The Hunger Games

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  1. I have recently been reading The Hunger Games series, and have fallen in love with it, much as I did when I was reading Harry Potter for the first time. That being said, I would like to find others who are just as enthusiastic about the books, and are really into the actual Games part of the books. I have this crazy idea where myself and others pretend to be characters from the twelve distrcits, and spend a few months trying to kill one another. Also, we would need someone willing to play as the Gamemakers, giving us incentives to kill one another just that much faster. Perhaps the setting will be well before the second Quarter Quell. It would stink to have to kill Haymitch because someone else wanted to win that particular year, yes?

    So, for this to work, we need a Master Gamemaker, and people willing to play the Tribues, and players who are willing to let their characters be killed, because the Games do not end (in the series) until the 75th year, and I would like to keep this as true to the story as possible in the respect. You may choose characters that are mentioned in the stories as having been killed in the Games, or you may create your own character for our Games; the choice is yours, obviously.

    This year's Hunger Games will be held in an arena filled with trees. There is one giant lake in the center, filled with fish and other animal life, surrounded by... you guessed it. More trees, as well as various bushes with both edible and inedible berries and such. There are wolves and a bear living in this arena, though they are far and few between, and the arena is HUGE; easily thirty square miles. In the east, there are high hills, sparsely covered with large evergreens, and a tiny stream that inevitably leads back to the lake about ten miles away. There are rock outcroppings spread out throughout the arena. The animal-life in the area consists of rabbits, squirrels that fly and eat human flesh, small, blessedly normal birds, and wild cats, which are roughly the size of small wolves.

    Oh yeah, and one more thing.

    May the odds be ever in your favor.
  2. I might join, but I have a few already, and I started my own on a different sight... So, yeah.... if I dont join, I MIGHT lurk.
  3. Yessss The Hunger Games! I'd totally join. I'm cool with my character dying, too. Do you have a character sheet? I'd likely want to be a tribute, but I can also play multiple characters if we need non-tribute characters.
  4. Lurkers are always welcome, of course. ^__^

    Character sheet is as follows:

    Age: 12-18
    Gender: Male/Female
    Tribute/Tribute's Family/Gamemaker:
    Open to Alliances: Yes/No
    Brief History:
    Fighting skills: (Hand-to-hand, weapons, traps, camoflauge, etc.)
  5. Name: Silvio Moreau
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    District: 3
    Tribute/Tribute's Family/Gamemaker: Tribute
    Open to Alliances: Yes (with thought, naturally)
    Hair: Short black hair
    Eyes: Blue
    Personality: Silvio never was a nice kid. He's really quiet and not very friendly, so he was never really that popular back in district 3. He's quick to fight, but isn't always... victorious in his attempts. He gets carried away with his emotions, resulting in it escalating further than it really should. He's actually decently intelligent, just really, really bad with people.
    Brief History: Living in district 3, the Moreau family never needed to have their children sign up for tessera, so it was purely bad luck that Silvio was chosen. He's the middle child, living in a family of 5.
    Fighting skills: Silvio is pretty good at setting up traps, but also is decent with a knife.
    Weaknesses: High places, hates loud sounds, lack of balance and a lack of control over emotions.
    Strengths: Close combat, traps, ingenuity.

    Sorry for the delay! Let me know if you want me to flesh him out some more. How are we going to do the fighting, by the way? Since I imagine people aren't going to want to die right off the bat.
  6. Name: Askel Rideiris
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    4 (fishing)
    Tribute/Tribute's Family/Game-maker: Tribute
    Open to Alliances:
    Hair: A dark brown color, lightened by days in the sunlight. It touches his ears in the beginnings of a careless mop, looking as though he ran his fingers through it. It's a care-free and easy-going look that works well for him.
    Eyes: sea green
    Personality: Askel is a kind and easy going person. Usually trying to avoid conflict if necessary, but if action is needed he will take action. He is wary of new people, but is easy to make friends with. Once you get to know him you can see his sense of humor can make light of almost any situation, although now some of the light has left his eyes.
    Brief History: Living in District 4 Askel has never really known hardship. His family has never known hardship and he has lead a relatively happy life. He enjoys fishing with his father and two older brothers. He would often create tools out of simple objects that would help with the fishing, ease up the work a bit. He was also very skilled with making and repairing nets intricate or simple. Over all he was great with his hands. Excited and happy, Askel went to the annual Reaping. This would be the last one, his birthday being but a few weeks away. After this nobody in his family would have to worry, he was the youngest and would soon be out of harm way. All the happiness was shattered as his name was called. Surely this was a mistake, surely one of the career tributes should have been chosen. Askel went up to the smiling citizen of the Capitol in charge of The Reaping here. All the happiness in him was gone, now it was replaced by fear. Surely it was the same for his family as well.
    Fighting skills: Askel is decent with hand to hand combat, often messing about with his brothers, but mainly his skill is trap making.
    Weaknesses: Fear of small places, no weapons training at the moment.
    Very quick- witted, and clever with making tools, or weapons if need be out of next to nothing.