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[BCOLOR=#000000]Hello there. Are you looking for adventure, action, and danger? Maybe a little bit of both?
Well, you might just like this Roleplay. It's a mix of fun, on the run, go wild with imagination kind of cool stuff.
Let me tell you a bit about it. It's a bank robbery. Well, hold on now. Don't leave yet. It's not JUST a bank robbery. It's a whole lot of other fun stuff. There's a history of crime with these criminals, where every year, on the same day, they rob another bank. Then, for another year, nada. Until that day.
Well, the cops are going crazy, and tomorrow is the only chance they have to catch them before they disappear again into nothingness.
Will the cops catch them? Will they pull it off? Or will things go awry for the first time?
It's your decision, your call.

On March 8th, 2013, A bank was robbed.
Four masked criminals entered the bank, holding out guns and ordering everyone to get on the ground. They had the tellers fill up bags of money, and had a civilian take phones from everyone in the bank at the time.
The heist was successful, over two million dollars stolen.

On March 8th, 2014, another bank was robbed. Three masked criminals, wearing the same disguises as the bank robbers in 2013. The same events took place, and a little over three million in cash was taken.

When police realized that the two events were connected,
When the police put two and two together, they dug around in their records and discovered that dating to four years back, four robberies had taken place each year, all on the same day. March 8th.

Gradually growing more with each heist, a total of ten million dollars has been stolen, each robbery on the same day, the following year, the robberies all in New York, but never the same bank.

Now it's March seventh, 2015, and police have been growing anxious. They know there's going to be a robbery, if the past six years have been any clue, but the question is, where?

That's where we come in.
R U L E S~

1. Follow all Iwaku rules.
2. No godmodding.
3. Robbers and Cops are limited to two weapons. Whatever they are, that's up to you. (Please don't have crazy weapons. Robbers or Cops aren't going to need rocket launchers.)
4. Please do not be overpowered with your character.
5. Do not kill another character unless they give permission OOC.
6. Robbers can take Hostages for insurance.
7. Do not metagame. (The robbers IC may pull up to a ranch. The cops will not 'know' that they're going to a ranch unless they trace it back to them. You (the roleplayer) may know things, but unless explicitly told, your CHARACTER does not.
8. Please follow the form. Feel free to add or include other things.
9. We will start the roleplay as soon as possible.
[/tab][tab=Cast List]
For this roleplay there will be about ten or twelve people. There are three groups that you can choose to be.

Bank Robbers
These are the group of robbers. They have weapons, they're the mean team killing machines. They will be the ones robbing the bank, and trying to get away with it.

These are the cops, obviously. The cops may be FBI, Marshals, or just standard police. They will try to coax the robbers out or try to get them to release hostages. They will try to capture the robbers, but not kill them. (They need information on where the other money they've stolen is stashed.)

Character Form:
Title (Robber, Cop, Hostage)
Special skills (Running, explosives, computers, ect)
Weapons (Limit to two)
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