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  1. Yoo.

    I'm looking for a parner or two for some hopefully fun setups. So im not a picky person, and as long as we both try our best and can read the posts well enough I give it a go.

    Posting length should be something that's interesting to read xD.


    Note that the settings are for now mostly smut with/out plot.

    Mxm, FxF, MxF
    Animal: Furry/Beast plots with possible dominance plays, and possible strange themes.


    The zoo...

    Countless pokémon have been brought to a Zoo for the purpose of human entertainment. However, rivalry and dominance issues occur... And soon every mon is out to become the alpha.

    'possibly rapeish themes'
    'Gender mixtures'
    Sibling play...

    A pair/group of Eeveelutions have trouble finding love. However they still have each other, and they do love each other... don't they?

    'Possible same gender'
    'Possible genderbending'

    The "master"...

    In a world where humans don't exist, pokemon go to dojos to train under reveared masters. These masters are said to be wise and strong and somewhat equal to aces of their regions that have beaten the elite four.

    Now Yc have been accepted to train under one of these masters, which is one of the biggest honor a Pokémon can get. What will happen?


    The dark price: MxF...

    While everypony seem to mostly love and only know about alicorn princessess, there is a fact that during rare occasions an alicorn Prince is born. A thousand years ago or so, Celestia actually had a cousin sharing the royal blood.

    A prince was born, but fear was born as well. Due to an act of a wicked witch, the Prince came out with three horns and batlike wings, from this curse. Believed to be a spawn of evil, the Prince was banished to Tartarus.... However now much later he have broken free... More powerful than anypony alive, truly corrupted from demon taint and out for revenge...

    What will happen to those i. His way?

    'possible character death and rape here'/ Vampirism like themes.

    The Highschool of Desire...
    [Any Mix] Can be Furry, or anything really.

    Being a New student at a new highschool is never easy. There s a lot of new rules and a lot of new things to take in at once. There is also a lot of new people who you never have met before and it doesn't help much that once you've entered the school grounds you cannot leave before graduation.
    Now it also happen that the school is very different from most, or have one trait that some school usually have but are less talked about,namely the New student 'Zeroing'

    This usually is rather harmless pranks for new students to be put in their place. But at this Highschool its not very harmless at all, and most student's who are 'Zeroed' have a difficult time recovering from it. Some are raped, some are harmed... and some have to endure other things that turly show them that they are on the bottom of the ladder and worth nothing when they come...

    Now, will you prevail?...

    More to be added...
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  2. I would like to join a RP w/t you!

    I have a plot idea, PM me.
  3. DOne ^^
  4. I'm up for the zoo or the highschool one
  5. I'm interested in a role of a new student here. I'll PM you.
  6. Im interested in rping with you :)
  7. Awesome, I get to replying to everyone and close this.
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