The House with Tenants (Armin Arlert & Leandra)

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  1. Hello. I am looking for a romance ghost story if you will. If you would like to add some horror in, I dont mind. The romance can go as far as you would like it to go.

    If you have any ideas feel free to drop me a line. I am open to hearing your ideas. I am not huge into fandoms. I would like our characters to be original and our own. You can include a picture of your character if you wish and back story. Or we can just jump right into it.

    Let me know your thoughts.
  2. Being a ghost has its disadvantages, for one you couldn't leave your house, you were forever cursed to be trapped in your house. Two, to get peoples attention you have to do something drastic!! And lastly people run from you and that's hurtful.

    Yep that's exactly how Levi felt, he looked longingly out of the large old english styled home in the sleepy town of Nantucket. He watched as his home had many cars zipping past and people scurried about.

    He remembers being human, having purpose in life. But that's how he spent his days and if he wasn't doing that he was scaring the living away from his property.

    Hey, you can blame him he was bored.

    But that all changed when a women dressed in black with glasses entered the home with another being, this other being took his breath away!

    "Alright this his the master kitchen." He heard the black dressed woman say.
  3. The other person with the woman in the black dress was another woman named Melody. She stood 5'6 with long brown hair that had been braided to the side. She was slender but athletic and she had green emerald eyes. Her skin was kissed by the sun as they say.

    "Wow! This place is beautifully designed and the way you have shown me the rooms and the historical context of this house, makes me love it all the more. And you said it was how much and that its haunted from what people around town say?" She smiles. "I do love this place and I do believe I will purchase this house." Melody was so excited. Her first new house, a new town and state, as well as a new job.
  4. The lady in the dress was pleased to hear that the house was now about to be bought, it was a shame that it took so long for it was a beautiful home. "The price for this home is fairly cheap, due its haunted history, its fifteen thousand dollars. If you like I can give you the papers for it now."

    Levi walked down the large spiral staircase every other step would creak
    and when he approached the women, he stood in front of Melody, he was lost in her beautiful emerald eyes. "You're beautiful." he whispers.
  5. "Oh wow! That's it? Yes please get the paper work. I can fill them out before you leave and even give you the money." Melody was excited beyond belief. She looked to the stairs as she heard the creeking of each step. The lady had said that it was someone coming to greet her. Melody laughed as she said hello to the house and everyone in there. "Awe. Well thank you." Was all Melody said as she hearda voice say she was beautiful. Levi would soon find our that Melody wasn't your normal human.
  6. Levi was thrilled too, he never thought in a million years that some one would actually buy his home. Even though he did test Melody with bumping things around the house, opening doors, moving things. And she stayed!


    Did she...?

    Levi blinked his greenish blue eyes in shock "Did you...can you?" It was unusual but he could've sworn she heard him.

    The lady shook slightly at the stairs groaning and couldn't help but feel unease after Melody responded to the whom ever was there.

    "I'm gonna go get the papers..."

    She quickly left before returning moments later with the papers to the house.
  7. Laughs from the lady and her reaction. Melody just walked around the house seeing what needed to be fixed. "I will need to repaint these walls. Ohh! And try to find some wallpaper close enough to this one already here." Walking into the kitchen she sighs a bit. "Hope you don't mind, but I need to update the appliances in here. I am keeping most of the house the same. It just needs a fresh coat of paint and a few fixes." Once the lady came back and handed her the keys, Melody smiles. "And yes I can hear you." She laughs as she brings just a duffle bag of clothes and a air bed to sleep on for tonight. Until her things were brought to the place.
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