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It was night. The streets of the city were dark, only illuminated by moonlight. It was cold outside and it was not surprising that most people were safe and inside. They had locked the doors, closed the curtains and were either already asleep or watching TV together.
Simone was an exception. She was alone and still outside. Her light brown hair was dancing on breezes of the wind, as she was running through the streets. If you looked closely, you could see she was crying. Tears were flowing over her cheeks like a waterfall.
It was supposed to be the perfect evening! Finally she had gather enough courage to tell him. She had invited her boyfriend into her apartment and she had decided it was finally time to tell him her biggest secrets, to tell him that she had the power to manipulate water. She showed him a nice flowing stream of water, assuming that he could only react amazed.
But that was not what happened. He was frozen in fear as he looked to Simone as if she was some kind of alien. And that was when Simone lost control and the next moment her nice stream of water had changed into icicle spears that were chasing him as he was running throughout the room.
He called her a ‘bitch’ and a ‘witch’ and she had to die on the bottom of an ocean with a concrete block attached to her feet and then he started using violence against her. Simone had fled and was now running through the streets. She had bruises all over her body from the hits she had taken and kept crying and crying. Why? They were together for so long! She thought she could trust him. She thought she could tell him her secret. But… no… Why did it scare him? Why did he hit… Why… WHY?
Simone reached the edge of a park and it was there that she stumbled as she fell forward on the grass.
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A light rain started to blanket the quiet city. Clouds danced around the moon. The rain started soak through Simone's clothes as she started to get up.

"Are you alright?" a calm voice called down to the girl. Simone looked up to see a white haired man offering his hand and an umbrella. His clothes spoke volumes about who he was: A pressed suit, fall coat included, a black scarf, and black leather gloves. "Come on, up off the ground." he smiled.

The faint sound of police sirens could be heard down the street. "It's a shame he called the authorities on you. People don't understand what a person like you is going through. Come on get up." the man returned his attention back to Simone.
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Simone was mistrusting the man immediately. 'It's a shame he called the authorities on you.' Who did he meant with 'he'? Her ex-boyfriend? And if so, how did he know? Simone did not want to express her suspicions however, as she felt he could be useful later on. Instead Simone gladly accepted his hand. She got up and used his hand to pull herself into his personal space, with her hand she caressed his hair, like she'd done with her boyfriend so many times. Being close to someone unfamiliar was a trick Simone used a lot. Usually it made the other person feel kind of uncomfortable and while they were figuring out a way to get her out of their personal space, Simone was already one step further in the process of analyzing her opponent.
She offered him one of her lovely smiles. "Who are you?" she whispered.
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The man tried to back away from Simone, but there was just something about her gaze that stopped him in his tracks. "My name is Alistair, who are you?" he returned the smile. He wrapped an arm around Simone's back and leaned in "It's unwise to be so intimate with a stranger." he whispered.

The police sirens were getting closer by the second, and the rain intensified. Though it seemed like there was a strange bubble around the two where the rain didn't fall. "I would prefer not to get arrested or soaking wet, what do you think... Simone?"
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"What I think.. hm? If the police even believe him, they still don't know where I am and I don't mind becoming wet" A grin appeared on Simone's face. She pushed Alistair away and started dancing through the rain. It was rather surprising how playful she was after all that had happened. Maybe it was because ideas of taking revenge were filling in her head. She could steal his idea and put a concrete block to his feet and dump him into the ocean. Or maybe she was only acting playful as a wicked way of self-defense. She still didn't trust this Alistair guy.
"Who am I?" Simone asked. "It seems you already know who I am." Simone stretched her arms as she jumped cheerfully through the park, her light brown hair still dancing on the stormy wind. "How do you know my name, and how do you know about my ex?"
Alistair followed behind Simone while keeping an eye on the streets behind them. "You're quite the hard nut to crack." he watched her dance. An armored jeep, with white letters reading "ARMY", pulled up just outside of the park. "As for how I knew about your boyfriend... well just watch." he smirked.

Alistair walked over to the jeep, and two soliders jumped out. "Sir, step back!" one of them ordered.

"I'm sorry have I done something wrong?" the gentleman played innocent.

"Leave the area now!" the soldier yelled again.

"No, I'm sorry if you can't give me a reason to leave them I'm going to rejoin my friend over there." he pointed to Simone.

"He's with the girl put him down!" *BOOM!* A bullet fired from the soliders gun aiming right for Alistair's head. "What the!" the soldier gasped. The bullet was hovering inches from Alistair's forehead. *Tink* it fell to the ground.

"Now now." he wagged his finger, then quickly waved his hand in front of the soldiers. Both men collapsed to the ground. The gentleman turned back to Simone "I am just like you Simone I am gifted. As for who I am my name is Alistiar Corr. Oh and don't worry about our boys in green I didn't kill them."

Alistair pulled a cigarette and lighter from his coat pocket, lit it, and took a long drag. "As a common curtesy I won't be reading your thoughts from this point on, a gentleman does not pry into a lady's life." he took another drag.
"I can see you're gifted" Simone reacted sceptically. "But you still didn't answer my question. How did you know about my name and about my ex? Did you use mind reading on me? And if so, that still doesn't explain how you knew my ex called the police?" Simone still didn't trust Alistair. Yeah, he protected her from those army guys... then again... maybe he had called them in the first place and maybe this was all part of a much bigger plan to catch her eventually.
A small grin appeared on Simone's face as other reasons, why this gentleman was bothering her, were popping into her mind. Maybe he had feelings for her? "Tell me" she said as she took on a flirting pose. "Do you think I look appealing?" Simone slowly walked to Alistair, but suddenly she pictured the face of her ex on his body. The next moment Simone collapsed.
Who was she trying to fool? Nobody would ever love her again like he did! It was just like he said: She was a witch and a bitch! Simone cried out loud.
"Why? WHY!?" she asked with flowing tears over her cheeks. "Why did he dump me?"
Alistiar knelt down beside the crying woman "Because he doesn't understand the gift you've been given, and as it stands right now no one ever will." he said in a calm voice. "Simone I know what your boyfriend did to you because I been keeping an eye on you this past year. I know how that must sound, but I promise you I never pried into your life all I did was watch." he looked at here. "I can help you hone your powers. I can help you carve out your own niche in this world, and all you have to do is take my hand." he offered a gentle smile. "And to answer your other question no you are appealing when your crying." he chuckled in hopes to brighten her spirit.
"Okay" Simone said, as she accepted his hand. Not because she really wanted or felt like she needed his help, but more because she didn't mind having a powerful ally on her side. "But don't think I'm a helpless girl, just because I accepted your hand"she chuckled a bit, as she guessed that this was probably exactly what Alistair could be thinking right now.
"So, what next?" Simone asked carefully, a large grin appeared on her face. "I like to take revenge on my ex. You could lend me a hand if you want?"
Alistair chuckled "My dear the last place you want to be is anywhere near that awful man, at least until you improve your powers. Now that the powers that be know what you are they will stop at nothing to have you, and I cannot allow that. As your guardian I have sworn to protect you, my chosen. You took more then my hand when you reached for my help. We are bonded together now, I am your protector and should anything happen to you I will parish. So my dear Simone my life is in your hands, so please don't through it away. With that being said I suggest you return home where you will find two of my guards posted outside your door, they won't let anyone in with out your say so." he took a business card out of his coat pocket. "Come to this address tomorrow morning, and we will begin your training. However, I can't make you do anything if you really wish to kill your ex then just give me the order." he held out the card to her which, on the front, read Steel Square Security. On the back of the card was an address "3324 Ash Street" "I look forward to working with you Simone." he smiled.
Simone didn't know what to do or to say for a moment. This Alistair guy was giving her an overflow of information. One thing was for sure: Alistair didn't seem to value Simone that much. He talked to her as if she was a weak little peasant with her powers being rubbish. He had to understand that Simone was not like that at all! Well... Simone still couldn't control her powers, that's for sure, but still she was powerful enough to fight on her own. She didn't need a... 'guardian' for that!
On the other hand, why would Simone refuse his help? As she had thought before: it couldn't hurt to have a powerful ally around. Maybe Simone could even play as the weakling for the time being, just to manipulate Alistair into doing exactly as she pleases. Hmmm... That would be a nice idea! Simone grinned at the idea.
Another question arose as Alistair mentioned her home.
"O...okay" Simone mumbled. "I shall do like you proposed. One thing though... Well..." Simone sought the words to explain the situation. "My home is not really my home. The apartment I'd lived in belonged to someone else. Someone who is frozen and locked into it's own closet. Is that okay?"
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Alistair cringed a bit "How do you not have a place to call home? That's no way for a lady to live... you're welcome to come stay with me Simone." he looked her in the eye. "Anything you need and I will deliver it to you. I promise you I will not lay a hand on you with out permission, a gentlemen would never wrong a lady." he smiled. "I'm sure you have plenty of questions, so please I invite you to ask them at my home."
For a moment Simone had thought that this guy would offer her a hotel suite or something like that. Because... who knows? He also seemed to be able to hire two guardians to guard her front door? But no... he proposed that she could stay at his place, an offer that Simone kindly refused.
"No thanks" she said. "If it wouldn't be so late, I would at least follow you home, just to drink a cup of tea together and to discuss this situation. But I'm a bit tired, so maybe we could do that tomorrow? As for a place to stay, I prefer to have one for my own. I have already lived in my apartment for like three months, so I guess a couple of days more wouldn't hurt."
Simone smiled. "I guess I've gotta be going now then. See you tomorrow?"
"Of course my lady." he gave a slight blow. "Oh and before I forget here is my number, call me if you need anything at all. My men will be waiting for you when you get home." he began to walk away from her. "Oh but before I forget, would you mind showing me the extent of your powers? How high can you take them, I really want to know. There plenty of rain tonight so water is in no shortage." he smiled expecting to see quite the show.
“If you don’t mind, I’ll do that tomorrow” Simone said as she grabbed the piece of paper with the telephone number written on it and hurried back home. She’d showed her powers enough for today and didn’t feel like using them again this day anymore.
Upon arriving at her apartment, as Alistair had told, two guards were guarding her front door. She greeted the guards in her own way: leaning with her body against one of the men.
“Hello there” she said in her flirting voice. “So you will be protecting me, tonight? A girl like me should be lucky with something as muscular as you.” She winked and now turned to the other man, where she just nodded approvingly, even though the men were quite similar in appearance. It was Simone’s odd way of treating two men with the same rank: giving the one a slightly better treatment than the other and slowly manipulate them to turn to each other.
She entered her apartment and quite quickly after that she seated herself on her bed. A lot had happened tonight, and she wasn’t sure what to think about it. She wondered whether she would be safe tonight. Maybe another police attack would happen. But it wasn’t the time to worry about that. For now, it would be best to catch some sleep. Not much later, Simone felt asleep.
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