The Haunting of Wayward High (Accepting)

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  1. Bella woke up, her alarm blazing. She groaned and crawled out of bed, literally, her bed frame broke a week ago so her mattress was on the floor. She went to the bathroom and turned on the water to heat it up. Her phone was blinking and she checked it once she went back to her room to get clothes. It was just a text from her friends and how excited they were to be in high school now. She grabbed her clothes, stupid uniforms. Bella never liked them. A white, light blue, light yellow or light grey shirt, a black jacket, a black tie, either black slacks or a black skirt and stupid dress shoes. She preferred to dress how she wanted but school on the other hand did not allow that. She slipped into the shower once the water was warm enough.

    After her shower Bella went to the kitchen and looked for some cereal. Her mother and father were already gone to work and she had to fend for herself. After a few minutes she found something she wanted and poured it into a bowl followed by milk. Bella ate while she looked at her phone and could already feel anger towards this uniform. After her meal she grabbed her bag and left, locking the door behind her. Luckily the school wasn't a long walk and it would take only twenty minutes tops. The building was huge when she looked up at it. It definitely had that creepy vibe. It looked old and withered slightly. Students were standing outside and some were going in so she decided she would wait to see if any of her friends would show up, if they weren't already here.
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  2. AntheaAnthea stood by the entrance to the school building, a bright smile on her face. Her light orange hair was done in its usual cute partial twintails with bright yellow ribbons, and her nails were painted a light pink today. Despite the 'drabness' of their school uniforms that some of her 'friends' complained about, she looked quite at home with her light yellow shirt fitting her perfectly, her black jacket and black tie all put together. Her black skirt at around mid-thigh, and she wore knee-high black socks and her dress shoes. She listened absently to what one of her friends from the supposedly 'popular' group, a group of girls with fashionable hair, clothes and makeup (or so they liked to say, everyone wore the uniform), was saying, nodding even though she didn't really understand what was up with her friend's summer dress or whatnot. "Yeah, it would look great on you, Monica! I can't wait to see it!" She commented, voice still cheerful though not really knowing what else to say. Looking around the school, she wondered why the staff or the board of directors didn't try to brighten the place up.

    The school was a little creepy, with the slightly withered trees and plants that were supposed to add life to the place. She shivered slightly, wondering how eerie the school would look at night. There were rumors already about Wayward High, but her parents had told her never to listen to them. On the other hand, Anthea was a little fascinated about it, but they were just rumors, right? She nervously pushed the topic away. She noticed someone arrive, someone who was a year younger than her. Bella Stein was from the track team, right? She saw her every now and then. Smiling at the girl, she raised her hand in a small wave, her other hand holding her bag.
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  3. Rozalia Eliade Rozalia sat at the kitchen island, eating her breakfast as she watched the morning news. One by one, her brothers entered the kitchen, looking rather exhausted and grumbling about how they dislike school and so on. Rozalia smirked, remembering how she was exactly like them when she was their age. Although she still hate the thought of school, she decided to suck it up and face it but, the idea of wearing a uniform to school really agitates her. Somehow, she still found a way to wear her white hoodie underneath her school's black jacket and over her school's light grey shirt and tie. Her skirt was altered to her mid-thigh and she wore black sheer tights underneath it with dress shoes, which she most definitely hate. She actually wanted to wear slacks but her mother forced her to be lady-like.

    After finishing her breakfast, she grabbed her black school bag and made her way out of the house. The night before, her mother offered to drive her to school however she declined as she felt that it might be embarrassing to be sent by her parents to school. Anyway, it's a fifteen minute walk from her house so it'll be fine for her. Rozalia shoved her hands into her pockets, one of her hands clutching her phone. Five minutes later, it vibrated. It was a message from the president of the Robotics club, which Rozalia happens to be the only girl apart of. A rare grin broke onto her face as she read the message sent by the president.

    "I wish we could sell our teachers. Why you ask? 'Cos I read that at auctions, Old Masters are fetching big prices.
    Have a great day in school :D"

    Fifteen minutes later, she arrived at the front gates of school. She stood outside, her curious green eyes gazed up at the school building. As if on cue, her light ash brown hair blew to the direction of the strong breeze. Yes, she heard of the rumors of the school but it still didn't keep her away from it. Her mother was trying to persuade her to go to some fancy prestigious all girls school that's on the other side of town, instead of Wayward High. Yet, she refused and still decided to go to the latter school. Why? The rumors didn't bother her, in fact, it made her even more curious. Secondly, it's nearby her home.

    Breathing in, she took a deep breath before taking another step towards the school. Before that, she saw Anthea Walker, one of the girls Rozalia occasionally speak to during Study Hall and Bella Stein, a girl she knew who's from the track team. She gave them a quick wave before being jumped on by the president of the Robotics club. "Did ya get my text this mornin', Roz?" he exclaimed as he pulled her into the school.

    "Yeah, yeah... it was lame, like all your other puns." Rozalia said coldly, as she allowed herself to be pulled by the overly enthusiastic president. Although she wouldn't admit it, she found his puns rather amusing sometimes.
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  4. Lucifer woke up early like every other day. He slammed his hand down on the clock as it beeped loudly, 5:30. He began his morning routine of moving his bed out of the center of the Dojo floor. After he had done that he grabbed a cloth and began to wipe the wooden surface. He ran up and down the floor cleaning it. Then he began training, he pulled out some large punching bags and other equipment and began to set it up. Lucifer got dressed into appropriate clothes and started with a run. He would do this every day in the morning. A 1 hour run to start then 1 hour of practice before school. By the time it was 7:30 he had built up a sweat.

    He took a quick shower before getting changed into the uniform. A white shirt, black jacket and tie then some black trousers as well. He wore it rather scruffy, with the shirt un-tucked and the top buttons undone. The tie was never on right, since he didn't know how. However he didn't mind the uniform accept one thing, the shoes. They were always to tight and had no grip so he couldn't move around in them well.

    After grabbing his bag an a box from the fridge he set off for school. Bowing to the Dojo before he left. The box was a lunch he made last night for today, he quickly shoved it in his bag and set off. The school was no more than ten minutes from his Dojo so it was easy to get to. He was almost at the gate before he stopped himself. "Damn i almost forgot" he said to himself, turning around so no one could see him. He quickly placed a plaster over his left eye brow. It was common for Lucifer to come into school with bruises and cuts of some sort, but he would never say where he got them from. Just like he would never talk about his work.

    Lucifer walked through the gates, noticing that people were waving and chatting. Smiles on pretty much everyone's face. He didn't really have many friends. Since he had never really gone to a proper school, he didn't know how to talk to others. The only times he ever met someone close to his age, they were in the ring or on the mat.
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  5. Tess groaned as her alarm clock went off, signalling it was time to get ready for school. She pulled herself out of bed and started getting dressed. She put on her school's uniform: a light grey shirt, black tie, black jacket, black skirt, and dress shoes. She chose to wear black checkered knee-socks to school so A) her legs would stay warm and B) They were her favorite socks and the slacks would just hide them. She tied her long red hair into a messy ponytail, allowing a few strands to be loose, and kept her shirt untucked because screw conformity. She made her way downstairs for breakfast. Her brother, Derek, was already at the table, drinking a cup of coffee. Tess smiled and ruffled his already messy black hair "Hey dork." she said before making her way to the fridge. Derek chuckled and and yawned. "What's up little red?" Tess chuckled at the nickname as she pulled an apple out of the fridge and closed it. Derek stared at it. "Is that all you're gonna eat?" He asked. Tess shrugged. "Well I'm gonna eat at school." He sighed and looked back up at her. "You better. Now get to school." Tess smiled and grabbed her bag and sketchbook. "On my way out the door as we speak she said. And with that, she left for school.

    As Tess walked through the gates of school, she sighed. Everyone else had all these cliques and she was just...there. In the shadows. Usually that's how she preferred it, but gets lonely sometimes. She looked around the courtyard until she found her favorite spot: the cherry blossom tree. She checked her pocket watch. Plenty of time before class started. She made her way to the tree and sat against it's trunk. She opened her sketchbook to a new page, not that there were many left. She thought about what to draw this time. After pondering it for a moment, she decided upon drawing the cherry blossom tree...again.
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  6. Bella saw Anthea wave so she gave a small wave back. Most knew her since she was on the track team, one of the best runners the school had, well the previous school she went to. She wasn't sure if she would still be in the top positions now that there would be older and more trained students on the team. She walked up to the front doors and stood waiting for the bell which came minutes later. Today would be slow with introduction from teachers and tomorrow night would be even slower. Though Bella would be happy because her birthday was tomorrow as well as the introduction ceremony. The auditorium was being prepared for the event and the gym was being set up for workshops and clubs.

    The bell rang and students began to enter the building, Bella knew her class was A-3 but where that was at she wasn't quite sure. The school was organized so one hall housed the A classrooms, B, and C. She headed up the stairs to the second floor and noticed the classrooms were the A classrooms. She looked at the signs and saw A-3 at the other end. Good thing she took track because with the incoming crowd she would get lost in minutes. Bella stretched some before she took off towards the room, moving so she didn't hit other students and right when she got to her class, whack. She ran right into the teacher causing her to stumble back some. "Miss Stein please no running." He grumbled and she quickly apologized. She walked into the room and sat at a desk near the windows. The room was small but the desks were shoved close together so many students could be in the room at once. The teacher walked to the front of the room as more and more students filled the room and only a few desks were empty. Mr. Stailin was the teacher's name and she noted that making sure not to forget it.
  7. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

    The persistent cry of the cheap three dollar alarm clock woke Ari. "Gooooood morning people! It's nine o clock currently and we have the perfect music for your work day! Here's Rude!"

    The song started to play as Aristotle sat up in his bed he yawned rubbing sleep from his eyes, he opened his eyes only to be greeted by darkness. Ari was blind but he didn't let that hamper his everyday life.

    He cursed his luck as he realized he was late for school, he climbed out of bed and walked toward the bathroom. He hadn't the need to feel for his surroundings since he knew where everything was. After a quick shower he dressed in a black and yellow shirt with a brown jacket.

    He headed down the stairs toward the front door when he heard his older brother call to him "Are you seriously late for your first day of school? Geez you're a idiot...." it was Riley his second older brother.

    Ari ignored him "Well you could've woken me up!" He snapped as he reached for the door "So what...anyway my wants you to take your you don't get run over or whatever...."

    Ari rolled his eyes grabbing the 'seeing stick' "Can you at least drive me?"

    Riley frowns "I'm frowning Aristotle...I can't I'm having Sky over in a few minutes can't miss my date."

    The youngest brother huffed as he storms out the door slamming the large slab of wood behind him.

    Ari didn't understand why his brother was so cruel to him but he didn't let it bother him. He adjusted the stick and slung it over his shoulders. He didn't like using to walk with he enjoyed thinking of it as more of a weapon than anything.

    Ari arrived at the school ten minutes later he reached into his pockets and touched the braille schedule.

    "Mr.Stailin..." he mumbled.

    He had wandered about lost for a good fifteen minutes reading each plaque near the door and declining offers of help.

    When he finally found the class he knocked on the door unsure if it was unlocked or if it would be rude to barge right on into the room.
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  8. AntheaAnthea and her friends soon started to head for their first classes, the orange-haired girl holding her schoolbag close to her chest with one arm as she chatted and laughed with the other girls. The group of popular girls soon had to part, separate for their next classes, though Anthea was happy to see that she shared her first class with two of them - Monica, and another girl, a light blonde named Jenna. They soon filed into the classroom, talking and laughing all the while and smiling towards the people they knew. Monica was popular with the boys in their year, and soon was sitting in her chair while chatting it up with a few other guys. Jenna sat close to her and went along with what they did, as did Monica.

    Their first class, as they were sophomores, was Science. Anthea sighed, she didn't really like the subject, especially since the teacher was more than a little off. The students usually liked to joke about the teacher and her weird habits behind her back, she was a popular topic to make fun about. While Anthea didn't join in on that, she was still not too fond of the class, especially since she wasn't really good at it. Of course, she smiled, people didn't really expect her to be.
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  9. Rozalia Eliade While the President of the Robotics Club pulled her into the school, he started rambling about whatever he did during the weekend and whatever he has planned for the Robotics Club in this long year ahead. "So, do you think we should take part in the competition we watched last year?" he asked eagerly, eyes filled with such determination as they stood right outside their Science classroom.

    Rozalia looked at the President of her club with slight admiration. Looking eye to eye with him, it will make her feel bad if she disagree. She bit the inside of her cheek, trying not to look at him in the eye as she shrugged, "You're the president, aren't you, Andrei? But if you're asking for my opinion, maybe we should." After saying that, she walked straight into the classroom with the brunette president trailing behind her with a gleeful smile.

    As they entered the classroom, it was polluted with the noise the students made with their laughing and jokes about the teacher. Both Rozalia and Andrei sat at the front row of the class. Rozalia wasn't really the type to join in with the jokes nor the crowd that made the jokes. According to her social status, she won't even fit in with any of them since she's considered somewhat of a "nerd" because of her membership and loyalty to the Robotics Club. Though, she thinks the jokes they make about the teacher can be quite hurtful sometimes even though she too, doesn't like the teacher. Heck, she hated her Science teacher as much as them. However, she don't really hate the subject. In fact, she loves the subject and embraces it even more than her Languages subject.

    Rozalia started tapping her fingers on her desk as she glared at the clock that was on top of the black board, getting impatient for the arrival of her teacher.
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  10. Lucifer stopped of at the boys toilets before he got to his class. He had since, since he was in the first year. He wasn't in there to go to the toilet, Lucifer was actually checking his appearance. He had covered the cut along his left eyebrow with a plaster. But his knuckles had a few grazes on them, small drops of blood dripped into the sink as he washed his hands thoroughly before making his way to his class. Shoving his hands in his pockets before he left, so no one would see.

    Eventually he found his was to his room and walked in. It seemed that a few people had already got to class. As he made his way to a back seat, a small group of people surrounding one desk were in his way. It seemed that they were all focused on a girl with orange hair. He couldn't remember her name, but he remembered seeing her before. He didn't bother asking for the guys to move. He simple shoved past them. After easily moving the boys, who were fixated with the girl, out of his way. Lucifer walked to a back seat.

    Throwing his bag onto the desk he slumped down on the chair. He looked at the desk, rather than at the people in the room. He didn't have any friends, and he wasn't planning on making some any time soon.
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  11. Tess had been sitting in the back of the room, as always. Once the bell had rung, she had made sure to make it there on time. She couldn't afford to be late to class anymore. She watched a very messily dressed boy slump down a seat away from her. She really couldn't talk about the way he was dressed, though. She basically just threw her uniform on and didn't even put her hair up properly. She turned away, not wanting the boy to catch her staring. She looked down at her sketchbook. She still had yet to finish drawing the cherry blossom tree. She took out her pencils and continued the sketch. She had to finish it. She hated leaving any drawing she did unfinished. Besides...she needed a distraction from all the boys fawning over that popular girl over there. They were like animals. She couldn't imagine how anyone could stand that much attention. There were a lot of things she didn't understand about certain kids in this school. She couldn't figure them out. It's no wonder she didn't have any friends...not that she really minded.
  12. Ari took his chance, he tried the door and to his luck the door was open he walked in. Is eyes fixated on everyone yet he saw nothing " this Mr. Stailin class...?" He asked holding up the schedule, he was unaware of the typo in the schedule.

    His braille said Mr when the text font said "Mr. Stallion"

    Ari was strangely feeling calm which new for him since he often felt nervous around New people.
  13. Bella watched as a new student made his way into the room. He seemed different and when he held out the schedule she noticed braille on it. She could hear whispers and she knew that this blind kid would be the talk of the class today. Mr. Stailin looked at Ari and took the paper. "Yes this is my class Mr...." He read over it. "Mr. Brutus. You may take a seat. There are two up front and one towards the back next to Miss Stein." He rubbed the back of his head. "I am sure either is fine seeing your condition. I will make copies so you don't have to worry about asking other students about what is written on the board." Well either Bella was about to meet a blind person or not depending on his choice. She didn't mind his condition but she knew other's would.
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  14. Ari nods "Thanks, I'll take the back of the class...." He took the schedule back and carefully made his way to the back of the class room. A soft growl escaped him at the whispers around him "I'm blind NOT deaf!" He snapped softly before finding his empty seat next to Bella.

    He placed his bag on the table and pulled his hoodie over his head. Clearly annoyed with the other students and the day so far.

    He didn't expect it to go like this but he figured he should've known it's weird to have a disabled student lacking one of the normal senses and it was new to most to meet someone like that.

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