The Hollow Night

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  1. In the modern world, there is a phenomenon known as the Hollow Night, once every month. Beasts known as Voids feast upon and use the power of Existence (EXS) during this time. While most people are unable to perceive these beasts, there are a few with more EXS that can. These are the people typically targeted by Voids, being consumed or losing their sanity. However, surviving a Void attack with your sanity intact renders you an In-Birth, a state of being neither living nor dead, but granting you control over the power of EXS.

    EXS allows one to gain a certain power. High speed, the rending of EXS, teleportation, weapon summoning, spirit guardian summoning, and more. Typically, these powers are used in tandem with weapons and other training.

    There are 3 organizations. The Yato seek to stop the Void attacks by eliminating all Voids.

    The Licht Kreis seek to do the same, but by focusing on law, order, and protection of the people. Despite their similar goals, the two are constantly at odds with each other due to differing methodology.

    Amnesia is the organization of chaos, seeking to stop both organizations.

    I'm taking this idea straight out of a game called Under Night In-Birth. It's a great fighting game, but though it had interesting concepts in the story, I don't feel like it did a whole lot with them nor developed them a lot. So I'll probably take liberties with it. Also, there are a few other details about the world I haven't mentioned, but that's the gist of it.

    But anyway, I have the skeleton of a plot thought out. Undecided on using canon characters or not. Could make changes to the base of the story as well.​
  2. I´d be potentially interested. I personally bought the game not long ago and had the same feeling regarding the unexplored potential. Although i wouldn´t really feel driven to play a cannonical character. Although i wouldn´t know how Amnesia would fit without Hilda.

    /End freak out.
  4. Sweet! I doubt we'd play canonical characters, but we might need to keep some for the plot.

    Haha don't worry, the game itself gives practically nothing on the lore. Everything you need to know was already in the post.
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  5. This is what I needed to hear to fuel my happy stove~ ❤
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