The Harlot and the Hitman

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  1. For some reason I want to try this idea I had. It's more of a dark romance. A girl who once had high hopes of becoming a dancer moves from her small town tk new york, but much like such dreams. They fall flat. Unable to swallow her pride to call her parents her life spirals downward to the point that she sleeps with men so she can feed herself. She now works for a pimp who is the son of a crime boss.

    My character is a former solider who was discharged from the military. He mostly takes up private contracts that may not be on the right side of the law. Eventually he accepts the fact that he is not a good man. He indulges in any sin of his choosing which leads him to your character. Yet when he sees your character he sees a light in you that hasn't been completely extinguished by the criminal world. He is compelled to meet her each week until he sees that one day she is hurt from being beat by her pimp. So he finds him and teaches him a lesson and word of this gets back to the crime boss which sends both characters lives into a spiral.
  2. This sounds fun
  3. Great. Pm me and we can start to iron out the thread. As for a character sheet just make something with your name, age, appearance, and a bio. Anime and regular pictures are allowed.
  4. Still looking?
  5. Sure. Pm me with a character sheet.
  6. Still looking
  7. I would be interested.
  8. @Lost

    Pm me with a character sheet and we can begin.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.