The Heart of a Dragon

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  1. Long ago, there was a time when Dragons lived in relative peace. Respected and admired by all. They have lived in this world longer than any other creature known. At first, when the humans and Elves first came to be, they thought of the Dragons as nothing but unintelligent beasts, something to be feared. But, upon learning more of these magical creatures, there came a time of respect and mutual prosperity for all races. But, evil always lurked in the shadows. Jealousy for the power and magic that resided in the Dragons. Soon, hunters began to kill them off, such beautiful magnificent creatures slaughtered for their scales. Noble women wanted the scales for jewelry, magicians and spell casters for their power. Now, the dragons hide in fear, waiting until they are strong enough to once again rise up. They have all fled to distant lands, protected by dense forests, and powerful races who still remained in allegiance with them.


    A council of indistinct figures sat around a large mahogany table. On the center of the table sat a large stone, varying in all shades of purple. The stone was smooth and heavy, and looked to be of great value. A man stood, and placed his hand on the stone, running his fingers over it, tapping it, and even picking it up for a moment before setting it back down. Conversation followed soon after, discussing what was to be done with it. Expert jewelers and craftsman alike could not figure out what exactly this stone was. It was beautiful and eye catching, but it was no diamond or emerald or ruby. Even it's color was offsetting. They had come to the agreement that it must be worth great money, but they could not sell it if they couldn't figure it out.

    A door swung open, and 3 cloaked figures ran in. Whispering a foreign language none of the men understood and bright light shooting from their palms struck some of the men sitting around the table down. Swords drawn, the two groups clashed in battle. Two of the cloaked figures were slain, their lifeless bodies laying on the ground and blood pouring from their wounds. Alone now, the third figure jumped for the stone, grabbing it in his hands and dashing out the door. He ran down the corridor, with the others close behind him. Just as the men were closing in on his heels, he raised the stone in the air, and shouted something in the foreign language again, and the stone disappeared from his hands. The figure collapsed drained of energy and the men converged on him, slaughtering him while they frantically searched for the stone.


    A bright flash of light, and the purple stone now appeared in a field. Unblemished and seemingly untouched from the great work of magic. Inside the stone, consciousness swirled. It was in fact, not a stone, but an egg! A very prized one at that. The egg of a dragon. Te stone lay motionless in the grass, despite the great magic and power that resided within it. Waiting patiently to hatch. Waiting for the one who would become it's rider!
  2. -NAME-
    Vienna Cairon


    (Will post later)

    • Two older brothers and one younger brother, making her the only girl
    • Live in the outskirts of the village
  3. Name :: Cuaroc {{ SU-uh-rock }}

    Gender :: Male

    Appearance ::

    Human Form ::

  4. "Mathias, make sure to be back before sundown! And don't go out to far, I don't want any of you to get lost!" A woman's voice rang out from within the wooden house as a group of young teens stumbled out of the back door. "I know, mom!" Mathias, the eldest of the group, yelled out as he jogged ahead.

    It wasn't long before the group came to a halt near the fields. "Alright, you all know the rules. Since Isaac lost last time, he's it. Go!" Mathias was the first to scatter away.

    Vienna was second to run off, in a different direction, away from her three brothers. It was just another one of their usual games of hide and seek. It was fun, until you were it. There were so many hiding places, that the game tended to extend into almost an hour, depending on how good you were at seeking. Unfortunately, Isaac wasn't that good at it, so she wasn't counting on him to find her early in the game.

    Running past a small group of trees, Vienna came across a clearing full of dry grass and spotted a big Boulder off in the distance...Maybe that could be a good hiding spot. Looking over her shoulder, she checked back to see if her brothers were in sight.

    Once the coast was clear, she turned back and took off in a sprint and hid behind the boulder, her back against the warm surface of the rock. Her breathing was heavy and she squinted as a bright light shined in her eyes. Vienna lifted a hand up to shield her eyes from the sun, yet the sunlight kept shining in her eyes so she looked for whatever the source was that was reflecting the light. Much to her surprise there was a rock in the middle of field and it was such an unusual color. Out of all the times they have played this game and wandered off, she's never encountered such a thing, so it was only natural that it piqued her curiousity. Slowly approaching it, Vienna kept glancing back to see if her brothers were near. She didn't want to get caught, nor did she want them to see what she found.

    Extending her arm out slowly, Vienna rested her hand against the cool surface of the rock. "How did this get here?" She murmured to herself, while gliding her hand down the smoothness of it.
  5. His consciousness swirled inside the stone, feeling the warmth of a human hand. His mind questioned it, searching out and spreading his consciousness to the outer layer of his shell. Warmth. Kind. Protector. He knew instinctively this must be the one, how gently she pressed against the egg. The curiosity and awe that seemed to flow from her. Joy radiated within him, such a miracle to find her after waiting for so long. It had been nearly 200 years since his egg had been laid, and finally he was able to choose his rider! The egg shook and trembled, rolling slightly to the side. His claws poked through the hard casing, causing a small crack, and then all at once the egg was broken! Out tumbled a small dragon, distinctly purple with a blueish-hint in the wings. Clumsy, and unsure, the small creature made it's way to his feet. Looking over his form, examining himself. His right fore-leg lifted, his claws though tiny, were already the sharp, curved talons of a predator. All in all, his whole body was no longer than the girls forearm, and he stood no taller than her knee with his head raised high.

    Soon, his golden eyes moved to girl who's touch he had yearned for so many years. Instinctively, he stretched out his consciousness to hers, since he could speak no words by mouth. In fact, he knew no words yet of the English language and could only communicate what he felt deeply in his heart. He tilted his head, staring up in wonder at the girl who had become so unexpectedly his rider. Who most likely, did not even know how monumental this moment truly was. He took a tentative step towards her, growing stronger and more steady on his feet already. His neck was crowned by small spikes until his neck joined his back. He flapped his wings, stretching them out, his wingspan was longer than the length of his body, making him appear quite awkward. Again, his consciousness reached out to her, yearning to learn of her name. Of what he was to be called. To grow with her, protect her. His mind raced with the instinctual knowledge of his past and where he had come from. Tentatively, his nose nudged against the very hand that had touched his egg, soon running his body along it, much like a cat.
  6. Vienna's emerald colored orbs widened in alarm when the rock started to shake. Had she done something wrong? The sound of cracking caused for the her blood to run cold. She had only touched it...Her touch hadn't even been hard and she still broke it! However, when the rock finally broke apart, a creature stumbled out, startling the blonde even further as a gasp escaped her lips. She stumbled back and landed on her bum while her wide eyes remained glued to the dragon. Her heartbeat began to race in her chest while her breathing became quick and short. Every instinct was telling her to run away, yet it was all pushed to the back of her mind when something overcame her mind. It was a sort of yearning and the want to know.

    Vienna's brows furrowed and she watched the small dragon take a step towards her before moving towards the very hand that had touched the egg. His tiny smooth scales ran along her palm and she was stunned to silence. The girl couldn't react. This was completely unbelievable. The rock had been an egg? How long has it been there?
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  7. The dragon watched as she stumbled back in disbelief, and he cocked his head in confusion. Surely he had not picked a clumsy rider? "Vienna" The dragon thought curiously, as his mind melded into hers, learning her name. Gently putting words and pictures together. His eyes remained focused on her face, his golden eyes meeting the emerald of hers. "Vienna" He thought again, this time with more power and certainty. Slowly, he pieced the words he needed together in his mind. "I have waited hundreds of years for you." He thought, allowing the words to travel through the mental link they were now forming. He watched her, burning the details of her face and body into his mind.

    And then, this burning sensation rumbled through his stomach, the need to feed. He could prove what a skilled hunter he was. Excitedly, he turned around, searching for prey. His ears swiveled atop his head. His excellent hearing sensing the patter of a vole's footsteps in the brush. Slowly, he moved towards it, picking his feet up and acing them down ever so gently with each step. Until he pounced. The small dragon felt a rush of glee that as he glided through the air for a few moments before landing on the creature. With a quick bite, he ended it's life. Triumphantly, he moved back to Vienna, placing the vole at her feet, a smile of sorts crossing his features. He nudged it towards her, pride running through his being at such a successful first hunt. The pride lingered for a moment more, before hunger again consumed him. He bit into the creature, taking rather large mouthfuls for such a tiny creature. It was only a matter of second before his prey was nothing more than fur and bones. He licked his lips and then looked up at Vienna expectantly. "King of hunters" he communicated, his little chest puffing out.
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  8. "Vienna"

    The blonde sucked in a breath of air when she heard her name being repeated in her head, before being followed by a sentence. Hundreds of years? For her? She couldn't help but to wonder what was so special about her that she got the opportunity to see a dragon right in front of her and not only that, but she witnessed it hatch. The little creature watched her and she stared right back at it, the disbelief still lingering in her mind. No. This couldn't be real. It had to be a dream. So while the recently-hatched dragon searched for its prey and got ready to pounce on it, Vienna pinched herself and thought she would wake up, but instead she winced at the pain. This was indeed real life.

    The blonde watched as it brought a vole right up to her feet and nudged it towards her. The girl could almost see the pride in it's expression. Was he...showing it off? A few seconds later, the little creature began to eat it until there was nothing left, besides its fur and bones. Slowly, she got to her knees and leaned closer to the dragon. "I-I'm your rider?" The girl finally attempted the telepathic communication while slowly reaching out to rest her hand above it's head and it slowly traveled down the length of his body. This was her dragon? She was the fortunate soul to be a rider? The mere thought cause for excitement to bubble in her chest and a huge grin spread about her cheeks. "Heavens...I can't believe this..." She murmured out loud in awe, as she starred down at it. "This is amazing!"
  9. He nodded. "Yes. Amazing. My rider. " He said tenderly, his eyes closing as she stroked him. "I will give my life to you, to protect you. And together, we shall soar higher than even the clouds. " The purple dragon flicked his tail, a deep sense of comfort over coming him. "We can communicate through our minds, just as clearly as any spoken words. We are one." He concluded. The dragon watched as the smile spread across her face at the joy that the two of them would be bonded, satisfaction running through him. His eyes now turned to the landscape, for the first time taking in the world before him. All the scents and sounds. Every beautiful flower that bloomed. The warmth of the sun, and it radiance that caused his scales to glitter. Almost as if he were touched by the deepest and most profound of magic. Wonder over came him, like a small child seeing snow for the first time. He stretched his lithe body out in the sun, and laid down, continuing to gaze the plains. "My Vienna. " Her name was the most beautiful of names to him. "Names... My name?" He questioned, looking up to her. "One that encompasses my greatness." He decided. For after all, he was a dragon. The most magnificent of creatures, and he was becoming quite the little narcissist.

    In the distance he heard voices calling out and laughter ensuing. But, instinctively, he went on guard. He must protect his rider. Even though he was just a tiny little thing, and could do no more than prick the skin at this point in time. Still, his lip curled into a snarl, unsure of who these voices belonged to. He looked up to Vienna, watching t see if she was alarmed or not. He watched the young blonde girl again dazzled by her beauty, and by her innocence. Yes, he had made the right choice with her. She would be the greatest of Riders, and he would be the greatest of Dragons. Together, they would rule and protect the land from all evil. For nothing would over power them. At least, so he thought. He communicated his thoughts and feelings through their bond, showing the already deep love that existed for her within him.
  10. We are one...Those very words warmed her heart and Vienna's gaze softened. She wanted nothing more than to continue running her fingers along his scales, however she was interrupted by his request for a name. The blonde's brows knitted together, trying to think of a perfect name for her partner, her dragon. "Cuaroc...How does that sound?" The blonde questioned though their mind link while she reached out again to run her hand down his back. His scales were so smooth!

    "Vienna! Where are you?!" Mathias' voice resounded from a distance and she knew that it wouldn't be long until they spotted her, but she didn't care. Her attention was solely on Cuaroc and the strong feeling of love she was receiving from her dragon. The strong feeling of love for the creature was slowly manifesting itself in her heart and she communicated her feelings back. "Vienna!" They were closer now, and the blonde finally glanced over her shoulder to see all three of her brothers rushing to her. Immediately she reached out and picked up her dragon, holding him close to her chest in a protective manner. Surely her brothers wouldn't bring him harm, but she could never be sure. "Those are my brothers..." She communicated to her dragon, while she looked down at him, before feeling a hand come rest over her shoulder. "Vie-God above! What is that?!" Isaac shouted as he jumped back when he took note of the dragon. Mathias wasted no time in checking on his sister and catching sight of the dragon she was clutching in her hands. "Vienna...where did you get it from? It's have to let it go." The male tried to coax her into releasing the creature. They had heard of dragons before and the very fact that they could claim a human as a rider, but what would be the odds that his sister could be a rider.

    The blonde girl shook her head. "No. He's my dragon...I'm his rider." She stated as she starred up at her older brother with an expression of pure seriousness. "I found his egg here and it hatched..." She added as she got to her feet. All three of her brothers stared at Vienna in disbelief before glancing at one another, trying to figure out what to do with her and her dragon.
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