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    The Hit List
    This RP serves as a recreation similar to Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, books by Laurell K. Hamilton.
    It is not required that you have read any of the books, as this is simply a RP to create your own personalities and stories within the type of community presented by the amazing books Hamilton has written. It would be beneficial, however, to have a vague understanding of Hamiltons plot lines for Anita Blake to understand what type of content will be expected.

    The main focus here is for freedom of creativity! Personal names, bio, and info is a must. No character can be exactly reused as it was used in the books.

    Starting out in the RP everyone will begin at the "Circus of the Damned." A home built underground, massive in size, and well guarded for the protection of the Master Vampire and his companions. This home can be recreated by us. The basics are that it includes bed chambers, private bathrooms, and larger rooms for dining and meeting with one another.
    As a new character you will have your OWN bedroom and bathroom.

    1. Be respectful to each other. If in disagreement find kind ways to resolve the issue.
    2. Explicit content is bound to happen. If post is going to contain this, make sure to post in the top WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT or WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE etc., so that if someone is uncomfortable reading this section they can skip over it.
    3. Character races are already supplied. You must pick from the supplied races.
    4. Unlimited characters, however, each character needs to be submitted for bio approval and admitted. This helps with organization and clear understanding of who and what are already living within the world. Also, you cannot create more than one character per day.
    5. If you are inactive for longer than a week and do not alert me ahead of time, your character will be killed off. You are always welcome to come back with a new character.
    6. Post suggestions and recommendations. It is important to me that this is a fun place and a creative place.
    7. When choosing to create a lycanthrope character, feel free to create others or join with others of your similar race.
    8. Rank of character is earned, you cannot just decide that you are THE MASTER VAMPIRE. You have to prove through the story line that you are powerful enough, etc.

    Possible Character Races
    1. Human
    2. Werewolf
    3. Werecat (Tiger, Lion, Leopard, etc.)
    4. Lycanthropes of any kind, example, rats, swans, etc.
    5. Vampire

    6. Witch/ male or female
    7. Necromancer
    8. Fey
    9. Psychic human
    10. Psychopath Human

    Character Bio Required for Sign Up
    If adding another character, relationship to prior characters:
    Appearance (Pic):

  2. Name: Rose Snow
    Age: 123
    Race: Vampire
    Occupation: Circus of the Damned Guard, Consort, Hired Assassin

    History/Bio: Rose was turned Vampire 100 years ago by the current Master of the City. Since being turned she has been forced to serve him and keep him safe. Before being turned she worked on a farm with her family. She had been engaged to be married, and never forgave the Master for the loss of her family and fiance. After being turned she was quick to realize that she was living in a life or truly dead situation. She requested training in martial arts and combat of all kinds. Her favorite weapon is the sword, old fashioned but gets the job done. Even though Rose has a great capacity to love people it is hard for her to let them in. This ability to distance herself has made her a very skilled assassin. Many know her as "The Cold," her nickname among the supernatural because of her killing abilities and cold appearance. Her rare free time is spent in her bedroom reading books. She loves getting lost from reality and can often be found their during down time.

    Strengths(3-6): Clever, Strong, Loyal, Independent, Protective, Humerus
    Weaknesses(3-6): Temper, Distrustful, Bitchy, Overly Cautious, Jealousy

    Appearance (Pic): 5'9" 145 pounds. Black hair, often pulled in pony tail. Blue, almond eyes. Soft natural tan, easily missed because of her dark hair contrast. Caucasian. Latvian, German, Danish and Egyptian heritage.

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