The Hour that Never Was

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  1. Broken time, fallen way,
    Of days that never came to play,
    All forgotten, never gone rotten,
    With stories not told today
    Through untold crisis, the heros had riseth
    To rewrite the way, for all today.

    This is the story of of a time that came, and never was. Days that were hours that were minutes that were seconds, and never existed. Or it had, but now it didn't. Where all of time and different dimentions were put together into one spot- 3:45 in the afternoon. But nobody noticed. It was always like that. But few, seemingly ordinary people Could feel it- What had happened to time?

    They tried to act normal. But it was always in the back of their minds. Why were there clocks? 'Tick, tock, goes the clock' as the poem goes, but the clocks aren't ticking or tocking. So by fate, these people are drawn together into a resterunt, 'The Han Dynasty Fine Cuisine,' and by chance, find out they all notice that time is broken. They had fixed it, and this is their forgotten story.

    Rules are obvious, just use common sense. Don't try being center of attention to long, don't overpower, no extreme random events, etc., etc.,

    Notes: Characters are from all times, different dimentions. So you basically can be anyone, anything. Just don't go mad with power :)
    All characters understand each other. Reality from other dimentions crossed with each other, allowing a number of oddities.

    *Snap and point* BEGIN.
  2. Jikan sat normally down in a seat. He really like chinese, especially from the Han dynasty. A waiter came by quickly, and handed him a menu, leaving him to look. He was going to order the usual. As his mind began to wander, he looked to the clock on them wall. 3:45 PM. That bugging feeling came back to him. It never changed. Why would somebody have such a strange decoration? But it wasn't just that. He felt like it had a purpose. Like... time was supposed to... move.
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  3. (i am going to use my big gun you know what never mind i will never use her. she is evil and i dont want to use her when i got nothing to cheek my work. but i will use her sister)

    Tears was just a normale girl. or so everyone thought. she lives with her mother in whats now called japony becuse japon was distroyed long time ago. she not japony shes engish. but she very smart know all the laughs of the world and is in the hacking world. she hates her long hair wich is red and she hates her eyes to people say its beautiful but no its not it green blue with a hint of gold.

    wait did you know she a demon/humen?

    Tears was siting at work. she looked at every clock in the room. she worked for a clock smith becuse ever since she was little she like clocks but now she something her life. she close her eyes slowly falls a sleep but then wakes up for now reson but she was all sweety and pasting like she had nightmare. when she looked at the time it was 3:45 pm. 'wierd why do i have a feeling that somethings gointo happen today right '
  4. "1:45pm. Move," she muttered, "2:45pm. Move,"

    It became quite a methodical thing for her now, changing spots every hour of the day and spending the night some place further away from home. 'Anywhere but home' were the words that she has been living by since that day. She had to keep moving, or they would find her. At this point, they would have probably found that dead body in her apartment.

    "Not my fault, not my fault," she continued to mutter, keeping her head down as she navigated her way around the crowded streets, "Not my fault, notmyfault,"

    Elian paused for a moment to look at the time: 3:15pm. Good, she thought, still within the time frame.

    Hunger rumbled in her belly; she also realised that she has not eaten anything since last night.

    "Food," she murmured, stopping to look at the Chinese place right next to her, "Maybe food,"

    Pulling her hoodie over her head, Elian stepped in.