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    Stein the Bloodletter

    Name: Gideon Leaflure
    Race: Fae, Satyr
    Age: 25 in Fae
    House: Autumn
    Rank: Lord of Harvest

    History: Gideon started life with a relatively uninfluenced view of the world, as his parent's objectives had always focused entirely on the efforts of the house, whether it was overseeing the end of the transition to winter, or managing the next "harvest" of children to come into their realm. Often, Gideon had found himself slightly intrigued by those children that he had met, though they often had ridiculed him for his appearance too greatly different than that of humans. In the end, as it would eventually become his prime responsibility as the oldest in the side-branch of the house of autumn to oversee the new harvest every year. These efforts caused him to adopt his parents’ mentality and focus, especially regarding the inheritance of magic through-out the bloodlines.

    Attitude: More often calm than anything else, an usual quality in a satyr. Gideon falls victim to mead, a true past time of his people, becoming more boastful and jovial in his pursuits. His physique and appearance created for him some reputation as a grim warrior, which is an unfortunate truth to his persona. Hefting a massive poleaxe around on his back, he shows little regard for the efforts of battle, silently preferring the feasts and revelry spread, along with a large tankard of his family's mead.

    View on Faeries/View on Humans: Distant, but not unfriendly. His childhood relationships have left him somewhat wary of their fickle emotions, but not unkind to their existence. With the oncoming responsibility as master of the harvest after his father, Gideon attempts to handle the affair with little true thought on human kind.

    Powers: As a satyr, Gideon retains a great deal of power in his physical form and battle prowess, but he also retains the ability to play several instruments, including his voice, which control emotion over those who hear it. The most crazed tune would envelope those who heard it in a hysterical fit of madness until the music had subsided.

    Sexual Orientation: Straight, though he would commonly engage in a very tame "bromance" under the influence of enough drink.

    Appearance: A satyr consists of the upper portion of a human, with the lower legs akin to a large goat and appropriate horns from the human head. Gideon has large twisting black horns, completing one full rotation before pointing forward and slanted up from his face. He stands at 7' 2'', a modest size for his race. His eyes are luminous red against his light brown hair, a few inches in length that are kept swayed back on his head. His hooves match the charcoal black of his horns. For clothes, he wears a long deep brown cloak from shoulder to mid-calf, embroidered with forest shades of green in the pattern of swirling leaves.

    Character Theme Song:

    Favorite kink: He's often found women provocative, especially when demonstrating some ability in battle. Fighting over "dominance" with such a female never fails to arouse his lust.

    Phi Chisym

    Name: Abygail UptonRace: Human
    Age: 20
    By what age were you taken from the human world? 4
    House: Spring: Resides in the Autumn House

    History: How did you grow up, what was your childhood like? Music has been a part of her life before she was taken by the Fae. A child protégé in piano, violin and voice; Aby’s been performing with her mother, an accomplished pianist, since she was two.
    When she entered the House of Spring, her musical abilities gave her an edge over the other children. She’d become the center of attention, not just because of her talent, but because her beauty continued to mature as the years passed.

    Attitude: She’s like the teacher’s pet, always striving to be perfect in everything she did, knowing that they rewards for such was priceless. She’s very immature in other areas of her life, but has the ability to learn quickly by just watching others. This is the reason why she’s such a strong musician.

    She’s not fully aware of why her mother is not around. For years she’s dreamed of her, recalls playing with her on the piano or singing songs with her. Since she’s old enough to ask questions with a serious tone, the Fae are paying more attention to her behavior when they give her no answer, or one she dislikes.

    They fear Aby’s turning from them, and becoming a fighter rather than a young lady who’s grateful for the life they gave her. Their high hopes for her could be in danger, unless they are able to place her with a suitable prince capable enough to subdue her emotions. There is a chance they could bargain with this untouched beauty, in order to save their placement in the order, but if her reluctance continues they feel everything will be lost.

    View on Faeries/View on Humans: What is your view on the two races and how they interact? She’s been informed of several things about the Fae and Humans, most were stories against her mother and humans alike – mostly false. Those stories were only told in attempts to shut the mouth of an eight year old.

    When she hit her tweens, they began to tell her more of the truth, which made absolute sense to her. But, having those memories of her real mother is painful. She feels the only way she’ll be able to resolve them is to attempt to leave – to find her mother and see if she’s okay. If she’s able to do this, she believes she’ll be able to fully remove herself from the human world and embrace the Fae world in which she’s grown.

    Of course, what she wish to do is not as easy as it sounds.

    Powers: Mimicry and Absorption - to copy or absorb another's powers or skills through touch, sight, or sound. Has a photographic memory and can memorize anything seen or heard; which makes her a great eavesdropper.

    Sexual Orientation: She doesn’t know yet; still a virgin - like a little faerie maiko!

    Appearance: The tiny thing stands about 5’6 1/3”, with graceful arms and legs and milky skin. Auburn hair that reaches to her lower back, dark hazel eyes that tends to sparkle when she is utilizing her skills.

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    Character Theme Song: Yiruma: Kiss the Rain

    Favorite kink: She doesn’t know just yet, but being a perfectionist and a pleaser, it won't be too long before she learns of one she prefers.
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