous. Living a life a as Solitary can be simple and good in some respect, but because they have chosen to be cut off from the larger support network social interaction with others is not as available. Even so, Solitary fae can finds means of interacting with others and can often be an intermediary for many purposes of Faerie and of Earth. Solitaries are usually unpredictable and have been seen as the outcasts (either banished, choosing to leave, or not choosing at all), and the "wild wee ones". There are not many that regret their decision of being court less.
    Now back to our story, the King of The Unseelie Court and the Queen of the Seelie court got together one night at a party and they had a child they Called her there Fallen Light, she would spend Summer and spring with her mother in the Seelie Court and When it was her Fathers time she would spend it with him. How ever hunter's had stolen her away when she was making her way to her mother's court. They thought it would get the courts to fight and all hell would break loose, how ever it did not they banded together to find her. Now it is a race to find the Fallen Light and get her back.

    Rules (open)
    1. Must be active
    2. Violence is a yes
    3. Cursing is a yes
    4. Romance is fine, Smut is cool, just don't make it the main thing. If you could move it to pm or a 1x1 thread so that it doesn't impead with the story line that is fine. Or leave it in the thread, like I said I don't care. No Adult and teen Smut don't do it any where
    5.No going off plot to far
    6.No one liner's I am very big on this
    7.Even amount of male and females, if you can double male and female I will not stop you. I am going to say No LGBT, nothing against you guy's just a preference for this rp. I love the LGBT community you guys are awesome.(y)
    8. This is Modern/ Renaissance times, the courts mannerisms are Renaissance the world around them is Modern
    9. No Gming bunnying etc.
    10. No Gary stu or Mary sue
    12. Don't kill or control other's character's

    Character's (open)
    Character List (can Always add more spots ) Please double if you can


    Fallen Light~ Taken
    Seelie Court:
    Queen- taken (small roll will most likely would want another roll )
    Seelie Court Sentries- both open
    ~ Male
    ~ Female

    Unseelie Court- Closed
    King- Wicked witch
    King's Knight- male Reserved by Lonelywolf
    Unseelie Court Sentries- Closed
    ~ Male Firejay1
    ~ Female MotherofCthulhu

    No Court- Male open
    ~ Male
    ~ Firejay1 Female

    Hunter/Humans- both open
    ~ Male
    ~ Female

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