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  1. Hey, guise! So I am gonna let my pics do all the talking. If you can't read it, open the spoiler to read a transcript, which I also encourage you to do as well.

    I'm using a Blue Sharpie Fine Tip marker. I love those things. Cause they're blue. And I always use blue since it stands out, especially on a test or a document, so I never miss somethng.

    Transcript: Page 1 (open)
    "The Handwriting Thread" by Levusti!

    Hey, guise! It's Lev here! As you can see, I am totally being productive as I study for a super hard test. While I was taking notes, I had a sudden thought: "I wonder what the handwriting of other Iwaku-ites' is like?! Post pictures of your handwriting here!

    Write naturally! Don't try to write neatly, just write as you normally would. Also, if you make a mistake, don't use correction tape/fluid. Mark out any mstakes and continue writing.

    For comparison and ease of reading, write the following:
    • The full alphabet (in both minuscule & majuscule forms)
    • The numbers 0-9
    • The pangram "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."
    • Commonly used punctuation & symbols
    • Commentary, such as inspiration for any letter or reasoning why you style is a certain way.
    Have fun! -Lev

    Transcript: Page 2 (open)

    • The Alphabet
      • A, B, C, etc.
    • The Numbers
      • 0, 1, 2, etc.
    • The Pangram
      • "The quick brown fox..."
    • Commonly used punctuations and symbols
        • Period/full-stop
        • Comma/half-stop
        • Question mark
        • Exclamation point
        • Mathematics
        • Ampersand (&) "and"
        • Klyomba (@) "at"
        • Brackets () [] {}
        • Currency $0.00 or 0ยข
        • Percentages 50% or 1/2

    Transcript: Page 3 (open)


    All of my letters which go below the baseline of writing hve different "tails" so I can diferentiate them easily if I need to write quickly. These are shown bracketed below.

    {f g j p q t y z}

    Though "p," "t," and "y" all have identical tails (i.e. straight lines), because I write the letter "t" and "p" so differently from my "y" (which never attaches to the next letter), I have no need to distinguish them in illegible (sp.?) handwriting.

    For example
    • [image] - to me: f ? z
    • [image] - f ? g
    • [image] - f ? y
    • [image] - j ? ? p
    This helps me to write faster and decipher my writing later with an idea of what I wrote.

  2. So, we're showing off our handwriting?

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    Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

    Apparently I learned cursive a little differently. My "m"s, "Q"s "s"s, and "r"s are all different from their printed counterparts, I've seen styles that make them look more like the printed ("my name is Quincy" instead of "My name is Quincy") but it's just not natural to me[\SPOILER]

  3. Don't judge me.

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