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The Hall of Fame (Gone?)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Izurich, Mar 14, 2016.

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  1. ....is it really gone? I can't find them anywhere... :( That's a shame, I've worked hard to get so far 3 RPs in there. Maybe it's just me, but I feel a deep sense of accomplishment at seeing our (me and my partner) RPs in the Hall of Fame subforum.
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  2. I think I know who's to blame.


    In all seriousness though, I almost forgot the subforum existed, so I don't know what happened to it. Summoning @Diana for that one.
  3. Your roleplays still exist! They are just in the regular archives. (In case anyone was worried!)

    The Hall of Fame was a nice idea, but people rarely ever used it even when they DID finish roleplays. (Especially considering how many roleplays and members we have on the site.) It ended up being just an extra section that had to be loaded through during updates and moderation. It'd give a few people some satisfaction, but in the long run it the ratio of people using it vs the effort of keeping it really wasn't worth it.

    And I know someone is gonna pop in and say "advertise it more!" but that means additional effort for something that is still not going to be use frequently. We want to put that effort in to other areas!
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  4. I wish I could appreciate the humor, but this is a big matter for me.

    Thank you for the summon nonetheless, Kaga.
  5. I am aware they exist, but they are in the 'graveyard' now. not Hall of Fame. It is very different to me. I hold a deep sentimental value to the section.

    But I understand, thank you.
  6. At least you have the satisfaction of knowing that your RP's made it to completion. That's a big deal -- not very many get that far! And just being moved to the graveyard doesn't change that fact.

    Your roleplays may be in the graveyard, but they're there because they reached the end of a long, full life -- as opposed to dying of activity starvation somewhere along the line. Perhaps thinking of it that way will help?
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  7. You still have the grand accomplishment of completing the roleplay! Which is something that is very difficult to do and most roleplayers have a hard time achieving. The trophy doesn't matter. Place your sentiments on the accomplishment itself and own it proudly!
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  8. Like the others said, take pride in the journey and how that journey was able to finish.
    Not on the journey's destination.
  9. I disagree. :) but this is not the place to argue on principles so I will not elaborate why.

    Nevertheless, thank you all for your help, Kaga, Diana, Gwazi.
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