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  1. It was the year 2150 when they came, the sky was darkened with the presence of thousands of hovering ships. Strange beings that slightly resembled humans came to earth. They had strange hair colors, and even stranger eyes,some had markings etched onto their skin and some even possessed strange abilities, and they were all somewhat eerily beautiful. They wanted to integrate into the lives of humans, to learn about the humans and by doing so share their world. In time the government deemed them "Safe" to release into society and adopted a program which would help these visitors adjust to life on earth, many people welcomed them with open arms but some...did not. Most of the Arhin(Are-rin)chose to immediately interact with the humans and some valued isolation. One thing that was of most importance was the fact that the same bond that could manifest between two Arhin could also manifest between a human and a Arhin, it could prove to be unbreakable, and that is what kept some Arhin on earth permanently. As expected there is some tension between the sides that did not want anything to do with the other which sometimes lead to crimes and hate on both sides.

    Are you a human welcoming the Arhin and living your life or a human who is completely against these foreign entities, or are you a Arhin fresh to planet earth in seek of humanity, or one who would rather keep your distance from the humans. It is your choice.

    The setting is of modern time in a city. Arhin's if wanted can only be bonded to one other person be it human or another Arhin, and the bond does not really have to be accepted by the human (the human can choose to reject it, but the other Arhin cannot reject it seeing as though they will have the same reaction,so it has to be mutual between two Arhins.) Romance is welcome ,violence is welcome, halfbreeds are welcome, swearing is okay just don't go overboard, and a Arhin can only have one ability, but just have fun :D

    Just please try to provide an image of your character, with a name and state whether you are human or Arhin. It is perfectly fine if you cannot find a real life image, animes are accepted, graphically made images are accepted but we just want a general picture of what your character looks like. XD any questions just inbox
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    Zeth watched as the human behind the desk fumbled around with the mess of papers. No doubt they were for him but she couldn't seem to function quite right at the moment, her cheeks were stained red almost as is she was bleeding from the inside, it was rather strange. He had been among the first ones to step foot onto planet earth and so far he understood so very little of what was happening, as he was still stuck in reception, he had been delayed a bit, so he was not the first to be released, and definitely not the last . They insisted on knowing every little detail about him so it could be stored away. He sat in a very crowded office place with other humans and his people waiting to be released, and turned back to the woman. "Is... that all?" his human language had improved a great deal. His eyes found the woman's, humans liked eye contact.
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    She sat in what used to be her favorite coffee shop, irritated by the fact that it had become so popular she had not had the luxury of choosing her seat. Others would have considered her lucky but not she. Apolline wasn't among the Arhin lovers and it irked her that she had to sit by the window from which she could see the offices across the street. Offices that had somewhat recently placed themselves there, against her silent will. They dealt with Arhin and the Arhin lovers flocked to this cafe for the off-chance of a meeting encounter. It's not that Apolline had a particularly strong hatred towards them. How could she when she'd never spoken to one before. Then again, she wasn't particularly fond of them either which helped explained a bit the fact that she'd never spoken to one before.
    She sighed. The neighboring tables were giggling, an Arhin had just stepped out of the building. Had she not already ordered her tea she would have stood up and left in a huff. But alas, seated she remained. Subtly scowling at the the window's view. She was well aware that a few Arhin were in the coffee shop, how could one not notice them, but was grateful that the nearest one was seated at least three tables away from her.
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    Ever walked down the street, a half eaten apple in hand and drooling large dog she called Clyde at her side. She was a hybrid of both human and Arhin, but took most qualities of her Arhin mother. She never thought anything of it, when she went to school her friends claimed it was a romantic love story that the two races could fall in love but Ever couldn't see it like that. Sure, it was 'cute' that a human loved an alien but she found it to be annoying. Despite having both races in her blood she preferred neither of them and stayed on her own. Besides, humans sometimes found her as a freak of nature and Arhins kept telling her how important she was since she was living proof that Arhins and humans could live together in peace. But, being on her own wasn't so bad. She never had to worry about sharing or having to listen to someone's boring story about how there weekend went. Ever found it peaceful. Her gaze flickers down the block where a coffee shop stood and decided to stop in or a drink. Tossing the apple into a nearby trash can, Ever and Clyde headed in the direction of the building. "Clyde, stay. I'll be out shortly." She said in a firm voice. The drooling bullmastiff let out a whimper in protest but reluctantly did as his master said. Ever pushes open the door to the coffee shop, wincing at the loud tinkling sound of the bell above the door.
  5. Apolline sipped her newly arrived Earl Grey tea. She found it very satisfying that it did wonders to relieve her frustrating situation. It's not that bad, she tried to convince herself, and resolved to take out her book, Modern Society: Human Civilization at a Crossroads by Jennine Dallas. She had her tea, she had her book, and soon enough she would forget the window and its admirers around her. However, Just before she could finish the second sentence the tinkling sound of the bell got her attention. How she missed the old bell, its sound so lithe and unobtrusive, but she understood the necessity of a louder bell. After all, now that the cafe was so popular and busy it needed that extra ring to let the staff know a new customer was waiting.
    She looked over with slight curiosity and found a very pretty Arhin entering the place. Something about her was off, but Apolline wouldn't know enough about real Arhin to distinguish any difference; she mostly just read about them on occasion.
    She took her hat off and placed it on the table, her pink dyed hair a bit of a mess in contrast with her attire. She fixed her brooch, not because it needed fixing but rather out of habit, and looked back at the new arrival. There was no positive or negative interest, there was simply curiosity in her eyes. She allowed herself curiosity... from a distance. Then again, she put a distance on everything out of self-preservation. Being an heiress brought about too much attention from those that looked for money.
  6. Zack,one of the human being stood ontop of a hill with his Guitar on his back.Viewing the invasion of alien.He'd then sit beside a tree and watch as the Alien's armada lands from the hill."I guess this is the end?"Zack would questioned himself with alot of stuff,he'd then play a simple song before the hill was shot with a magma canon.The last words that he say is"Mom,I'm coming home."
  7. Ever frowned slightly as she made her way around the people. She had the strange feeling of being watched, though she was use to it by now. Being looks at was a package deal when you were a hybrid weather you liked the attention or not. Approaching the counter, she stood behind another Arhin who was ordering something called a cappuccino. Ever wasn't skilled on the names of drinks you can buy, she only worked on memorizing her two favorite drinks. Once the Arhin was finished Ever stepped up to the counter, looking at the sign showing what have they figuring she should get something for her dog and back at him when he asked for her order and name. "I'd like a chai tea and water, please. And my name is Ever." She said and handed over the money for the drink. She turned and walked towards an empty table not far from the window. Ever sat as straight as she could, trying to look out the window. She spotted Clyde who was sitting between the window and door with drool dripping out of his mouth. She felt bad for keeping the lovable fool outside on a hot day, but knew he would be fine until she could go back to him. Ever let out a sigh, already growing impatient and drums her fingers against the table. She always hated having to wait for things. Ever decided to just pass the time keeping watch over her dog.
  8. downloadfile.jpeg Zeth was finally finished. He stood in the open doorway that led to outside and stretched his arms out. The air was crisp, completely opposite from the office's stale aroma. His eyes flicked across the street where he was able to pick up human laughter or ... where the adolescent female was concerned... giggling as he believe it was called. When he had first step foot here it was clear that some humans had grown rather infatuated with his species. He watched as they lined up at the window of the cafe to get a better look at him.

    Zeth gave them a brilliant smile showing his pure white teeth and slightly pointed canines. They buzzed with excitetment when he gave them a small wave. He did not particularily feel any way about the humans but he was here and so were they so why not enjoy it. He walked across the street taking note of a domesticated canine, It was rather small compared to his own Jextsu but charming all the same, he kneeled down in front of it and gave it a chance to sniff his hand then proceeded to pat it's head. I wonder who he belongs to.
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