The Heroes and the "Villain" (OOC)

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  1. The Superheroes

    Alias: Misfortune
    Real Name: Alice Baumgarde

    Biography: Alice was born of misfortune. Her mother was a vain person, blaming many of her problems on the world around her. During Alice's rather painful birth, her mother died bestowing a curse upon the world. Her mother breathed her final words in hopes that her child would bring about darkness and bad luck to all who had the misfortune of encountering her.

    From then on, Alice was raised in an orphanage funded by the Government. She appeared to be like any other child at first until the kids started complaining about nightmares whenever Alice was nearby. After three years of this, the Government came to retrieve her.

    She was held in captivity and labeled as a quarantine at age five. Her powers were confirmed when a security guard turned out the lights and scared Alice to near death. Her powers were described as something cold. The security guards had explained that it was like living in a nightmare and their luck kept turning from bad to worse. One guard noted in particular that he became bound by his own shadow.

    It was assumed that the nightmares had been illusions created by Alice's own anger or fear. The shadows and bad luck had also been caused by Alice, however the means were never specified. Although Alice's powers were dark, the government did not hesitate to take advantage of them for their own needs. That same day, Alice was trained in hand to hand combat until she was fourteen. It was then explained that Alice was forbidden to use her nightmarish powers known as illusions to the government.

    She was then sent on her first mission and was publicly known as Misfortune, but as Alice to the Government. However, her nickname was quickly adapted and her name was forgotten by all accept herself.

    When Alice was sixteen, she was given a headquarters and sent to live there by herself. Sick of the loneliness, she went out of commission for an entire year in search for team members. She discovered that she had the ability to fly by means of shadows thus she traveled to other planets as well. She found three others with powers different from hers, but all most certainly useful. Alice returned with her team and named it Mrax, an alien word meaning shadow.

    Power: Control Shadows, cause bad luck, fly, cause nightmarish illusions

    Weaknesses: Morally Conflicted, Easily Angered, If she's happy, she can't cause bad luck

    Alias: Xzirx
    Real Name: Xzirx
    Age: 19

    Biography: Xzirx (often referred to as X since his name has sounds that can not be produced by the human mouth) is from the planet Qxirahn. He was more or less attracted to Misfortune by her coincidental similarities to the people of Qxirahn. Xzirx's people have the ability to control shadows, but in a different way than that of Misfortune. Xzirx observed Misfortune from afar curious as to why she would want to visit a planet such as his. The idea of being a super hero on planet Earth was of great interest to Xzirx and therefore he asked to join the team. Misfortune accepted and then headed on to the next planet.

    Xzirx home life was simple and there wasn't really much to say about it. Though his family is one of the most powerful clans on his planet, making him a highly valued ally. His family had chosen to stay neutral, have no enemies as a result. Now people come to Xzirx's family for advice.

    Xzirx's appearance is a bit phantom like. His skin is black, but slightly transparent and the energy and shadows that flow through his veins can be seen. The people of Qxirahn are made purely of shadow and energy collected by space over time, thus the phantom appearance. Because of this, it is possible for Xzirx to walk through solid objects.

    Power: Control Shadows, Walk through walls

    Weaknesses: Qxirahn people are extremely sensitive to harsh light therefore, Xzirx wears a robe, human food is like poison to the Qxirahn race and should never be consumed, but organic foods seem to be okay

    Alias: Rogue
    Real Name: Omi
    Age: 16

    Biography: Omi is from the planet Modrur. His race is extremely small only coming to the average human's knee. However, they are quite fast and able to reach speeds of one hundred fifty miles and hour. They also have the keen ability to turn invisible. This makes Omi adept at things like theft but he uses this ability to disarm enemies wielding weapons or goodies.

    Omi's family is rich and rules over the planet Modrur making a Omi a prince of the sorts. He was discovered by Misfortune on his sixteenth birthday. It was ironically the same day for him to choose his own path since his race is known to live for eons, it's possible that sixteen could very well be the equivalent of 3931.2 earth years given that 245.7 earth years is equivalent to one year on Modrur.

    Omi's race is weak to places of extremely dry heat. In other words, Omi would die if stranded in a desert where water was not available every hour. His skin is blue in color and his ears are pointed much like an elve's. They extend about six inches and will grow to ten inches in adulthood.

    Power: Super Speed and Invisibilty
  2. Name: Ermac
    Age: Physically looks 30 but its unknown.

    Biography: An unknown pitty thief stole a strange item from a museum, escaping the cops and heroes that started to happear he hid himself in an old building starting to preform strange rituals believing that item would give him power. He carved the stone that he had stolen from the museum making a skull mask out of it and placed it in his face, however the skull mask started to fuse with his face and his body started to change and adapt to the newfound intruder...The energy went through his body and mind morphing him into a new being. After the ritual was over, this nameless thief was gone...not dead just lost forever, a new being was born. An Error of nature of great proportions, the name he gave itself was Ermac.
    -Ermac treats himself as a group, instead of I, Me and Mine he will say "We", "Us" and "Our"
    -Is extremely prideful and arrogant.
    -One of his most distant abilities is the power of create 3 types of "Soul Corpses" in an attack he calls "Soul Army".
    --Weaker Souls: Appear as a green glowing floating skull that leaves a trail of green energy behind them, their eye sockets are dark green and empty but have a certain glow on the empty darkness of their sockets.
    --Medium Power Souls: They look like green glowing corpses with tints of purple, they have no legs and are extremely thin to the point the bones of their arms and their rib cage is well noticed, the spine dangles under their rib cage and they often leave a mostly green trail of energy with tints of purple as they float, they have hair that mostly is floating around their head like if there is no gravity, also they have chains attatched to their back and to their wrists.
    --Stronger Souls: The Strongest souls appear as the generic ghost, they have near humanoid features that seem covered by a sheet of glowing energy, their bodies are either green with pink mouth and eyes that leave a purple trail behind them as they move, or purple with light green pink mouth and eyes that leave a green trail behind them.

    Power: Levitation/Flight; Able to shoot energy blasts; Telekinises; Pyrokinises; Cryokinises; Soul Army
    Weakness: Mostly fights in Long to Medium range combat; Is made out of pure energy; Weak Soul Corpse goes down with one human punch, Medium Soul Corpse goes down with 3, Strong Soul Corpse goes down with 5, it actually needs to make contact bullets does not affect the soul corpses.

    Name: Sloth
    Age: 38
    Biography: An unnamed gunslinger was taken as one of the main bosses of a Mafia group known as “The Sins” they based themselves on the Seven Deadly Sins having 7 bosses on their family. Pride took care of most of the group, Envy would take care of improving the gang to be better than the others, Greed taked care of all money related business, Wrath would take care of the main gun traffic business, Gluttony would manage the targets to hit down, Lust was their best spy...And the final one is the one that we are gonna talk about. Sloth...The Best hitman and spy, being at a near level of Lust.
    This Mob family was good...but only to a human level, when super heroes started to happear they were forced to devide themselves, most run away and hid, some died...but there was one that kept himself on the illegal hook...Sloth, he developed drugs and weaponery to take care of making himself well known, sometimes working for some other families, other times working alone. He enjoyed to work for more than one mob family and spy against each other and just watch them bickering to the point of killing each other while sitting back.
    Most recently he was considered dead as he was tossed into a vat of chemicals when he was being chased by one of the heroes, but before drowning he shot the power box of the factory provoquing an explosion and killing a hero in his own demise. Many thought it was his end but in truth the chemicals caused him to mutate into a plant hybrid being, with his new found body Sloth has started to work for himself more than before, he currently is known to have 4 juggernaut body guard assassins working for him to protect him and lead him to his own fun.
    Notes:-Is extremely manipulative.
    -Seems to hold knowlodge over weaponery and chemicals.
    -Remarkable marksmanship
    -Since the incident his hair became green and vine like formations has grown through his body.
    - Has 4 mutant beings with assassin skills as his body guards.
    Power: Feeds by Photosynthises giving him the ability to not need food for months; Immune to toxins
    Weakness: Is mostly human; Has a great fear over fire since he’s extremely weak towards it due his plant property.

    Name: Azura

    Biography: Azura was a leader of a supposed cult that held a belief on an item that would grant them an higher power, even though said item they didn’t possess...Untill they heard a special mask was being bought by a colector on an auction which he made his cult followers still the item, it was some sort of golden mask. Believing it to be some supernatural weapon, that could be triguered by a ritual, he put the mask onto his face...and, the outcome was unbelievable. A Rush of power possessed Azura turning him into a new twisted being. His mind broke from the surge of power turning him into a pot of fear and insanity, the powers made him realize his mortality and the reasons over fearing everything and everyone.
    They say Fear is Power, however that’s how Azura lives, with power over fear and fear over power, the rush over said transformation made the old man he was die and a new Azura be born, a completely different man where only fear and insanity prevail.
    -Is known to be afraid of nearly everything and sometimes may be easy to startle.
    -Will viciously attack when startled or afraid.
    -Being near him causes ilusions to affect people, most of the time the ones affect see groups of 3 large eyes all around moving in odd ways but mostly focusing on the target, the ilusions can be different from person to person depending on their weakness and/or fears.
    -The transformation from his old self to his new self made Azura grow a third eye on his forehead and his teeth became razor sharp.
    -The rush of power was far too sudden that it broke Azura’s, he commited self mutilation by tearing his face into what seems a ghoulish smile and removing the eyelids of 2 of his eyes, he also may have suffered some accident due to his face seems to have been melted and he lacks a nose, also as his symbol, three vertical eyes, carved on his neck, back, hands, shoulders and stomach.
    -Face is normally always warped in bandages.
    -Has 4 long bandages sticking from the back of his neck that he can control when powering them with shadow energy.

    Power: Shadow manipulation; Madness Aura that can cause ilusions; Enhanced strength; Bandages can grow longer
    Weakness: Able only to control his own shadow; Aura is only put in effect if the bandages covering his face reveal his whole face.

    Name: Richard Carter

    Biography: Richard Carter is a strange creature, he’s extremely violent and beastly. He never has told anyone where he has aquired his strange features but its only known that he takes pride in his razor sharp teeth and in the blades on his arms. His poisonous and acidic attacks reveal him to be a dangerous predator further more due to his great gluttony and his cannibalistic habbits.
    He was captured by the new supposed heroes that have been happearing all around however someone saw potencial in this monstrous freak…A guy named Sloth bailed him out of jail and gave work to Richard having him working has a bodyguard and henchman for himself. Richard is known to be the Tank of Sloth’s gang, a great juggernaut with a large appetite, brute strength and unquestionable loyalty.
    Notes:-The blades can retract into a wound on his arm which doesn’t heal, the skin and flesh in that wound is elastic enough for the blades to retract and extend without harming him.
    -Often is heared croaking or growling, when croaking there’s a red sack under his chin and on his throat that expands
    -When is just taking the role of body guard is seen with a bottle of wine showing that he’s adept to drink a lot.
    -When asked why such na intimidating beast wears slippers he explains that it gives him an advantage in combat since he can just kick the slipper to his foe’s stomach or face and quickly approach for a free attack.
    -Is extremely loyal to Sloth.
    -Is a great friend of Sath Khufep

    Power: Ability to vomit acid; Retractable blades; Poisonous bite; Blade produce venom; Enhanced Strength
    Weakness: Most of the time hungry and angry; contains average intelligence, which compared to his collegues is quite low; more brawn than brain.

    Name: Sath Khufep
    Biography: Sath is a person that born in Egypt with a strange skin condiction…instead of normal skin his skin is scally and light green and so is his hair, along with his stomach and chest being mostly yellow along with his eyes with a slitted pupil giving him a reptilian look. He moved out of Egypt with the help of his parents when the country was entering in war and he met a strange person named Richard Carter becoming good friends with him.
    Sath soon developped a Cannibalistic side due to influences from Richard but he’s less selective towards food and can eat a bit of anything organic, however he considers human flesh a very refined dish. He also has developped strange abilities, however he couldn’t practice them much with his friend since he was caught and sent to jail…but as soon as his friend disappeared soon something new happened to him. He was recruited by a strange being named Sloth to work for him, which Sath accepted, and since then his powers have been developing quite well.
    -Sath himself does not know how he got his reptilian complexion, believing that probably it was thanks to a disorder from birth. He affirms that also his mother might had been cursed by an egyptian witch to birth a snake and Sath was that snake.
    -Many tend to call him snake head due his long hair which he can control at will makes him look like to be a snake.
    -Works for Sloth being very loyal and a great friend of Richard Carter.
    -Many believe that his relaxed nature and calm personality may be due influence from Sloth.
    Power: Able to control his long hair; Poisonous bite; Enhanced agility; Quick reflexes
    Weakness: Not so strong physically.

    Name: Chameleon
    Age: Unknown
    Biography: As a nameless ninja assassin Chameleon prides himself in his power, he says that he was granted the mastery of the reptilian beasts within him and is proud to demonstrate his power to any one who challenges him. Sloth has taken Chameleon under his wing as well due finding great potencial within this strange assassin.
    -Little to nothing is known about Chameleon, being the reason of why his biography is so short.
    -Only answers by the name Chameleon and he has never revealed his true name…if he even has a true name.
    -Is known to fight with a long sword, a short one, kunais, shurikens and bladed gauntlets.
    -Tends to show himself transparent with only his crest, clothes and eyes fully visible. Even in this state there are clues that one can see that he looks reptilian.
    Power: Invisibility; Great stealth abilities; Expert fighter
    Weakness: When invisible, his eyes and the red zigzag stripe on his belt always remain visible; Doesn’t have long range abilities.

    Name: Gabriel
    Biography: Gabriel was a young soldier during war times, however he got tired of all the war…It wasn’t as exciting as he thought. Gabriel always needed more excitement on his life, so he signed up for a special unit where they were experimenting on people, the experiment was mostly a failure on most humans but to Gabriel was a success. The experiment made Gabriel be able to extend his legs and his arms to great lengths and give him a great kicking power…now this was much more to his liking, he tried to go back to the army again but things got even more boring thanks to his new capabilities, he could sneak and kill far more easy. He retired from the war and went home to try to think on what to do. He started taking jobs as a mercenary gaining money and developing his own items.
    Yet again Sloth has taken this one for himself bringing him as another bodyguard and henchman being the fourth addiction to his gang. Sloth has given to Gabriel a lot of freedom letting him do as he pleases as long as Gabriel is always ready when Sloth asks for something, so far Gabriel has proven a precious help.
    -Is known to have a kleptomania problem due enjoying to sometimes rob museums or extremely well protected places.
    -Is always in search for excitment and challenges.
    -Has developped a custom made bike with a large skull in it.
    -His weapons are a shotgun Benelli M4 Super 90, a machine gun Heckler & Koch MP5, a Machete and a Ninja Sword
    Power: Stretchable limbs; Great kicking power; Great flexibility on the limbs; Military training; Expert Fighter; Great Stealth capabilities
    Weakness: Arms do not have as much strength as legs nor can stretch as much
  3. I like... I shall create a forth hero and my question is which one is the main antagonist for Alice/Misfortune?
  4. Either Ermac or Sloth could be the main antoginist. Azura doesn't have enough inteligence and the others are Sloth's henchmen.
  5. Alias: Gorgon
    Name: Viktor Tzchek

    Biography: Viktor is a super human that was created somewhere in Moscow, Russia. Though the exact location is unknown and the lab that created him was destroyed. For a while he worked as a Mercenary utterly dominating enemy lines. He was then discovered by Misfortune, much to his luck had given him something more entertaining and more pay. On top of which, Misfortune wasn't half bad to look at. He was caught staring at her on the return to the MRAX tower. Not much else can be written about Viktor except that he quarrels with X quite a bit because of their immense differences.

    Power: Super Strength, Stamina (can survive bullet wounds to the chest) Improved Reflexes
    Weaknesses: He's just a super human, meaning he has quite a bit of weaknesses though he pretends he doesn't. He's vulnerable to anyone who can masterfully use a super power.
  6. Name: Jokermime; Mad Clown; Royal Death Flush
    Age: Unknown
    Biography: Name is unknown, Alias are many, sanity…inexistent, intelligence as great as his madness. Working under the most common name of Jokermime this…monster looks humanoid however holds great power within his strange physic. Long and thin arms and legs, smooth facial skin with large eyes and a large grin, pale skin and dark blue hair are the main things one can notice about this being right away. He stands quite tall and his strange thin proportions make him look supernatural and monstrous, his enormous grin marked red to make it look bigger make him look even more intimidating. The worse part is what this thing is capable off, unlike beings like Azura who are attracted by Insanity or Ermac who use insanity to achieve his goals of boasting his own pride…Jokermime IS insanity itself as he says and admits it numerous times. He’s capable of great cruelty and great violence…and no one ever survived long enough to know what lies in his mind.
    Notes: - Past, True name and original look are completely unknown.
    -Has large blades stuck inside the flesh of his fingers, he has small ring like metal straps attatched to his hands, wrists and fingers to keep the blades from falling or the bones from breaking further.
    -Admits to be insane and says that enjoys every milisecond of his own insanity.
    -Seems to have several mental problems such as multipersonality disorder, bipolarity, sadomasochism, etc.
    -Sometimes lets himself be attacked saying that he is “ticklish”.
    Powers: Electricity production from hands; Energy barriers; Telekinises; Enhanced Agility, Durability and Reflexes; Acrobatic capabilities; Insanity provides imunity towards “Nightmarish visions”, even though he’ll see them he won’t be afraid of ilusions.
    Weakness: Seems to hold human physic being easily knocked off of his feet with enough strength but can survive being run over by a truck, even though will be highly damaged; Complications in using Telekinises and mainly is used to throw objects against a target; Barriers are as strong as glass.

    Name: Hall Conagher
    Age: 56
    Biography: An old law enforcer that started his job since his father was killed by mob lords and his sister was taken and forced to marry one of them, Hall became a feared and ruthless law enforcer having a near obsession with it. When there was a “Dead or Alive” sign he’d always brough the criminals to be in the thin line of the inbetween. When he was able to track down the mob lord that had kidnapped his sister Hall had a brutal gun and fist fight with him, eventually nearly killing him however he was burned baddly with acid, and suffered a close range grenade explosion. Hall survived but was heavily desfigured which made his ruthless nature grow stronger and worse, he would go down to shooting and leaving his enemies in a crippled manner, now more often then not known as a vigilante instead of a law enforcer, when he was 34 he met a man named Victor Gemini that helped Hall get a job as commissionaire, however he had to deem down his obsessive violence…with some work Hall became less violent and less dangerous with the help of Victor he was cleaning up the streets well, and with the new heroes, even though a bit relunctant, he was getting Law on its place.
    Notes: - Its often known as “Undead Justice” or “Halloween Reject”
    -Obsessed with Law and Order, even though is violent and ruthless.
    -Has a texan accent and dresses in a cowboy way, prefers to be named Xerife instead of commissionaire.
    -Often has a portable minigun, 6 inch Barrel Colt Python and a Colt Anaconda

    Powers: Remarkable marksmanship
    Weaknesses: Human

    Name: Victor Gemini
    Age: 46
    Biography: Victor had always a very calm personality and relaxed as well, being able to stay calm and collected in the worse situations but always staying loyal and never lying. During his days as a young politician he met a man known to be a vigilante, but at his own eyes he said to be nothing more then a law enforcer, his name was Hall Conagher. Victor took the man to his home and read over his file and decided to take Hall as someone that could help him in his campaign to clean up the city from corruption. Hall accepted even though a bit suspicious, but soon it was clear that Victor and Hall were a great team. However…when Hall and Victor had to take care of a mob family that were running illegal experiments Victor got himself in a terrible fight that knocked him over a tank of strange chemicals, as he came out of it the chemicals were absorbed into his skin and started to mutate him, through the course of several months Victor changed physically to a reptilian being with orange scales and a red mohawk as the only remaining hair. His knew strange appearance inspired great fear and distrust around people, but he made clear that nothing changed on him and that he and Hall would keep working to get this city peaceful no matter what it costs.
    Notes: - An accident turned Victor Gemini into a reptilian like being.
    - Is a District attorney however is trying to run for Mayor.
    -Has a relaxed and calm personality, rarelly getting offended or inraged using violence as a last resort.
    Powers: Great agility, endurance and durability; calm and relaxed nature to a near manipulative way.
    Weakness: Cold blooded.
  7. Alice's Father/ The Dark One

    Name: Unknown, He is referred to as the Dark One by many
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male

    Biography: Alice's father is unknown to the world. This is due to the fact that he is not human and is in fact from a planet know as Triple Six, or the Hell/Devil Planet. Alice's father is the ruler of this planet and has invaded and taken over numerous planets in galaxies all over the universe. How he came to be is also unknown and it is safe to say that he has probably been around since the beginning of Earth. However, such a notion can not be confirmed.

    He has not made an appearance nor has he accepted Alice as his child just yet. At the moment, he is waiting for her eighteenth birthday, and no one or no thing knows why. Alice's father has many unspeakable powers, similar to Alice's, but much more powerful. In fact, his nightmarish illusions can kill you as well as the bad luck he can bring about. It's even been said that he has the ability to bring those back from the dead, though such a rumor can not be confirmed.

    His appearance is always changing and his height is whatever he wills to be as well as his appearance. But something that never changes are the scars that are across his back both at a forty five degree angle. It's said that he once flew, but it's possible that he still can. In other words, Alice's father is probably the closest thing to a God, though his powers have been known to be exaggerated. Though one should still be wary as he is one of the most dangerous beings known in the universe.