The Holders (horror, Creepypasta-based)

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  1. The Holders are a series of Creepypasta stories about 538 objects that will bring about the end of the world when brought together. People who hunt these items are called Seekers, and as you will see by reading any of the stories, they undergo incredible danger to find these objects.

    An RPG based on this series would consist of players acting as Seekers, trying to collect the 538 objects. They would likely be a team, though I doubt that a team searching for objects as powerful as these would be able to keep it together very long, so secondary storylines within the main objective would include infighting and conflict within the group.

    If anyone is interested in this kind of RPG, please let me know. I'm definitely interested in it, I've spent the whole morning reading various Holder stories, lol. If enough people (7-10) indicate that they're interested, I'll get started on it.
  2. Really? No one? :(
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  3. I've actually always wanted to do a Holder's RPG. Maybe include a link to the creepy pastas for those who are unfamiliar with the style/tone of the stories so they can see why it'd make a compelling story.

    If you can pull a group together I'd certainly be interested.
  4. There is a link, it's right at the beginning where the words "The Holders" are links. I definitely hope more people show interest, I was getting excited about it. Who knows, maybe I'll just toss it together anyways and put a banner up for rotation - especially if there's someone here who's not only interested, but has been wanting to do this kind of RPG.

    Is there anything specific you would want to see in the RPG? Other than, obviously, Seekers trying to find the Objects?
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  5. Is anyone else at all interested?
  6. I guess that I can file this one away under RPGs that aren't gonna happen?
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  7. I think people would be more apt to reply if you included some plot elements in your interest check.

    Explain what the Holders are, show us why they're important. Give potential players a glimpse of the disturbing and mind breaking world the stories take place in. Give us a taste of the conflict and the journey ahead.

    And do it all in a new topic so you can get max views.
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  8. I'm currently reading the Holders (I have a super cool Creepypasta App on my phone which features the series) I'm totes in, too bad no one else wants to join....

    Each time I read it I'm like 'I wish I can do this!'
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  9. I really want to, too, that's why I posted it Dx Maybe we should just go ahead anyways and make it, leave sign-ups open to anyone who wants to join. Maybe people will be interested when they actually see the RPG itself?
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  10. Yeah! I like that idea! :D
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  11. Hey, if you're still looking, I always loved the Holder series (honestly one of the best things to come out of 4chan)
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  12. Yeah someone else that loves the series!
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  13. I have a lot of ideas regarding how this could go down. I'd love your opinions. Would you guys want the RPG to be focused on a team of Seekers? Maybe two teams - one that seeks to bring all the Objects together and another that seeks to locate them but keep them apart, basically good vs. evil - and a handful of spots for those who want to be Seekers unaffiliated with a team?

    And would you be at all interested in including a dice element, to keep it challenging, which would require players to roll a dice whenever they go after another Object to determine whether or not they'll be successful? Given the nature of the stories, it seems like it should be difficult to obtain each object, after all, but I'd be inclined to say (as you can see, I experimented with how the dice rolling works, lol) that we should have the number they roll for be the number that determines if they die so there's a 5 in 6 chance of success. This is, of course, depending on whether or not you guys think dice is a good idea to begin with :P Otherwise we'd have to figure out some other system to ensure that people aren't just constantly succeeding in tasks that many people are supposed to fail.
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  14. I never did a dice roll before it sounds like fun! I know I may sound like I keep agreeing to all the ideas but I like this one too. It sounds like something that would happen if the items were out there.
  15. Two teams sound good - dibs on being on the apocalypse group :D

    Also, dice sounds good - but we could also go by wit (being creative in attempts to obtain objects) or by challenges or something.
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  16. xD Okay. I'll throw together an introductory post and a sign-up/OOC thread. I'll run the introductory post by you guys before posting it officially to make sure you're cool with what's been put together.

    Can you think of anything specific to include, either in the rules or the character sheets? I know I'm going to have a slot in the character sheets, for example, where you can say if you are already in possession of any of the items, but you can only have one before the RP starts. The rest you have to find in-game.

    There will also be a section of the introductory post that lists off what items are already found and by whom, to keep track and to ensure that no one goes after an item that's already been found - unless, of course, they want to do that in order to add to the drama, because they wouldn't know what items are possessed by those not in their group. Imagine the evil group has an item and someone from the good group goes to a mental hospital and asks for that particular holder and don't get the response they expect.... xD
  17. Here's the text for what will be in the main post. It includes descriptions of how the found Objects and character list will be organized.


    The Holders. But what do they hold?

    538 Objects. They must never come together.

    Those who seek out these objects: The Seekers.

    This RPG follows the Seekers as they attempt to find the objects. Specifically, it follows three groups:

    The self-named True Seekers, also known as the Trues, are a group seeking to bring about the end of the world. They strive to find the objects so that, ultimately, they can bring together all 538 and destroy the world – at least, that’s their goal, assuming that’s what happens when the objects come together.

    Their rival group, the Keepers, have quite the opposite goal, seeking out the objects in order to ensure that they remain separated. The Keepers have people stationed all over the world so that they can keep guard over the objects and, ultimately, prevent them from coming together.

    The last group are not technically a group – rather, they are Lone Seekers, who do not seek with the aid of a group. They seek for themselves, perhaps because they don’t realize that there are so many other Seekers in the world or perhaps because they have their own personal goals and wish not to let a group mentality get in the way of that.


    *Note that these are rules AND guidelines* These appear long because they contain the rules and the explanations of how the RPG will work.
    1. Please be respectful, courteous and kind to other players. Your character doesn’t have to, but when talking OOC, you must.
    2. Godmodding, Mary-Sue characters, and any other actions that give you more power/abilities than other characters are not allowed.
    3. This is a dice RPG. The dice will be used quite minimally, but if you don’t want to use them at all, this isn’t the RPG for you.
    4. You may begin with one character. You may create a second character after you have been in the RPG for two weeks and you have made at least ten posts, and you may create a third character after another two weeks and ten more posts. You may have no more than three characters.
    5. Understand that character death WILL occur in this RPG. If your character dies, you will have the option of creating a new one or leaving the RPG. I would highly recommend the former of these two, as it will allow you to continue having fun with us!
    6. You must wait at least a week between Object attempts. You cannot get one on Sunday, then one on Tuesday, and then another one on Friday. Collecting Objects so quickly will make the RPG too fast-paced.
    7. If a character dies in any way other than at the hands of another character, their Objects will be returned to the original Holders and will become fair game. If a character is killed by another character, that character becomes the holder of their objects, even if they don’t physically possess them or even know where they are.
    8. To attempt a challenge for an Object, you may need to make multiple posts. Consult the Creepypasta Wiki page regarding the Object you are after and simply post an RPG style version of the events it describes, using your character. Any time that the page describes something beyond your character’s control that could kill them, you must stop your post and roll a twelve-sided dice. It doesn’t matter what number you roll for – simply input a random number between 1 and 12. If you roll that number, your character dies and any objects in their possession will go back to the original Holders. Roll any other number and you survive that challenge. You may need to make several posts for any given Object, resulting in several dice rolls and several more chances to die – however, that is the risk of some of these challenges, as there are some easier than the others.
    9. No more than five lone Seekers will be allowed at any given time. The number of Trues and Keepers permitted is unlimited, meaning anyone can join at any time and sign-ups will not close. If we surpass twenty registered characters, I will raise the number of lone Seekers allowed. These slots will be first come, first serve.

    - Character Name - Link to Bio - Username -

    - Character Name - Link to Bio - Username -
    - Character Name - Link to Bio - Username -

    Lone Seekers
    - Character Name - Link to Bio - Username -


    Object # - Object identity/name - found by {Character Name}
    Object # - Object identity/name - found by {Character Name}

    This will be the Sign-ups/OOC thread


    To sign-up for the RPG, please fill out the following character sheet.

    Group: (Trues, Keepers, Lone Seekers)
    Physical description:
    Description of personality:
    Distinguishing features:
    Do they have any objects already? (limit 1)

    Picture: (not required)

    You may begin to RP when the GM or an appointed assistant has told you that your character is accepted. If any of these categories are not filled out fully, contain information that is vague or unclear, or contain information that is against the rules of the RPG (such as a Lone Seeker when there are no spots left or a character with more than one Object already) you will be asked to fix this before your character will be accepted.

    You are free to chat and discuss as much as you want to in this thread. Try to stay on-topic, but I don't mind if the conversation shifts away from the Holders given that this is an OOC thread.

    Let me know if you think there's anything I should add or change. Once we're all happy with it, I will post it :)
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  18. Is this still active? I would love to get on board.
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