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  1. (Listen to Stength Of A Thousand Men (Dubstep Mix) by Two Steps From Hell)

    We are the chosen ones for this journey. You all have been chosen to fight for the world. You are the Guardians of the Fallen. You shall rise after we fall. If you have received this, you are chosen for such an incredible journey to Galaxies, other Worlds, defeat creatures you've never thought could be real. Your imagination will rise. Put your strength and skills to the test, push them over the limit. You will be joined by others as of such. They shall and will become your family, your team. Take heed to my words as I speak to you. Accept, for you are the chosen.

    This is a Medieval Fantasy Action and Romance Type rp. This is my first one ever made like this, I usually don't make these types but I'm willing to give it a try. Here's the rules, no bullshit or any of the like. Post regularly, if possible, don't keep others waiting, I don't care how long the posts are just don't make it ridiculously long, that's retarded, we are in a rp, not a book. No god modding, don't kill off any characters, unless given permission by the player. Warning: Their will be blood and gore as well. Such as Romance,Drama, Jealousy and such. I want a equal amount of woman and men. I really want to do this rp, I have also selects certain songs to go with the fight scenes and such. PM for more info or if you want to ask any questions. Make a CS and I'll check it out. :)

    I have a website where those can choose the character they want, one with males and some females and one with females. Your character can have have magic powers and such. It's up to you :)

    Males and some females:

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  2. Name: Liam Anderson
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 175lbs pure muscle
    Looks: Has Snow White Hair, Icy Blue Eyes, you'll never see his face, because of his hood.
    Powers: Secret but very very strong.
    Human?: Half Human
    Personality: Stubborn, sticks to himself at some times, doesn't really talk unless have too, which on rare occasions, don't piss him off, last guy that did that or even annoyed him, Liam put him in a coma. But other then that, he's very protective toward others, he's funny at sometime, he's charming as well. Give him time to warm up to everyone.
    P.S. He was the first to receive the notification to be chosen. He's the One, the worlds only hope. They need y'all to help and protect the world with him.

  3. A little more detail would be nice perhaps? All I can really understand is that A: medieval, B: magic C: Something to do with a big quest? Just some detail of the cities, some sort of backstory perhaps? Otherwise its very hard to make a good character. Also are we allowed to choose our own picture or does it have to be one of the ones at the other end of the hyperlinks? Also just a thought: I think having one "chosen one" with uber powers we dont know and no face we can see is potentially game breaking and could ruin the whole thing. From experience, having god powers is just boring.
  4. The details will be more given once people join, wouldn't want to spoil the fun. And those who join are the Ones, they need to put the 'P.S.' Thing. Like I said, it's my first one, I'll put more details when I can, please join. And you can choose which ever pic for your character you like :) I just thought it looked cool.
  5. I'm intrigued but i'd like a bit more information as well.
  6. -.- okay, well, we stop worlds from being destroyed from evil and the such. We protect them, everyone from around the world and different galaxies and worlds get chosen to be The Guardians. Later in the RP it'll tell who our first objective and who we need to protect and where it's at. It's not set on one Evil Guy, just yet. At the end of the rp, I have a surprise. I don't want to give out to much info to spoil the entire thing. That's why it's called a "Plot Twist". We fight to protect. We stop evil. If you have any ideas for this PM me or just post it and I'll be happy to consider it. If I like it. Please join. I've put a lot of thought into this.
  7. Hmm...
    I'll join. :3
    Give me some time to put a CS up.
  8. Name: Arashi Yurei
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5"2"
    Weight: 112lbs
    Looks: She has long raven-black hair, bright blue eyes, and wears a kimono that symbolizes life and death. Most of the time, she wears a demon horned mask or some sort of Japanese traditional mask to cover her eyes.
    Powers: She can see souls of the dead. The only way she can control a dead soul is to form a contract with it and she can also see the cause of it's death. She cannot see or control a living soul.
    Human?: Demon
    Personality: She is calm, mysterious, and reserved. Most of the time she is quiet and refuses to speak to people who cause unnecessary problems or fights and only talks when spoken to politely. When she becomes friends with a person, she is very loyal, but helps them in a way where they misunderstand her. She is the type of person who would help someone and not give a reason as to why she did so and because she believes in karma, she doesn't hold any grudges against people, not even to the humans who tried to kill her.
    P.S. She was the second to receive the chosen.

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  9. Haha that's all I needed. Just a little more detail about the general setting. Rarely is any plot required in the description. I'll put my CS up sometime today, and it will probably assume that being half human half angel is ok.
  10. Neko (open)
    Neko hair is white and her eyes an illuminated honey colour. Her pupils are slitted like those of a cat and she also has 'whiskers'. Her mouth conceals a small pair on canines.


    Name: Nekomoku (Neko)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Nekomimi
    Height: 5"1
    Weight: 53kg
    Powers: Being able to create fire by clicking her fingers along with her heightened cat-like senses.
    Personality: Though she is quite mature she still retains some of her cat-like behaviours. She is shy and cautious around humans, scared how they'll react to her obvious 'differences'. (She has had a number of bad experiences with humans, never really being accepted by them)
    Her human side is more blank, emotionless almost but is kindhearted towards those who she deems worthy.
    (She was the fifth to receive the Chosen, which she was pleased with as the number five is her lucky number.)
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  11. Dammit I wanted to be third :D
  12. @Raitoningu I'm sorry >ω<
    I can do swapsies if you like?
  13. Name: Serei Shadowborn
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: Taller than most of her kind
    Weight: uum? Average? I dont care enough about these things to measure them and know what would be normal.
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Powers: Manipulation of electromagnetic waves and certain energy and matter. Often referred to as Chaos magic.
    Human?: Half angel half demon
    Personality: Rather pathetic sense of humour, but is working on that. can often get carried away when it comes to killing things.
    P.S. 3rd to have been contacted. Killed the messenger on the assumption that they were evil, then read the letter.
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  14. Damn, I hope someone could get near the age of The One and who is a female, because I have a special role for that one :) well I got several roles for female roles ;P Raironingu: Accepted! Khaleshi: Damn, was hoping to give you the role hahaha :) but accepted! Kuroshi: Accepted! :)
  15. i see you have set this one up a bit different, i think i might join if i am allowed of course, and my posting times have changed now that i have acquired my new laptop *whoopwhoop*
  16. @The Dark Guardian I can always change it. Not 103% happy with my character yet so i may change other things around.
    @Raitoningu I changed the Chosen for you. :3
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  17. wooh thanks!
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  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Kuma Hatorish
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 210, Made of completely magical hard metals
    Powers: TechnoMagic; Its Users can combine magic and technology in various ways and to various extends. Beginners can create, control and mimic technology via magic. Advanced users can infuse technology with magic, granting it considerable edge and versatility. True masters can fuse magic and technology entirely, retaining all of their strengths.
    Species: Cybernetic Human
    Personality: Quiet, Protective, Respectable, Honest, Friendly at times.
    P.S. He was the forth person to receive the chosen, not sure why he was chosen but he went along with it.

    hope this is okay​
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  19. [​IMG]
    Velgelon Traus.
    Age: Eighteen.
    Gender: Male.
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 189 lbs.
    Powers: Summoning multiple light swords, fire, and some magical traps.
    Human?: Yap. :I
    Personality: Reckless, brash, loud, humorous, often dark, sadistic, sarcastic, silver-tongued, highly possessive or over-protective, and often very cheeky.
    Other: 6th chosen~
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Utano Mikashina.
    Age: Nineteen.
    Gender: Female.
    Height: 5'1"...
    Weight: 132 lbs.
    Powers: Can summon machine animals or devour any type of substance. Controls metal.
    Human?: Somewhat, her body is supported by machinery/engineering.
    Personality: Blunt, dry humored, silent, sarcastic at times, often swift and very efficient.
    Other: 7th person to be chosen. Always wears her mask.​
  20. Khaleesi! Inbox me, I may have a special role for you along with Spoopily! And Spoopily: Accepted! AKUMA!!!!! WELCOME MY OLD FRIEND! ACCEPTED!
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