DISCUSSION The Greatest Tweet of All Time?

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tbh, some of y'all might not fuck with Twitter, secret den of toxic male-things and transphobes, but, quite frankly, tweets are the greatest medium of literature this world has ever seen.

Take, for instance, this fucking incisive work of technical genius:

Look at the word-choice, how Cardi B so eloquently and effectively captures the tenuous state of one's happiness -- said happiness hinging on the precipice of whether or not Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar gets her "dick fried rice". And also, fried rice. We're multi-ethnic out here. We are combating the vitriolic racial narratives brought about by the new coronavirus. Simply elegant. Moving. Vital.

So with that in mind: what do you think is the second greatest tweet/twitter meme?

(Why the fuck did I direct link it and imgur it? Cause it's that fucking good, bitch.)