The Hunger Games Reaping (OoC)

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  1. May the odds be ever in your favour!

    The annual reaping takes place once more! The 76th Hunger Games!

    That's right - we are still in charge, and your children are still participating in the Hunger Games! One boy and one girl from every district are due to participate. These children are between 12 and 18 and tend to have one skill. The game makers are in charge, and the children shall visit the training centre, be judged, betted on, and sponsored. One can get things from their sponsors depending on courage, or, like the 74th Hunger Games, true love!

    Though this time, we will full-on brutally kill any rebels. Get it?

    So, let's see who our lucky boys and girls are!

    1) I am anyone who is not a tribute or a family member of the tribute. I am Effie, the President, the designers, Caesar, sponsors and the game makers. I can add tracker jackers or whatever. The Capitol is in charge.
    2) When you die, you die. Do not protest. Ever. It annoys me.
    3) At the same time, don't go around killing people. You can not say, "Clove stabbed Katniss in the back and she died." Katniss won't always die.
    4) If they are right next to you, and stab you. You don't just dodge that. Arrows and stuff, maybe.
    5) Follow your district guidelines.
    6) All you have to do to join is say the tributes name, district, age and appearance.
    7) Enjoy the little time the tributes have!
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    District 1 - Since the beginning, District 1 has been one of the richest of the districts, and one of the producers of the Careers. They produce luxury goods, and they are also quite bulky. Many tributes volunteer from this district as they find it a great honour to both win and lose. They tend to win, or be high ranking, and train all their lives.

    District 2 - District 2 is also a rich district and a producer of Careers. They fortify Panem and make up most of its military. They too tend to train their entire lives and find it a great honour to both win and lose, and often tributes are in the older years and are volunteers. They tend to receive a high ranking or win. They also tend to give out slow deaths to their enemies.

    District 3 - District 3 is a rich district, but doesn't always produce Careers. The people are engineers, and Panem is very advanced due to this district and its technology. The children can make mines and machines, that is, if they can find enough resources.

    District 4 - Although the people of District 4 can not fight the way the Careers can, they are strong in the fact that, as they are from the fishing district, they are great with a spear. They can catch fish with their bare hands, and know how to make spears, nets and fishing rods, and how to use them to their advantage. People from this district are excellent swimmers.

    District 5 - District 5 is often not mentioned. The children tend to follow the crowd, but can be sly and tend to work alone. They do not train, but are quick to learn. People of District 5 tend to be intelligent, and powerful allies as they are fast runners. They wait for the moment, and tend to be good at dodging.

    District 6 - The home of the morphlings, to win when you're from District 6 would basically be torture. They have no idea how to use a weapon, and hate to travel, despite all the transportation made in their home district. They do things without really thinking. District 6 don't enjoy the games at all.

    District 7 - Despite the fact they do not train for the games, District 7 always have a good chance. From a young age, residents start chopping trees, making them strong and good with an axe. They are used to brutal environments, and if they are not too big, are brilliant at climbing trees.

    District 8 - Their past lives won't help...unless sowing machines are weapons. The district have had problems with the Capitol, and the game makers are quite biased against them. However, we are choosing to play fair this time. However, they can stay awake for a long time.

    District 9 - The people of District 9 can use pitchforks and can ride horses, but neither of those things are available. They can make fires quickly, and are good with their hands, just not with their legs. The district make allies with other farming districts, and can grow plants and make compost. They are also good at finding water.

    District 10 - The residents here are quick with a knife, and they can kill cleanly. They feel no shame in killing, as long as it isn't slow. They can track animals easily and hunt them with nothing more than a butcher's knife, but give them a bow and they won't have a clue. Close combat is theirs for the winning.

    District 11 - District 11 finds the games a death sentence. They tend to have copper skin due to working outside in the agriculture. They are good hiders and know about plants and berries. It is a crueler district that is in poverty, but when you live in the Capitol that doesn't matter. They tend to avenge each other, and are good at stealing. They are either tough or shy, and you shouldn't cross either.

    District 12 - There's one true thing: people from District 12 aren't scared of the dark. They are strong and rebellious, kind, but kindness gets you nowhere. They are often scrawny, and depending on their background, can be good at a certain weapon, like the Careers.
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  3. Is it too late to join?