The Homunculus (Spoiler** NOT Fullmetal Alchemist RP)

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  1. Okay. I don't have a character sheet yet. I'll build my sheet based off of the character I shall be Roleplaying with.

    My character will be a Homunculus (No, not the ones from Fullmetal Alchemist), an alchemic being created from the fusion of 1 or more philosopher's stones and human DNA (Needed for the transmutation)

    I need a female character (Any age 17+) played by a roleplayer younger than the age of 17 (in case of 'accidental' smut.)

    I also need a male character, same age, played by any age, who is willing to play the villain character I will be making for you (But you get to add a few tweaks)

    This Rp will take place in a group conversation, the turn rotation will go: Hero->Female->Villain.
    You can skip your turn by leaving a message saying nothing but "**Pass"
    you can start a separate conversation with me for OOC talk unless it's something you need to discuss with both of the other Rpers of the group, which can take place in a separate group conversation used for OOC discussion.

    I need a basic Character sheet in the comments section (you will need to post the full sheet, with image, in the discussion conversation once the members are decided)

    Any takers?

    ((Btw, the image attached is my customized 'transmutation circle' (Yes, using some Fullmetal references, but this is NOT a Fullmetal RP))

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